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Physician’s Formula: Happy Booster range

I own two products from the Happy Booster range and I will admit that the packaging and the heart imprints on the powders really suckered me in.  These look cute – but do the products work?  In Australia, Physician’s formula is not what I would consider a super budget friendly brand.  If you are going to pay $20-$25 for a drugstore product, you want to be sure it is worth it!


Considering that the cute aesthetic of these products is the reason I purchased them, let’s address the packaging first.  These compacts come with a brush and mirror.  Although the heart indentation and shiny pink base is pretty these are super bulky.  The mirror is a handy addition but the brush is terrible and I would only ever use it in an absolute pinch.  I would have rather they ditched the brush for a more streamline (easier to store!) compact.


Happy Booster blush compared to a ColourPop blush compact

Now for the actual products.

The Glow and Mood Boosting Blush that I own is in the shade ‘natural’.  It is a pale pink shade with a satin formula.  This is a subtle blush to be sure.  It is easy for every day wear as you can really slap it on without too much thought and you won’t get crazy clown cheeks.  To be honest, I find it almost needs a bit of building up  to show, even on my fair skin.  I don’t find it is overly long lasting but it does get me through a work day without disappearing completely.  I can’t imagine that this would work on skin any darker than light to fair complexions.


Happy Booster Glow and Mood Boosting Blush in Natural

The other product I decided to try is the Glow and Mood Boosting Powder in ‘translucent.’  I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one, but hoped it was a glowy finishing powder – and so it is.  For a moment I was really disappointed with this product as the first time I used it I could see micro glitter on my face.  EEK!  But don’t panic my friends, the glitter is an overspray.  Is it truely translucent though?  I don’t think so.  It is glowy but it also has a very pale, slightly pink base pigment that gives a slight cast on the skin and I imagine this could be a bit ashy on people with darker skin tones than mine.  The glow is very subtle – too much so to really be used as a targeted highlighter but I enjoy using this as a final step to finish my contour, blush and highlight for a really blended, glowy look.  I would compare this to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders (if you are familiar with those).



Happy Booster Glow and Mood Boosting Powder in Translucent

So, do I think that these Happy Booster products are worth the money?  To be honest, not really.  If I had my time again I would have used that same money on something else because I have very similar products from other budget-friendly, cruelty free brands that cost half the price.  These are nice enough, but they aren’t anything super special.

Have a wonderful day!

Evelyn Iona Cosmetics: ‘Lise’ lipgloss

This is the first Evelyn Iona product that I have tried.  If you, like I, are unfamiliar with this brand, they produce natural, organic and cruelty-free cosmetics.  Are they budget-friendly?  Not really, but they aren’t outrageously expensive either.

I received this lipgloss in the shade ‘Lise’ in a beauty box but I believe that it retails for about US$19.50, so to be honest, I would not have purchased this myself as at that price it is a bit outside my price range BUT I am so glad that I have had the chance to try this.  This feels really beautiful on the lips.  It is super creamy without being sticky.  It adds a lovely gloss to the lips and also a good dose of pigmentation for a lipgloss.  Also, it smells lovely with a subtle, sweet vanilla scent that I very much enjoy.


Evelyn Iona Cosmetics: Lipgloss in ‘Lise’

This lipgloss has a nice doe-foot applicator which picks up the product nicely.  Otherwise, the packaging is simple but practical.  Like most glosses you do need to reapply this throughout the day as the lasting power isn’t amazing but I find it so pretty on the lips that I am happy to do that.


I also need to add that I feel like this gloss offers some genuine hydration to the lips.  I have been wearing it a lot recently on my chapped lips and it has contributed well to dealing with the dryness as well as giving enough glossiness to hide the chapping in a flattering way.  The ingredients are all natural and the company claims you could even ‘eat it’.  It includes bark extract to tighten and plump, oregano as an antioxidant, and vitamin E, coconut oil and shea butter, all to moisturise and hydrate the lips.

I very much enjoy this lipgloss.  I would not normally promote spending US$20 on a gloss but I must say that I think this is probably worth the price.

Have wonderful day!

E.L.F: Matte Lip Colour

I have enjoyed these matte lip colours from E.L.F.  I particularly like the packaging which is conveniently like a pencil, leaving the product itself very narrow and thus extremely easy to apply accurately.  Having the colour marked on the end is super practical and that colour tip is removable and contains a sharpener which you can use to make the lip colour even sharper and more precise.

The lip colour is in a pencil-style package with retractible colour that is thin and easy to apply.

The lip colour is in a pencil-style package with retractible lipstick that is thin and easy to apply.

The texture of these matte lip colours is denser and dryer than any other lipsticks in my collections – they are more comparable to my Essence Lip Liners in texture actually (and I love those liners – you can read a review of them here).  I would say that they apply creamier and then dry down to a matte finish.  Also, these do not have any taste or smell, which I quite appreciate.

