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Highlighter Duplicates – you only need one!

If you have ever wondered whether there are dupes within the TAM Beauty brands or between TAM Beauty brands and MUA, your questions are about to be answered!  Today I want to highlight some highlighters (yes, I went there, lol), that are identical from four brands: Makeup Academy, Makeup Revolution, Freedom Makeup London and I Heart Makeup.  


MUA – Undress Your Skin, Shimmer Highlighter; Freedom – Pro Highlight, Brighten; I Heart Makeup – Triple Baked Highlighter, Goddess of Love and Makeup Revolution – Vivid Baked Highlighter, Peach Lights.

The four peachy/pink highlighters above are, in my opinion, identical.  Aside from packaging and powder presentation, these look and wear exactly the same on the skin.


Swatches (top to bottom): Freedom, I Heart Makeup, MUA and Makeup Revolution

I can’t distinguish between these in colour, longevity of wear or formula although I do note some minor differences in the ingredient lists.  The three highlighters in the compacts weight 7.5g while the heart shaped highlight weighs 10g.


Swatches (top to bottom): Makeup Revolution – Vivid Baked Highlighter, Golden Lights; MUA – Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter, Iridescent Gold.

The same duplication across the brands can be found in the golden shades too.  MUA, Makeup Revolution and I Heart Makeup all have a golden highlighter too.  The MUA and Makeup Revolution products are identical in my opinion.


Swatches (top to bottom): Makeup Revolution – Vivid Baked Highlighter, Golden Lights; I Heart Makeup – Triple Baked Highlighter, Golden Goddess.

The I Heart Makeup version is ever so slightly warmer in tone in the pan, but in swatches they are extremely similar and blended out on the skin you can’t tell the difference at all!  Freedom also has a version of the golden highlighter in their range called the ‘Pro Highlight – Glow,’ but I do not own it because, as you can see, I already have all the gold highlight I will ever need!


Freedom Makeup London – Pro Highlight – Glow.  (Image Credit – TAM Beauty Website)

Looking at the names of the brands you might note that three out of the four are owned by TAM beauty so perhaps I should have suspected that they could be similar, but to be honest it didn’t really occur to me that they would release the same product, repackaged, under different brand names, so be warned!  Saying that, this is not a criticism of the highlighter products at all – in fact I have given positive reviews of ALL these products, but no one needs IDENTICAL duplicates of products in their collection.

I hope you found this helpful!

Have a wonderful day 🙂

P.S. Please note, this issue of duplication is not a problem across all similar products in the various TAM Beauty brands but if I find any other exact dupes I will certainly blog about it 🙂

Freedom Makeup London: Contouring Products

I have a few products from the Freedom Makeup London range that I enjoy for contouring. I must preface this blog with the admission that I am not an avid contouring kind of girl.  I like to give my face some natural shape and dimension but by no means do I sculpt out my cheekbones, nose and forehead like so many makeup gurus.  So please keep my context in mind when reading this review 🙂

The three Freedom Makeup London products I am going to discuss today are:

  • Pro Contour palette in Fair,
  • Bronzer in shade 110 matte,
  • Pro Highlight in Brighten.

Pro Contour Palette in Fair

The Pro Contour Palette is designed to contour the face with shadow and highlight.  It is a small little compact that comes with a great mirror.  Both powders are matte, are extremely finely milled and so soft to the touch.  I very much enjoy the highlight shade to highlight under the eyes and cheekbones.  The darker contour shade is actually quite pink toned and it is a little too warm for my taste for contouring purposes, however, I really like this as a nude blush.  It is extremely pretty on the cheeks!


Bronzer Shade 110 Matte

For actual cheek contouring I prefer the Matte Bronzer, shade 110.  It is a lovely cool tone and perfect for my pale skin.  Again, this is soft and finely milled and it blends beautifully on the skin.  I wrote a complete review of this product and if you are interested you can read it here.


