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Makeup Revolution: The One Blush Stick in Malibu

I received this ‘The One Blush Stick’ for free as part of the Black Friday sales that Makeup Revolution held in 2015.  The Malibu blush stick is really a bronzer with a shimmer to it.  This wouldn’t have been a product I would have purchased with my own money as the colour looked quite dark on the website and seemed quite orange toned and I just presumed it wouldn’t suit my skin tone.


Makeup Revolution: The One Blush Stick – Malibu

The applicator tube is extremely convenient and easy to store.  I do find that this product blends well with a stippling brush.  You can apply it directly from the tube to your skin and blend but I prefer to pick up the colour with my stippling brush from the tube and then apply to the skin from the brush.  I find this means I avoid applying too much product and therefore I spend less time blending.  Too much blending may disturb your foundation so just keep that in mind.  This product sets nicely on my skin and does NOT remain tacky which is great.  It doesn’t seem to make my skin more cakey or greasy which can happen for me if I use cream products.


Malibu: full swatch on the left; blended product (from the stipple brush) on the right

So lets talk about the colour.  You can see from my arm that I have a very fair complexion (and lots of freckles!) so I felt like this would be way too warm for me, but, I am surprised and please with how this looks on my skin.  Obviously if you apply Malibu heavily it will be dark but I find that it is easy to apply lightly for a golden glow that actually looks summery and natural.

So the final verdict is that if you are looking for a golden bronzer and would prefer a cream product then I can recommend this One Blush Stick in Malibu.  While it works for my fair complexion as a bronzer, it could probably also be a nice highlighter for those with darker, richer skin tones.

Have  a fantastic day!



Makeup Revolution: The One Blush Stick – Pink

I received ‘The One Blush Stick’ in Pink as part of a free gift from Makeup Revolution a number of months ago.  I had looked at these blush sticks on the website and recognised them as being very similar to a blush stick product by NARS.  I don’t own the NARS version but I was tempted to try the Makeup Revolution dupe as I have nothing that is remotely comparable in my collection.

I really am a cream product novice.

Makeup Revolution - The One Blush Stick: Pink

Makeup Revolution – The One Blush Stick: Pink

There are eight products available in the complete set including four colours available in two finishes: bold and matte.  These retail for GBP5 which is about AU$10.  I only own the one colour – the bold ‘Pink,’ so I can’t speak to the quality of the entire range but I can tell you that I really enjoy this one that I own.

I would describe this as being almost a cream to powder product, although it is not advertised this way.  It goes on very creamy and is very pigmented.  You certainly don’t want to paint it on in a swipe straight from the tube otherwise it will look like children’t SPF zinc!  I pat this on to the cheeks gently and then blend with my fingers or a stippling brush.  It is very buildable so it is better to start slowly and then work up to the desired colour.  Despite looking a bit scary in the tube I think it actually gives quite a natural flush on the cheeks.

Pink swatches: direct from the stick on the left, and a smaller, blended swatch on the right.

Pink swatches: direct from the stick on the left, and a smaller, blended swatch on the right.

I was surprised how easy this is to work with.  At first I was put off by the brightness of the colour and my lack of familiarity with cream blushes, but this One Blush Stick is pretty foolproof and blends really easily.  Initially I felt that I might need to set this cream product with a small amount of a powder blush but now I realise that that step isn’t necessary and because it sets to a powdery finish once it is blended out you don’t end up with a greasy face.  This blush lasts really well throughout the day and even if my foundation is starting to break down this blush stays put.  Living in the tropics I am always looking for products that don’t melt off my face in the awful heat and humidity, so the long wear of this blush is a big plus in my book.

I really like this blush and I look forward to trying other colours from The One Blush range in the future.

Have a fantastic day!