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ColourPop Super Shock Sunday: Lippie Stix edition

Welcome to instalment five of Super Shock Sunday.  If you missed the previous posts, you can find all the blogs from this ColourPop series under the category tab labelled Super Shock Sunday on the right side of this page.

Today is going to be a Lippie Stix edition with a focus on Cake, Fancy, Rocket, I Heart This and Dazed.


Lippie Stix: Cake, Fancy, Rocket, I Heart This and Dazed.

I was really interested in trying some peachy/coral lip shades in the theme of my coral-toned love affair.  I also wanted a few richer tones for the holidays and I was really happy with my choices here.


Swatches: Cake (satin), Fancy (satin), Rocket (satin), I Heart This (matte) and Dazed (matte).

Cake, Fancy and Rocket are all a satin formula and I think that the main difference between satin and matte is to do with the feel on the lips and the longevity on the lips but I have to say that they don’t look that different.  The satin formula is more moisturising but the wear time isn’t as good as the mattes.  I also find that you do need to exfoliate before using the satin lipsticks otherwise they can gather a little in the fine lines of your lips.

The only other point to make really is that I was surprised how similar Cake and Rocket look when swatched.  Cake is a softer and more pastel peach while Rocket is a pinky coral, but if I had my time again, I would probably not have purchased both as they do look similar on the lips.

I adore the matte formula from ColourPop and I find they last SO well even through eating and drinking.  Whenever I wear I Heart This I get compliments, it really is a stunning shade, and Dazed has been the perfect Christmas colour.

I really enjoy these lipsticks from ColourPop – such fun colours.

Have a wonderful day!



ColourPop – Back to Cool: 2015 Autumn Lippie Stix Collection

I have fallen in love with the ColourPop lippie stix.  The pen style applicator makes putting on the product really easy and I particular like the formula of these lipsticks.  They wear really well, particularly the matte shades, which last an extremely long time, even when eating and drinking.

But I digress.

Lets talk about the 90’s inspired Back to Cool 2015 Autumn collection of lippie stix.

ColourPop Autumn Collections 2015

ColourPop Autumn Collections 2015

I purchased these lippie stix when ColourPop had a sale where all their Autumn collection products were 20% off.  For my colouring I find all these shades really wearable.  I know that this was designed for autumn but I am excited to wear some of these shades this spring and summer!  What I like about these sets is that they offer a nice range of shades and formulas.  My favourite formula is the matte formula as it wears so well and for so long.  They aren’t overly drying and the colour just stays put.  The creme formula is glossy, very moisturising and is silky soft to apply.  The colour doesn’t wear for as long, but that is normal for a creamy formula.  If you tend to buy a certain colour range of lipstick then perhaps this kind of kit isn’t for you, but I really like to try different colours and finishes so this is super fun for me.

Swatches from left to right: Chocker (creme), Mosh Pit (matte), Baewatch (matte), Out of Sync (matte), Too Sexy (satin), TGIF (matte).

Swatches from left to right: Choker (creme), Mosh Pit (matte), Baewatch (matte), Out of Sync (matte), Too Sexy (satin), TGIF (matte).

Choker is a creme formula and is a cool-toned nude.  This works well for me with my pale skin but I suspect that if you are more tan than I am this could be pale and perhaps not so wearable.  This is perfect for everyday wear.

Mosh Pit is a matte formula and is a mid-toned brown.  This looks very chocolately on my lips and I really like this with a neutral eye look.  So pretty and very 90’s!

Baewatch is a beautiful, dusty-rose colour in the tube but it looks more mauve coloured on my lips.  I love this colour; it feels very sophisticated to me and is a classic feminine colour in my mind.

Now for something that is a bit of a bug bear.

Baewatch is in the same colour family as another lippie stix called Lumiere which I also own.  I would say that Baewatch is a shade deeper but on the lips I think it gives the same look.  If you compare the lip swatches on the ColourPop website these two shades look much more different than they do when I swatch them.  I would use these two interchangeably.  If you already own Lumiere it is not worth owning both.

comparison swatches from left to right: Out of Sync (Back to Cool), I Heart This (permanent collection, Baewatch (Back to Cool), Lumiere (Kathleen Lights collaboration).

comparison swatches from left to right: Out of Sync (Back to Cool), I Heart This (permanent collection), Baewatch (Back to Cool), Lumiere (Kathleen Lights collaboration).

