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Products that help your makeup last in the heat of summer!

It is hot here.

Like, really hot.

Like, humid and sweaty and relentlessly hot!!

But I like makeup and I want to make it work even in these difficult conditions.  There are two products that I now use routinely to help product stay put in the heat and they both come from Makeup Revolution.


Makeup Revolution: Pro Prime – Aqua Priming Base

My first step for lasting summer makeup is to prime my moisturised skin with the Aqua Priming Base.  This is perfect for during the summer because it is so light that it doesn’t add any extra weight or greasiness to the overall finished makeup but it really does help to keep my makeup in place.  This is now my go to face primer.


Makeup Revolution: Pro Fix – Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray

My final step to help my makeup stay put in the heat is to finish with a good dousing of the Makeup Revolution, Pro Fix – Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray.  Again, this is a light, odourless spray that really helps my makeup to last.  It also helps avoid cakeyness in the final look of powdered face products.

If you need makeup to last, I can certainly recommend both of these products.  They are summer staples in my house!

Have a wonderful day 🙂