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Hanami – Cosmetics with Conscience: Mineral Lipstick and Cream Blush review

I like everything that the Hanami brand represents.  Hanami is a Japanese word for their traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers.  How perfect is that for a cosmetic company name?!  Hanami are vegan, cruelty free, palm oil free, Australian Made and Owned and they are focused on natural ingredients and being kind to the planet.  I love these ideals and wish every brand could be like this.


I have tried two products from the range including one of their vegan mineral lipsticks and also one of their vegan cream blushes and to be honest we have one hit and one miss here for me.

Lets start with the product that hasn’t worked for me.  The Mineral lipstick that I have is in the shade Valley of the Dolls which retails for $31.95 AUD.  It is a baby pink shade and is a semi matte formula.  There are a few issues here for me.  One is that this shade really doens’t suit me 😦  but more importantly the scent of this lipstick is sickly for me.  It contains Citrus Aurantium Duulcis Peel oil (sweet orange) and the scent is quite strong and it lingers on the lips for me.  I imagine that this wouldn’t be a deal breaker for most people but it bothers me.  They also claim it is really long wearing, but I can’t comment on that as every time I have put this lipstick on I have ended up removing it within the hour due to the scent.


Mineral lipstick in Valley of the Dolls

The other issue is that this formula is quite streaky.  I find it really sinks into the lines on my lips, even if I totally fill in my lips with a liner first.  The formula contains Jojoba oil and shea butter so it feels balmy and moisturising, but it doesn’t look flattering on my lips at all.  It may just be an issue specific to this colour, I don’t know, but at AU$32 I won’t be trying another shade to find out.  To be honest I desperately wanted to love this as I love the ideals of the brand but this lipstick didn’t work for me.

On to a product that I do love and that is the cream blush which retails for AU$29.95.  I have the shade Sunset Boulevard which they describe as being a deep rose with orange undertones and best suited to dark skin tones.  I actually have fair skin but I find this works perfectly when applied with a light hand.


Cream Blush in Sunset Boulevard

This blush comes in a very small, screw top compact (smaller than I expected to be honest – around the size of a AUD 50cent coin).  The formula is quite dry but it does blend out easily with a small stipple brush.  (I use the small stipple brush from E.L.F.).  I layer this on top of my foundation and before powder.  I live in the tropics and even in the hot, humid summer months this wears really well for me, particularly when layered with a powder blush.

Overall, I am intrigued by the Hanami brand.  I received both of these products in “Flora and Fauna” beauty subscription boxes so I’m not sure I would have purchased them otherwise as they are quite pricey.  I’m so glad I got the opportunity to test them out though as I love everything about Hanami’s ideology and out of the two products I have tried one has been a fantastic addition to my collection.

Have you tried anything from this vegan brand?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations if you have.

Have a glorious day!


ColourPop Super Shock Sunday: Lippie Stix edition

Welcome to instalment five of Super Shock Sunday.  If you missed the previous posts, you can find all the blogs from this ColourPop series under the category tab labelled Super Shock Sunday on the right side of this page.

Today is going to be a Lippie Stix edition with a focus on Cake, Fancy, Rocket, I Heart This and Dazed.


Lippie Stix: Cake, Fancy, Rocket, I Heart This and Dazed.

I was really interested in trying some peachy/coral lip shades in the theme of my coral-toned love affair.  I also wanted a few richer tones for the holidays and I was really happy with my choices here.


Swatches: Cake (satin), Fancy (satin), Rocket (satin), I Heart This (matte) and Dazed (matte).

Cake, Fancy and Rocket are all a satin formula and I think that the main difference between satin and matte is to do with the feel on the lips and the longevity on the lips but I have to say that they don’t look that different.  The satin formula is more moisturising but the wear time isn’t as good as the mattes.  I also find that you do need to exfoliate before using the satin lipsticks otherwise they can gather a little in the fine lines of your lips.