Next up is Out of Sync which is also a matte finish and is a very bright fuchsia colour.  I love this one for summer and can’t wait to wear it.  BUT, again, this is a very similar colour in the permanent collection called I Heart This (that I also own – grrrr!) but I would say that Out of Sync leans more pink and I Heart This leans slightly more red.  Again, if you already own I Heart This, you don’t need both, but none-the-less this is a stunning colour.

Then we have Too Sexy.  Now, this one is SOOOOO interesting.  On the packaging this is described as a satin formula but on the website they call it a matte finish.  It certainly feels matte to me so I would say that is the truer description but this doesn’t look matte as it has a stunning sheen to it.   The swatch does not even begin to do this lipstick justice.  I would describe this as a duo chrome shade with a violet base and blue duo chrome flash.  It is lush.  Totally a ‘going out shade’ for me, but what a dramatic lipstick for a special night our during the holiday season!  This is my favourite colour in the set.

Lastly, we have TGIF lippie stix which is also a matte finish and is a brick red colour.  I thought this might be too dark for my skin tone but actually it isn’t as dark on my lips as it looks in the tube which is evident in the swatch below.  I like this with a warm eye look.  It is surprisingly beautiful.

Back to Cool (top to bottom): TGIF, Too Sexy, Out of Sync, Baewatch, Mosh Pit, Chocker.

Back to Cool (top to bottom): TGIF, Too Sexy, Out of Sync, Baewatch, Mosh Pit, Choker.

Back to Cool is a well balanced collection in my opinion.  My only criticism is the fact that there are two colours in this set that are dupes of other lippie stix in the ColourPop range, and beautiful as they are, I don’t want to own two sets of the same colour.  If I had realised that there were colour duplicates in this set to lippie stix already in my own collection, I would not have purchased it.

If you are interested in trying the ColourPop lippie stix or want to add to your collection I can certainly recommend this set and you can find it here.  I am enjoying these colours 🙂

Have a fantastic day!!

ColourPop Lippie Stix

Lets talk about the ColourPop Lippie Stix.  They are cruelty-free and at US$5 they are kind on the budget.  I currently have five colours in my collection:

Toucan – matte

Topanga – satin

Frenchie – matte

Cookie – matte

Lumiere – matte

From the top: Toucan, Topanga, Frenchie, Cookie, Lumiere.

From the top: Toucan, Topanga, Frenchie, Cookie, Lumiere.

I am in love with these lipsticks.  The matte formula is really creamy and moisturising and so comfortable to wear – they don’t feel like any other matte lip products that I own.  The packaging makes them really easy to apply with accuracy.  I didn’t buy the matching lippie pencils as I felt like I wouldn’t need them and I was right.  You can get a really sharp line with these lipsticks on their own and the satin and matte formulas last REALLY well.  I wore ‘Frenchie’ to work last week and it lasted through breakfast, two cups of coffee and then lunch before I re-applied it!

Swatches from the top: Toucan, Topanga, Frenchie, Cookie, Lumiere.

Swatches from the top: Toucan, Topanga, Frenchie, Cookie, Lumiere.

These lipsticks are really opaque.  I have very dry lips at the moment and these don’t emphasise the lines on my lips or gather on dry patches.  I am SO impressed.  I have been wearing one of these lipsticks a number of times a week since I purchased them and they have quickly become one of my most loved lip products.  I would recommend that you check blogs and youtube for swatches before you buy as I found that the photos on the website weren’t always completely true to colour – or there were not swatches provided!

I can not speak to the other finishes that the ColourPop Llippie Stix come in (eg. sheer, creme, glossy, hyper-glossy and ‘no finish’) but I absolutely recommend these five colours that I have tried and I can’t wait to try more…

Like I need move lipstick in my life!

Have a fantastic day 🙂