Matte lip colour swatches

Matte lip colour swatches from top to bottom: Nearly Nude, Coral, Natural, Tea Rose, Praline and Rich Red.

I enjoy the six colours that I have here.  The first five are obviously very neutral and then there is that really gorgeous Rich Red.  Nearly Nude, Coral and Natural are quite light colours but they look really nice with my pale complexion.  The most impressive part for me is that these light shades aren’t streaky or patchy – they apply really opaquely and they wear quite well, unlike other pale lipsticks in my collection.  I tend to reapply these after about 3 hours.

E.L.F matte lip colour swatches

E.L.F. matte lip colour from left to right: Rich Red, Praline, Tea Rose, Natural, Coral and Nearly Nude.

The only issue that I have had with these lip colours relates to the Rich Red shade.  I do find that this colour will bleed on the  lips if you apply it without a lip liner.  I would also recommend, (as I would do with all matte lip colours from any brand), that you exfoliate your lips before applying these to avoid it falling into the textured lines of your lips.

E.L.F. has since released new colours in this range but they are difficult to source in Australia at the moment.  I would certainly be happy to test out the new colours as they look beautiful online.

Overall, I really like these E.L.F. matte lip colours.  I get a lot of wear out of these for work and find them super convenient to keep in my bag for touch-ups.

Have a glorious day!

Flora & Fauna Beauty Box Subscription

My spring Flora & Fauna box arrived in the last fortnight and I have been loving it so I thought that I would share the eco, cruelty-free goodies it contained with you all.

Kosmea Moisturising Lotion and Sunscreen SPF30 (full size)

Kosmea Moisturising Lotion and Sunscreen SPF30 (full size)

I have been wearing the Kosmea Moisturising Lotion for the past week and I really like it.  With summer just around the corner I am looking for face creams with a high SPF so this is perfect.  The cream is beige in colour with a slightly odd smell – I can’t pin point it but it is a little off-putting BUT it doesn’t linger.  Once the cream is rubbed in the smell is gone.  It feels lovely on the face and is really hydrating and it hasn’t triggered my sensitive skin!  This retails for AU$44.50.

Vanessa Megan Darling Perfume (trial size)

Vanessa Megan Darling Perfume (trial size)

Next was the Vanessa Megan Darling Perfume.  I thought this was a great trial size.  The smell is spicy and warm with a hint of flora scents.  It is slightly ‘herbal’ smelling, but in a good way.  The card says the essential oils in this perfume are known to encourage a positive outlook, dispel tension, stimulate the mind and have aphrodisiac qualities!  Here is hoping 🙂

Eco Tools Spa Moisture Gloves

Eco Tools Spa Moisture Gloves

The third item in the box this season was the Eco Tools spa moisture gloves.  I have never used anything like these before and at first figured that these would sit in my drawer without being touched but I forced myself to give them a go while I slept with a thick, rich moisturiser and I certainly did wake up with very soft, hydrated skin.  I was surprised by the point-at-able change to my skin texture and have used them a number of times since.  The hydration does wear away during the day but the process of wearing these is a nice treat for yourself.

Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream and Weleda Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Hand Cream

Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream and Weleda Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Hand Cream

I haven’t used these foil samples yet but I will be taking them with me on my trip to Japan next week where they will be a handy size in my bag.

Tula Naturals Ultra Nourishing Facial Serum

Tula Naturals Ultra Nourishing Facial Serum

The Tula Naturals Ultra Nourishing Facial Serum is the sixth item in the box and was a very welcome addition.  I use rosehip oil at night time but I am nearly out so this will be my new night moisturiser soon.  This is heavy to be described as a serum.  It contains a combination of hemp, rosehip and macadamia oils.  I have tried it once and it is very rich – perfect to wear at night!  I look forward to trying this out more.

Adorn Cosmetics Natural Loose Illuminiser (trial size)

Adorn Cosmetics Natural Loose Illuminiser (trial size)

The last item in the box was this generous sample of the Adorn Cosmetics Natural Loose Illuminiser.  The colour looks quite champagne in the pot but as you can see from the swatch it is quite a bright, gold on the skin.  If this is too dark for highlighting my cheeks it will be stunning as an inner-corner highlight for the eyes.  Again, I haven’t tried this yet but it is in my cosmetics bag to take on holidays.  I love highlighter so I was really excited to see this!

By my very loose calculations this box was worth about $73 which is fantastic value for money and it offers such a great opportunity to try really good quality products without committing to the cost of paying for a full size upfront.

I thought this was an excellent box.  I really do love these seasonal beauty boxes from Flora & Fauna.  You can purchase a single box for $29.99 plus shipping or you can pay for four seasons for AU$119.99 and the shipping is free.  If you would like to check out this subscription box for yourself you can find the website here.

Have a fantastic day!