The only other point to make really is that I was surprised how similar Cake and Rocket look when swatched.  Cake is a softer and more pastel peach while Rocket is a pinky coral, but if I had my time again, I would probably not have purchased both as they do look similar on the lips.

I adore the matte formula from ColourPop and I find they last SO well even through eating and drinking.  Whenever I wear I Heart This I get compliments, it really is a stunning shade, and Dazed has been the perfect Christmas colour.

I really enjoy these lipsticks from ColourPop – such fun colours.

Have a wonderful day!



E.L.F: Matte Lip Colour

I have enjoyed these matte lip colours from E.L.F.  I particularly like the packaging which is conveniently like a pencil, leaving the product itself very narrow and thus extremely easy to apply accurately.  Having the colour marked on the end is super practical and that colour tip is removable and contains a sharpener which you can use to make the lip colour even sharper and more precise.

The lip colour is in a pencil-style package with retractible colour that is thin and easy to apply.

The lip colour is in a pencil-style package with retractible lipstick that is thin and easy to apply.

The texture of these matte lip colours is denser and dryer than any other lipsticks in my collections – they are more comparable to my Essence Lip Liners in texture actually (and I love those liners – you can read a review of them here).  I would say that they apply creamier and then dry down to a matte finish.  Also, these do not have any taste or smell, which I quite appreciate.

Matte lip colour swatches

Matte lip colour swatches from top to bottom: Nearly Nude, Coral, Natural, Tea Rose, Praline and Rich Red.

I enjoy the six colours that I have here.  The first five are obviously very neutral and then there is that really gorgeous Rich Red.  Nearly Nude, Coral and Natural are quite light colours but they look really nice with my pale complexion.  The most impressive part for me is that these light shades aren’t streaky or patchy – they apply really opaquely and they wear quite well, unlike other pale lipsticks in my collection.  I tend to reapply these after about 3 hours.

E.L.F matte lip colour swatches

E.L.F. matte lip colour from left to right: Rich Red, Praline, Tea Rose, Natural, Coral and Nearly Nude.

The only issue that I have had with these lip colours relates to the Rich Red shade.  I do find that this colour will bleed on the  lips if you apply it without a lip liner.  I would also recommend, (as I would do with all matte lip colours from any brand), that you exfoliate your lips before applying these to avoid it falling into the textured lines of your lips.

E.L.F. has since released new colours in this range but they are difficult to source in Australia at the moment.  I would certainly be happy to test out the new colours as they look beautiful online.

Overall, I really like these E.L.F. matte lip colours.  I get a lot of wear out of these for work and find them super convenient to keep in my bag for touch-ups.

Have a glorious day!

Makeup Revolution – I Heart Makeup: Lip Geek

Lip Geek Collection: Dare to be different and make Barbie jealous!

Lip Geek Collection: Dare to be different and make Barbie jealous!

I ordered these gorgeous lipsticks from Makeup Revolution – I Heart Makeup, in my last order.  I am not normally about pink things but there is something about these pink and purple shiny bullets that I can appreciate.  Plus I have always thought of myself as a bit of a geek so the name of this range, Lip Geeks, resonated with me.  Makeup Revolution has a deal going at the moment where they are selling these Lip Geeks in collections where you get 6 shades for GBP8 (about AU$16) which is the equivalent of two free lipsticks – so who could resist!

I chose the collection called ‘Dare to be different and make Barbie jealous!’ but there are a total of four collections to choose from in this deal.

Lip Geeks: Total Diva, Totally NOT boring!, Dare to be Different, Marshmallow Kiss, Barbie is Jealous, Pucker Up and Kiss it.

Lip Geeks: Total Diva, Totally NOT boring!, Dare to be Different, Marshmallow Kiss, Barbie is Jealous, Pucker Up and Kiss it.

As I have already touched on, the packaging of these is really great.  They look impressive!  The colours in this particular collection are nice range of shades so I was happy with the selection offered in this particular deal.  These lipsticks are very creamy and are quite hydrating on the lips.  The pigmentation is nice but you need to layer it up a little if you want a vibrant look.   They aren’t super long wearing, but I feel like they do wear away quite evenly so they don’t seem to be high maintenance.  At times they seem to gather in the lines of the lips a little but a lip liner seems to address this issue.