Pro Highlight – Brighten

Finally, although I like to highlight the face with a matte powder first, there is something very satisfying about adding a bit of shimmer to the high points of the cheek bones.  The Pro Highlight in Brighten is a lovely choice for my fair complexion.  Firstly, this is a beautiful looking powder with its elegant swirl embossing, but is is also a lovely soft texture.  This is a pigmented highlighter but not so pigmented that you end up with a line of shimmer that you then have to blend out in a panic.  I like coloured face products that you can build slowly 🙂

I think that these three products together allow for really natural face contouring that is pretty fool proof.  I can’t fault the quality of these powders, particularly for the price.  And the fact that Freedom Makeup London is cruelty-free makes these a great buy.

You can find the Freedom online store here, if you would like to try out their products for yourself.

Have a glorious day!


In search of ‘Peach’ tones: shopping my stash!

The Two Faced Sweet Peach Palette is massively popular at the moment but it has been oddly difficult to purchase.  Why so illusive Too Faced??  And of course because everything happens more slowly in Australia, I don’t even think it has been released here yet!  Although I love the look of the Sweet Peach Palette at around AU$78 it isn’t a palette I intend to purchase, so I decided to shop my own stash for makeup products that are cruelty-free, budget-friendly and all within the oh-so-popular peach colour family.

If I have a full review for any of these products I will link it for you 🙂

First up we have blusher.  I love peachy toned blush.  I think it is so fresh and bright and feels like summer to me, which is convenient as I live in North Queensland where it is pretty much summer all year round.  I have four individual blushes here.  The Shades include MUR’s Treat, MUA’s Shade 1 and 4, as well as Freedom Makeup London’s Angelic.  I also have an Ultra Blush Palette from Makeup Revolution called Hot Spice.


Makeup Revolution’s Treat, MUA’s Shade 4, Freedom’s Angelic, MUA’s Shade 1.


Swatches: Treat, Shade 4, Angelic and Shade 1.


Makeup Revolution – Ultra Blush Palette in Hot Spice.

Next up are some peach highlighter shades.  I have two of MUR’s Blushing Hearts from their I Heart Makeup range.  These are sold as blushes but I think they are more of a blush topper or highlighter really.  I have them in Peachy Pink Kisses and Iced Hearts.  Then we have the Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights.  I love this highlighter!


Blushing Heart in Peachy Pink Kisses, Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights, Blushing Heart in Iced Hearts.


Swatches: Peachy Pink Kisses, Peach Lights, Iced Hearts

Peachy lips anyone?  I found a few lovely shades from the peach family in my collection in a range of satin, matte and gloss formulas.  We have ColourPop lippie stix in Fancy and Cake, Wet n Wild’s Just PeachyFreedom’s Juicy Lips and Game on! and Makeup Revolution’s I Heart Makeup, Wow! Gloss in Sunshine today please.


ColourPop Fancy and Cake, Wet n Wild Just Peachy, Freedom Makeup Juicy Lips and Game on!, MUR – I Heart MakeupWow Gloss in Sunshine Today Please.


Swatches: Fancy, Cake, Just Peachy, Juicy Lips, Game On!, Sunshine Today Please.

Next up we get to my favourite part…the eyeshadows.  I have a few palettes to share that include some lovely shades from the peach colour family, including the New-trals vs Neutrals palette from Makeup Revolution, E.L.F’s Prism Palette in Sunset and then the Sunkissed Glamorous Eyeshadow palette from Chi Chi.


Makeup Revolution’s New-trals vs Neutrals


E.L.F’s Prism Palette in Sunset


Chi Chi’s Sunkissed

And last but not last, I have three beautiful peachy single shadows to share with you from ColourPop.  We have Shark Attack which is a pearlized formula and one of my all time favourite ColourPop shadows.  Next is Flipper which is a metallic formula and finally Cheeky which is a satin formula.


ColourPop’s super shock shadows in Shark Attack, Flipper and Cheeky.


Swatches: Shark Attack, Flipper and Cheeky.

So if you are anything like me, and you are lusting after peach tones but you can’t access (or just can’t afford!) the Sweet Peach Palette from Two Faced, then hopefully some of the budget-friendly options that I have shown here might meet your cravings for peachy goodness.

