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The Festival Palette by Juvia’s Place

I know that the ‘warm palette with a pop of blue’ trend was a big one in 2018 so most of you reading this probably already have something in your collection that ticks that box but if you are looking for something really special in that category then The Festival palette really is worth trying.

Firstly, the cover art is stunning. I love the heavy cardboard packaging and the magnetic closure.  There is no mirror if that matters to you.


This palette has five buildable matte shades including the most impressive red eyeshadow I’ve ever tried as well as a very bright almost neon orange, a mustard yellow, bright pink and a gorgeous peach.  This is really an interesting colour story but it works SO well.  I really love how these mattes layer and build – if you tap in lightly, it’s not too much pigmentation straight off the bat which makes these bright colours much easier for an amateur like me to work with.  I will say though that I found the red and pink shades will leave very slight staining. This can be avoided with a pigmented base but I really haven’t found it to be that much of an issue.


Matte swatches: Izafa, Uli, Ofala, Mmanwu, Iri Ji and Oro

There are three really metallic shades in this palett- a pure white, gunmetal black, bright blue and a peachy gold.  That black metallic is NOT playing – so opaque, so shimmery! The blue shade, ‘Aba’, is more of a satin and the colour is quite sheer. To get a more opaque finish you really do need to use ‘Aba’ with a wet brush or apply it with your finger.  I do love the tone of this blue though.  I think the white, ‘Uli’ is a surprising stroke of genius – it layers over the other shades so well to create new colours and finishes, which is so fun.


Metallic swatches: Uli, Keleke, Aba and Odogwu

Overall I really enjoy this palette. It stands alone so much better than I thought it would and I’ve had so much fun creating looks with only the nine shades on offer here. The three looks below feature all nine shades and only use shadows from The Festival palette.


I also love this palette alongside the other palettes in the Juvia’s Place range – specifically the Zulu palette and the Douce palette – these three together are SO much fun.

My absolute favourite shades in this palette are the three mattes in the middle row – I just love the combination of the peach, pink and mustard colours.  This is a gorgeous palette which retails for USD20 at Juvia’s Place but they always have sales so wait for a discount.

Have a great day!


The Nubian 2 by Juvia’s Place

OOOOOOooooo I just can’t stop with the Juvia’s Place love at the moment.  I am such a sucker once I find a formula I love I just want ALL THE THINGS!  And The Nubian 2 does not disappoint.  I would describe this as a neutral palette with a few jewel tones.  Its very wearable just like the first Nubian palette but with a bit more colour.  I think it is a nice sister palette to the first release.  This palette is a 12 pan palette but don’t be fooled – these pans are HUGE compared to the first version.  Like always, I love the cover artwork and very much enjoy the mustard and pink packaging colour combination.


The Nubian 2 by Juvia’s

There are a four mattes in this palette and at first glance they all seem quite dark but actually I was surprised to find that all four are actually more mid-toned but buildable.  They certainly blend very easily and are nowhere near as daunting to use as I imagined on my very pale skin.


First row: Morocco, Madagascar, Sheba and Yaa

The shimmers are delicious.  They are so creamy to the touch and definitely work best when you apply them with a little fixing spray or with your finger.  Seriously though, if you want some PIGMENTED shine do yourself a favour and just pick up the pigment on your brush and then spritz the loaded brush with some fixing spray.  Lordy lord – these are beautiful.  Like that is some high shine business.  And they last all day for me without primer in the tropical summer weather and look just as beautiful when I’m removing them at night.


Row two swatches: Jezebel, Zuri, Cleopatra and Nefertiti

Sheeba (row 1) is a really stunning cool-toned brown and is quite unique within the Juvia’s Place range which leans very warm in its brown shades.  Zuri (row 2) is what champagne shimmer dreams are made of.  But, the shade that really surprised me though is Leyla which is the deepest, richest aubergine shimmer and is really stunning.  I wore this as part of a plum smokey eye in combination with Jezebel and Kenya and  Zuri and it was gorgeous.  If I was being picky I would say that Nairobi is the weakest shadow in this palette with a much sheerer pigmentation when compared to the other shimmers.  It is also a bit too similar to Nefertiti in tone so I could happily trade it for something different – perhaps a really cool-toned, lighter matte?  But honestly, that is just me dreaming my dreams.


Row three swatches: Nairobi, Leyla, Kenya and Egypt

I think if you are into neutrals but want to experiment with some jewel tones you will be hard pressed to find more beautiful shades.  I really enjoy this palette.  Its really versatile while also being very wearable (if that is what you want).  Saying that, I have worn some VERY dramatic looks from this palette and loved every second of it 😉

If you haven’t tried Juvia’s Place then follow them on Instagram because they are always having sales but even at full price these are very budget friendly.