Lip Geek swatches: Total Diva, Totally NOT boring!, Dare to be Different, Marshmallow Kiss, Barbie is Jealous, Pucker Up and Kiss it.

Lip Geek swatches: Total Diva, Totally NOT boring!, Dare to be Different, Marshmallow Kiss, Barbie is Jealous, Pucker Up and Kiss it.

I must say there is one lipstick in this collection that has been very disappointing.  The shade Marshmallow Kiss is a bit of a fail for me.  It is hard to tell from the swatch above, but this shade, unlike the others here, is pretty patchy and streaky.  I was really looking forward to this colour but I just can’t wear it.  Even with a lip liner it wears very strangely on the lips and gets patchy and collects in the lines of my lips 😦  In comparison the other shades are smooth and creamy and apply really easily so I am not sure why Marshmallow Kiss is so different, but there you go.  As I officially received two of these lipsticks for free as part of the deal, I am not too devastated that one of them hasn’t worked for me.

Overall, I do like the Lip Geeks.  I feel like they are low maintenance lip colours that are really easy to slip on as you are walking out the door to look a bit more put together.  From this collection my personal favourites are ‘Total Diva’ and ‘Barbie is Jealous’ which are bright colours that are so fun.  Now that I have tried these Lip Geeks I can say that I actually prefer the Icon Pro Lipstick range from Makeup Revolution, but if you see a colour or collection from the Lip Geek range that you really love and are curious to try, you can buy them from Makeup Revolution at a really amazing price.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick

Super-intensive coverage and comfortable to wear?  Yes please!  I saw the Iconic Pro lipsticks advertised on the Makeup Revolution website when they were first released a few weeks ago and they were marketed as ‘the most desired lipstick shades’ and I have to agree the range of colours is pretty impressive.  I have seen a number of youtube videos and blog posts suggesting that this range are dupes for MAC lipsticks, which do look quite similar, but I don’t own any of their products to do a comparison myself.

Firstly, take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this packaging is.  The tubes are a shiny, black bullet with a colour insert tab on the base and rose gold trim.  They look classy!

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick: Propoganda, No Perfection Yet, Make it in the City, Not in Love and You're a Star.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick: Propoganda, No Perfection Yet, Make it in the City, Not in Love and You’re a Star.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipsticks

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipsticks

I tend to be a matte lipstick kind of girl so I decided to buy a few of these lipsticks in the standard, cream formula for days where my lips need a break and I am glad that I did.  These are creamy, rich and easy to wear without running all over the lips.  After a matte lipstick they almost feel like a balm.  With and without a lip liner I thought the wear on these was ok as long as you aren’t eating or drinking.  I needed to reapply at around the 3 hour mark which is fine by me.  I also found that they wear down quite evenly so I didn’t end up with patchy colour (like you can with a matte lippy) as the colour faded.


Iconic Pro Lipstick swatches: Propoganda, No Perfection Yet, Make it in the City, Not in Love and You're a Star.

Iconic Pro Lipstick swatches: Propoganda, No Perfection Yet, Make it in the City, Not in Love and You’re a Star.

As you can see from the swatches the colours are quite opaque and rich.  I actually think the five colours I selected are a nice mix of rich sophistication, fun pops of colour as well as a pretty nude.  Plus they smell like sweet vanilla which is a cheeky bonus!  I think my favourite has to be ‘Not in Love’ which I think is a beautiful spring, coral colour.  At AU$4.85 I think these are a great buy and I already have another 5 shades in my wish list for the next time that I make a purchase.  The quality on these is really great for the price.  The full range of these cruelty-free lipsticks includes 20 cream and matte shades and if you would like to see them for yourself you can find them here: Iconic Pro Lipsticks

Have a fantastic day!