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E.L.F: Acne Fighting Foundation

I had heard really good things about the E.L.F. Acne Fighting Foundation and decided that it was time to give it a try for myself as my skin has been temperamental in the months since I had my baby.  This foundation contains Salicylic Acid which I have always found effective when spot treating acne on my face so I was keen to see how it performed in foundation form.


E.L.F. Acne Fighint Foundation in Porcelain

Firstly, I very much enjoy the packaging of this product.  The tube is plastic (not normally my preference, but great for travel) with a firm fitting lid and small nozzle for dispensing product.  I find this makes it easy to control the amount that I want to dispense and it helps prevent the product being exposed to air and bacteria.

The foundation itself is quite thick but I find that it blends nicely with both a brush and makeup sponge.  I apply a thin layer for a natural looking, medium coverage.  This is buildable but can look a little cakey on my combination skin if I apply the product too thickly or apply multiple layers, but if you have youthful skin (I am now in my mid 30’s so have my share of fine lines), you may not have this issue.


swatch: shade Porcelain

This is quite a good colour match for me when blended out – in fact the best colour match of all the E.L.F. foundations I have tried.  I believe that this is the lightest shade in the range though, so if you have truely porcelain skin colouring, you may not find a shade to suit you.

I find that this foundation wears well.  I always use a primer and setting spray as I live in very humid conditions, and it certainly lasts as well as my other foundations.

Lastly, although I am loath to claim that wearing this foundation absolutely improved my acne prone skin, I do feel that this wore better on my skin during breakouts than other foundations.  It didn’t irritate my skin, nor did it make blemishes worse by further clogging pores etc

I would certainly repurchase this foundation which I think attests to how well it has worked for me.

Have a wonderful day!

E.L.F. Studio Pressed Powder: Porcelain

I purchased the E.L.F. Studio Pressed Powder from iHerb in the shade porcelain.  The packaging for this product is quite sleek for such a budget-friendly purchase (I paid about AU$4).  It comes with a small puff applicator which I think is quite reasonable for touch-ups and a decent mirror making it a handbag friendly product.


E.L.F. Studio Pressed Powder

The powder itself is very soft to the touch and quite finely milled.  It doesn’t keep me as matte as other powders in my collections and I found that it can look a little cakey if you aren’t sparing in your application.

This is one of those products that is certainly reasonable, but just didn’t work for me due to it being a poor colour match.  The porcelain shade is very yellow-toned and is generally too dark for my skin tone.  If you are a pale princess like me I don’t think you will find a colour match in this particular range.


Studio Pressed Powder: Porcelain

Overall, this is a pretty ‘meh’ kind of a product for me.  Aside from the fact that it isn’t a colour match, the formula neither wowed me nor overly disappointed.  There are certainly other budget-friendly, cruelty-free brands that make powders that I prefer (Australis makes a great one!), and even within the E.L.F. range, I prefer the formula of their Studio Translucent Matifying Powder.  Saying that, if you are looking to try something new the E.L.F. Studio Pressed Powder is cheap enough that you can give it a go without risking any great financial loss if it doesn’t work for you.

Have a great day!