Have a great day peach goddesses 🙂

Freedom Makeup London: Professional Pro Blushes

I purchased these Professional Pro Blushes from Freedom Makeup when I made my first order from them months ago.  There are six colours currently in the range and the colours are beautiful.    I have been using these for a while now and think they are really excellent.  I find the powders to be very soft to the touch as they are quite finely milled.  Because they are so soft they do kick up a bit of powder if you don’t tap your brush in gently, but they are wonderfully pigmented and they blend nicely on my skin.  I also find that they last really well throughout the day.

So, lets have a closer look.


Freedom blushes (from left to right): Banish, Angelic and True Love.


Swatches: Banish, Angelic and True Love

Banish is a soft, pink blush in a matte formula.  This is probably the least pigmented blush out of the range, making it a little more ‘fool proof’ and the colour is perfect for everyday wear.  I find this one neutral enough for any makeup look.

Angelic is a peach coloured blush with golden micro-shimmers.  As you can see from the swatch it doesn’t come off as ‘glittery’ on the skin but it does have a lovely glow.

Next is True Love which is a deeper, rose coloured blush in a matte finish.  This is a lovely autumnal blush that is very flattering on the cheeks.


Freedom blushes (from left to right): Lethal Weapon, Rare and Beyond.


Swatches: Lethal Weapon, Rare and Beyond.

The next three blushes are much more bold in colour, but still very wearable.

First up is Lethal Weapon which is a bright, blue-toned pink colour in a satin finish.  I feel like this blush has almost a silvery glow to it which is very pretty.

Rare is a gorgeous coral coloured blush with golden micro-shimmers.  This is one of my favourite colours of the six.  I have very much enjoyed this colour for summer this year.

Finally, we have the blush called Beyond.  This blush is very shimmery and gives a very bright glow to the cheeks.  I would describe it as a coral base packed with golden shimmer.  This is a nice blush for days when you are in a rush because it has so much glow to it that you really don’t need to add highlighter.  Again, I think this is a great blush for summer when I am a little more tanned.  (To be honest I don’t really tan… I just burn and freckle – but a girl can dream).

I really enjoy these blushes from Freedom.  I think the range of colours is excellent and these apply very nicely, plus, the price point, at just GBP1 – about Au$2, is hard to refuse!  And of course, these are cruelty-free 🙂  If you want to have a look at these for yourself, you can find these blushes online here.

Have a wonderful day!

Freedom Matte bronzer

Freedom Makeup London: Matte Bronzer – Shade 110

I received this bronzer from Freedom as part of a free gift when the company first launched.  It has simple packaging and a very beautiful swirl pattern imprinted into the product.  I was impressed with the size and colour, but, as I had so many other bronzers ‘on the go’ I decided to put it aside rather than opening another new product into my already ridiculously large makeup collection.

This attitude lasted for a good couple of months or so before my nagging sense of curiosity convinced me that really, there was no reason to wait to open this product.

“Its a bronzer Megan, not a mascara… it isn’t going to dry out, (I said to myself),  just open it and try it out!”

So, two weeks later and I have been using this every day and I am pleased to report that I really am enjoying this product.  The powder is finely milled and although the colour looked quite deep in the pan, (and I worried it might be a bit orange), I actually think the tone is more neutral and it works really nicely on my skin.

matte bronzer swatches

Matte Bronzer: A heavy swatch on the bottom and then a blended swatch above.

Freedom states that this matte bronzer ‘shade 110’ compliments all skin tones.  I just can’t help but think that those kinds of assertions are a bit ridiculous.  I am pretty pale and you can see that this bronzer actually provides a good depth of colour for me without being too muddy.  If I had a skin tone with more depth of colour I can imagine that this would quickly become too light.  I am hoping the fact that this bronzer has an allocated shade number may mean that they intend to add other colours to the range.  We can hope!

The other point I want to mention is that I feel like this bronzer has a bit of glow too it.  I don’t mean glitter – there is certainly no glitter.  But I feel like it has a bit of dimension to it, certainly more so than other matte bronzers in my collection.  I actually think that is a good thing though – sometimes when bronzers are matte they get a bit tricky to blend nicely, but this one from Freedom blends like a dream.

Close up of swatches.