Have a glorious day!

ColourPop: Sol and Mar

I live in the tropics so even though it is winter here at the moment I’m always ready for a summery colour story and ColourPop’s 2018 summer collection which is inspired by the sun and sea doesn’t disappoint.  Sol is a very warm, red toned palette with pops of coral and Mar has blues, a green and a selection of bronzes and browns.  The colour selections are smart for a summer release and very on trend.


Unlike previous ColourPop releases these are 9 pan palettes.  They have square, white plastic packaging and come with a mirror.  It is compact and sleek but I do wish that ColourPop sold these in their original cardboard style packaging because I’m all about reducing plastic consumption and this seems like an unnecessary move away from a more environmental packaging choice.  The quality of the shadows in these two palettes is excellent.  These last really well on my eyes with or without primer.  The shimmers really pop when applied with a finger or with some fixing spray but regardless they are beautiful.  The mattes are super pigmented and blend beautifully but will give you plenty of kick-back in the pan so be warned: dip into them gently.


Sol Shadow Palette

The Sol palette has a very clear colour story which I appreciate in a palette this size.  Everything is very warm and red toned and everything goes together seamlessly.  You don’t need to be a creative thinker to make a look.  Initially I was worried that all my looks would turn out the same regardless of shadow choice as a result, but actually it is possible to get something extremely bright, fiery and dramatic as well as something much more neutral.


Sol swatches left to right: New Digs, Anthem, Dynamite, Hotel, Motel, B+B, Floaties, ooo, Unwind

There are 4 mattes and 5 shimmers in Sol which is a good balance but New Digs and Dynamite are actually very similar when blended out on the eye so I would argue that you only need one and rather this palette would benefit from a deeper, darker matte shade to allow for more dimension – everything is pretty mid-toned.  I did get some minor staining when using the coral matte, ooo, and the red shimmer, Motel, but it was nothing major and these two shades are the stars of the show!


Mar Shadow Palette

In relation to the Mar palette, there are 3 mattes and 6 shimmers, one of which has glitter (Gridlock).  Even though there are only three mates, it has everything you need to do a nice crease including that delicious cobalt blue, Detour.  Surprisingly, this palette can get very smokey, very quickly if you blend the blue matte over the dark brown matte Top Down.  This combination can get very muddy so beware, but you can end up with a grey shade that is dark and grungy.  Detour is such a stunning colour though and I was shocked at how pigmented it is and how well it blended.

The real stars of this palette for me are HWY and Gridlock.  These are both beautiful and quite unique.  Boozy is also a gorgeous shade but in comparison it is really pretty flakey.  I would definitely recommend using some fixing spray with this one to avoid fallout.


Mar swatches left to right: El Rey, Wild One, Detour, Boozy, Gridlock, Sorbet, HWY, Top Down and My Way

I would have actually preferred to see Mar be a cooler-toned palette as I feel like that would have helped make these two palettes a more interesting and dynamic set.  I very much enjoy the blue and green shades HWY, Gridlock and Detour, but among the remaining shades there are certainly three shadows which are extremely similar to shadows in Sol – perhaps not exact dupes but close enough that you would be hard pressed to see a difference once they are on the eye.


Top row Sol palette: B+B, Hotel and Anthem, Bottom row Mar palette: El Rey, Wild One and My Way.

Mar’s El Rey is very simiar to B+B from the Sol palette, Wild One is similar to Hotel from the Sol palette and My Way is similar to Anthem from the Sol palette.  Considering that you can purchase these palettes as a bundle it is a real shame that out of your 18 shadows 6 are so similar to one another!  If the Mar palette had been more cool-toned this could have been completely avoided or ColourPop could have just selected ANY OTHER COLOUR to avoid the double-ups – perhaps yellows inspired by the beach sand?


ColourPop palettes Yes, Please and Sol

Lastly, if you own the Yes, Please palette also by ColourPop then you really have everything you need to make very similar looks to the Sol palette.  I would say that you don’t need both BUT they are very affordable and because Motel and ooo are such gorgeous, bright coral/red shades which are unique to my collection, I’m not mad that I own both.

Overall, I really like these.  They are fun, summery and great quality for a very affordable price.  At just US$12 (approximately AU$16), these are a steal.

I really can’t recommend the ColourPop pressed shadows enough.  I’m having so much fun with this brand at the moment.

Have a glorious day!