Here you can see more of a close-up of the swatches. The colour looks quite dark on the inside of my arm, but on the face it works well.  If feel like you can see the ‘glow’ of the product in this image too!

This bronzer hasn’t been tested on animals, and at GBP2 (about Au$4) it is nicely priced.  I would certainly buy this bronzer again in the future and have very much appreciated getting it as part of a ‘free-gift with purchase’ deal.

Now that summer is well and truly on its way, I am happy to embrace any product that will help me to  look like a bronzed beauty  (as I huddle in the air conditioning… desperate to escape the terrible heat.  It was 29 degrees celsius at 8am this morning!)

Anyway.  I digress 🙂

If you are interested in having a look at the Freedom range for yourself, you can find it here.

Have a great day!



Five great cruelty-free products under AU$5!

Makeup is expensive at the best of times but makeup is REALLY expensive in Australia.  I don’t really understand why that is, but I am presuming it has something to do with the way our government taxes cosmetic products.  Whatever the explanation it is a serious bummer.  My point is that there aren’t that many really good makeup products that we can access from Australia that are good quality, cruelty-free and less than AU$5 but I am determined to find all the good ones that I can and share them with you.

So here are five great products that are under AU$5!!

5 under $5 – Product Number 1:

Makeup Revolution 'amazing' lipstick

Makeup Revolution ‘amazing’ lipstick

Amazing Lipstick swatches: 'The One' (top), 'Treat' (bottom)

Amazing Lipstick swatches: ‘The One’ (top), ‘Treat’ (bottom)

First up on the list are the Makeup Revolution ‘amazing’ lipsticks.  These retail for about AU$2 (depending on the exchange rate).  These are great, easy-wear lipsticks.  They are moisturising and creamy and the pigmentation is quite good.  These don’t have a long-wearing formula but they are perfect to throw on as you walk out the door to the shops and if you are happy to reapply within an hour or two they are just fine.  If you want them to last longer a lipliner really helps.  I have two lipsticks from this range and love both these colours.  My only tip is to make sure you exfoliate your lips to get a really smooth application.  These two shades are glossy but NOT frosted which I prefer.

5 under $5 – Product Number 2:

E.L.F. eyebrow kit

E.L.F. eyebrow kit

E.L.F. eyebrow kit - medium brown

E.L.F. eyebrow kit – medium brown

My second excellent budget product is the E.L.F. eyebrow kit.  I have reviewed this product here before as one of my holy-grail brow products and I continue to use this a number of times a week.  It is just so easy and gives a nature look and at about AU$4 from iHerb.com these are a steal.

5 under $5 – Product Number 3:

Essence Lipliners

Essence Lipliners

Next up on the list are the Essence Lipliners.  I can’t say enough good things about these little bargains.  I have a review and swatches of the range here but these really are great quality and super value for money at just AU$2!

5 under $5 – Product Number 4: 

Makeup Revolution Powder Blushes

Makeup Revolution Powder Blushes

My next bargain buy are the Makeup Revolution powder blushes.  I have reviewed these in more detail here, but these guys are a GREAT buy at just AU$2.  I love these shades and they last so well on the skin and blend really nicely upon application.  Such a deal!

5 under $5 – Product Number 5:

Freedom Makeup London Mono eyeshadows

Freedom Makeup London Mono eyeshadows

Lastly we have the Freedom Makeup London Mono Eyeshadows.  Oh my goodness.  These little guys are good and more than worth the AU$2 you will spend on them.  I love all the colours that I own from this range and have another handful of these in my wish list on the Freedom website.  If you want to see some swatches I have previously reviewed these eyeshadows here.

A final word on international shipping…

Now, to be fair, if you order from Makeup Revolution or Freedom Makeup from Australia you are going to pay shipping which obviously adds to the cost of the products.  The good news is that the shipping cost is fixed for both websites so it doesn’t matter how much you order you will pay the same.  For both stores the international shipping from the UK to Australia costs about AU$16.  So I suppose the bad news is that if you go onto either of these online stores and only want to buy one AU$2 blush you are going to pay through the roof to get that shipped to you!  I feel like this situation acts as a real enabler to me as I want to make the shipping ‘worth it’ and thus order more than I probably need.  But seriously, if you can get on and off the Freedom or Makeup Revolutions online stores without ordering a tone of things, well then, the force is strong with you!

Have you tried any of these awesome budget-friendly, cruelty-free products?  If you have other products under $5 to recommend then PLEASE share in the comments below 🙂

Have a great day!

Freedom Makeup London: Pro Butters and Pro Melts

Freedom Makeup London is a brand which I have been really enjoying since it launched earlier this year.  When I last ordered from Freedom I picked up one each of their lip lacquers in the Pro Butters and Pro Melts formulas just to try them out.

Firstly, lets just take a moment to appreciate that gorgeous silver box.  Cute packaging!!  The tube itself is very simple with a sleek white cap, doe foot applicator and silver writing.

The texture of the two products is very different but I actually don’t have a favourite.

Top - Pro Butter in 'Cats Whiskers.'  Bottom - Pro Melt in 'Jammy Dodger.'

Top – Pro Butter in ‘Cats Whiskers.’ Bottom – Pro Melt in ‘Jammy Dodger.’

The Pro Butters are thinner in texture and less opaque than that Pro Melts but the colours are still vibrant.  I purchased the colour called ‘Cats Whiskers.’  I love this kind of coral colour but mainly I bought this because the name is so stinkin’ cute!  The Pro Butters apply quite easily and you can build them a bit.  The texture is very smooth and kind of velvety and then they dry down to quite a matte feel and look.  These last really well.

The Pro Melts are thick, pigmented and glossy without being sticky.  These are really a liquid lipstick.  The colour I purchased is ‘Jammy Dodger’ and it is so beautiful.  Again, super cute name – it takes me back to when I lived in the UK and was eating those jam cookies all the time!  This has a surprisingly long wear time too and it is stunning, STUNNING on the lips.

I really like both these formulas.  If you are up for a more subtle, matte look then I recommend the Pro Butters formular, but if you want a vibrant, glossy liquid lipstick then the Pro Melts are for you.

These sell for GBP3 which is about AU$6 on the Freedom Website.  I will certainly order more of these if I purchase from Freedom again.  If you have tried either of these formulas of the Freedom Lip Lacquers I’d love to know what colours you recommend.

Have a fantastic day!

Freedom Makeup London: Pro 12 Eyeshadow Palettes – Dreamcatcher and Chasing Rainbows

This is the third instalment in my series of blogs exploring the Freedom Makeup London Pro 12 Eyeshadow Palettes.  This post will be dedicated to the two palettes that contain particularly bright, fun colours.  I encourage you to go and have a read of my other articles if you prefer neutral shades or are interested in these palettes generally and would like to see swatches from across the range.  You can find article 1 and article 2 here.

I am always drawn to the bright coloured palettes but I must say, I am never quite sure what to do once I have them.  If you are in a similar situation then the Dreamcatcher palette may be a nice compromise.

Pro 12 Dreamcatcher

Pro 12 Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher Swatches - top row

Dreamcatcher Swatches – top row

The top row of this palette is very soft, pretty and neutral.  I see these as being the base onto which a pop of colour can be applied.  The first shade, which looks champagne in the swatch above actually has a lovely, subtle lavender duo chrome to it.

Dreamcatcher Swatches - middle row

Dreamcatcher Swatches – middle row

The third row offers the most vibrant colours.  While they certainly offer a pop of colour, I consider these very wearable colours.  The dark purple, royal blue and dark green here are VERY similar to a purple, blue and green that appear in a number of Makeup Revolution palettes, so if you own any of those you may well already have these colours in your collection.

Dreamcatcher Swatches - bottom row

Dreamcatcher Swatches – bottom row

The bottom row contains my favourite colour from this palette which is that really pretty lavender colour seen in the first swatch above.

The only negative aspect of this palette for me is that all the colours are satins or shimmers and the only matte shade is the black.  I own the Pro 12 Audacious Mattes palette so obviously this isn’t a real issue but my preference is to be able to grab for a single palette and get my whole look from that one place.