Zoeva: Rose Golden Eyeshadow Palette

I have heard lots of great things about the Zoeva eyeshadow palettes so I decided that it was time to try them for myself.  Zoeva is a cruelty-free brand from Germany and while they aren’t what I would call a budget brand, they are certainly affordable.  I purchased the Rose Golden palette as a first taste of the formula as all the shades looked like they would be very wearable for me.



These shadows come in a sturdy cardboard palette with very pretty rose gold decorations and shade names, but there is no mirror.  There are 10 shadows including 3 mattes and 7 shimmer shades and the formula of all is beautiful: very soft, finely milled and blendable.  They are certainly pigmented but I have been using these with a base like a satin ColourPop Super Shock shadow, or one of the E.L.F. smudge pots and on top of a shimmery base, these Zoeva shadows REALLY pop and they last all day without fading!  Truely beautiful.



Some of the colours in this palette look quite different in tone on the skin than they do in the pan which is surprising.  I love the light matte shade called Luster.  It looks very light in the pan but on the eye, on my pale skin, this is a perfect crease transition shade!



top row: Luster, Reflective Elegance, Copper is King, Shining Bright, Rusty Petals

Shining bright is actually much more pinky toned than this swatch would suggest – it is a very pretty rosey shade.



bottom row: Foil, Just a Rose, Golden Rule, Harmony, Wonder Full

Just a Rose has a pink base and a gold shift which is unique.  I use this with a gold cream-shadow base and that helps the duo-chrome shift really pop on the eye.  Golden Rule almost has a green undertone to it which is interesting too.

Although I very much enjoy this palette, I do have a couple of cons to mention regarding the way it has been curated.

  1. The rose gold shades are all very mid-toned and to be honest, they look very similar on the eye.  For me shades Reflective Elegance and Copper is King of the top row and shades Foil and Just a Rose of the bottom row will give you an extremely similar look.
  2. The mid-toned matte that has been provided in this palette is a cool-toned grey??  I find this confusing as the rest of the palette is very warm so it seems like such an odd choice.  I do use it and it does work, but I would have much preferred a warmer mid-toned brown or marsala shade.

Overall, this is a lovely palette but I think it is helpful to remember that 4 of the shades are very similar.  If I were to alter the curation I would have included a really pale shimmer highlighting colour and a mid-toned brown matte.  But that is just me.

This palette has certainly sparked a love of Zoeva eyeshadow for me and I’m itching to try more from their range.  I paid AU$35 for this palette and you can purchase Zoeva directly from their website here.

Have a glorious day!

E.L.F: Matte Lip Colour

I have enjoyed these matte lip colours from E.L.F.  I particularly like the packaging which is conveniently like a pencil, leaving the product itself very narrow and thus extremely easy to apply accurately.  Having the colour marked on the end is super practical and that colour tip is removable and contains a sharpener which you can use to make the lip colour even sharper and more precise.

The lip colour is in a pencil-style package with retractible colour that is thin and easy to apply.

The lip colour is in a pencil-style package with retractible lipstick that is thin and easy to apply.

The texture of these matte lip colours is denser and dryer than any other lipsticks in my collections – they are more comparable to my Essence Lip Liners in texture actually (and I love those liners – you can read a review of them here).  I would say that they apply creamier and then dry down to a matte finish.  Also, these do not have any taste or smell, which I quite appreciate.

Matte lip colour swatches

Matte lip colour swatches from top to bottom: Nearly Nude, Coral, Natural, Tea Rose, Praline and Rich Red.

I enjoy the six colours that I have here.  The first five are obviously very neutral and then there is that really gorgeous Rich Red.  Nearly Nude, Coral and Natural are quite light colours but they look really nice with my pale complexion.  The most impressive part for me is that these light shades aren’t streaky or patchy – they apply really opaquely and they wear quite well, unlike other pale lipsticks in my collection.  I tend to reapply these after about 3 hours.

E.L.F matte lip colour swatches

E.L.F. matte lip colour from left to right: Rich Red, Praline, Tea Rose, Natural, Coral and Nearly Nude.

The only issue that I have had with these lip colours relates to the Rich Red shade.  I do find that this colour will bleed on the  lips if you apply it without a lip liner.  I would also recommend, (as I would do with all matte lip colours from any brand), that you exfoliate your lips before applying these to avoid it falling into the textured lines of your lips.

E.L.F. has since released new colours in this range but they are difficult to source in Australia at the moment.  I would certainly be happy to test out the new colours as they look beautiful online.

Overall, I really like these E.L.F. matte lip colours.  I get a lot of wear out of these for work and find them super convenient to keep in my bag for touch-ups.

Have a glorious day!