If you are a bit braver, a bit more adventurous or (like me), hope to be one day, then the Chasing Rainbows palette is really beautiful.  This palette is for unicorn lovers 🙂  I mean LOOK at those colours!  This palette contains two mattes (shades 1 and 12), five satin/shimmer shades (shade 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10) and five satin shades with silver micro glitter (shades 2, 5, 8, 9 and 11).

Pro 12 Chasing Rainbows

Pro 12 Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows Swatches: top row

Chasing Rainbows Swatches: top row

The top row begins with a fluorescent yellow matte colour.  This isn’t that pigmented on the first swatch, but it is buildable.  The first green shade contains silver micro glitter  Then you have soft shimmery green and a bright fuchsia pink shade that REALLY pops and is so pigmented.

Chasing Rainbows Swatches: middle row

Chasing Rainbows Swatches: middle row

The middle row has a shimmery blue followed by a slightly lighter blue with micro glitter, a dark purple (which is identical to the dark purple in the Dreamcatcher palette!!) and a dark pink with micro glitter.

Chasing Rainbows Swatches: bottom row

Chasing Rainbows Swatches: bottom row

Lastly, the bottom row has a bright, pastel purple with micro glitter, a royal blue (which again, is identical to the blue from the Dreamcatcher palette – colour double-ups like this really bug me!) and then a fluorescent matte pink.  Again, the pigmentation of the matte pink isn’t great, but it is buildable.

There are some very pretty colours in the Chasing Rainbows palette, but I have to admit that I don’t love the micro glitter shades.  These really are too sparkly for my personal taste although they work well.

Overall, these are lovely palettes.  They sit well within the Pro 12 range by offering a pop of colour to what is generally a neutral range of eyeshadow palettes.  My only complaint is that there are definitely two colours here that appear in both palettes which makes me wonder how many of the neutral colours are doubled-up across the Pro 12 range.  BUT if you own a more reasonable amount of makeup, this probably isn’t going to be an issue for you because you won’t own every palette 🙂  To be honest I probably wouldn’t have purchase the Chasing Rainbows palette if I had realised that five of the shades were glittery but, let’s get real, this palette only cost me AU$8, which is less than what I would pay for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake at a cafe SO I have hardly broken the bank.  If you like glittery, colourful eyeshadow then this is the perfect palette for you!

The compulsive part of my personality is tempted to buy the Audacious 3 palette because it is the only one from the range that I don’t own, but I am fighting the urge because I DON’T NEED MORE EYESHADOW!!  And I believe that it is very similar to the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 which I do own.  If you do own both those palettes I’d be interested to hear how you think they compare.

Do you own any of the Pro 12 palettes?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Have a fantastic day!

Freedom Makeup London: Pro 12 Eyeshadow Palettes – Le Fabuleux, Stunning Smokes and Audacious Mattes

When I did my very first order of Freedom Makeup London I ordered two palettes, Romance and Jewels and Secret Rose, from the Pro 12 Eyeshadow range and I really liked them.  The quality is excellent, particularly the matte shades, and I thought the colours were just beautiful.  I did quite a comprehensive review of those first two palettes so I won’t repeat myself too much, but if you would like to read more about the quality of these palette you can find my first review here.  Needless to say that I was so impressed by these palettes that when I decided to make a second order I went back and purchased a heap more.  There is one palette that I don’t own from the Pro 12 range called Audacious 3, as it was extremely similar to the Iconic 3 palette from Makeup Revolution, but I do own the rest of the range so I though I would do a couple of posts of swatches for those of you who might be interested in making a purchase as there aren’t swatches for all of these palettes available on the website yet.

So – brace yourself for a lot of photos 🙂

I will start with the more neutral palettes in this post and work my way out of my comfort zone and into the brighter palettes in my next blog.

First we have Le Fabuleux.  This palette offers a really nice mix of colours and finishes with both warm and cool tones.

Pro 12 Le Fabuleux

Pro 12 Le Fabuleux

Le Fabuleux Swatches - top row

Le Fabuleux Swatches – top row

Le Fabuleux Swatches -  middle row

Le Fabuleux Swatches – middle row

Le Fabuleux Swatches - bottom row

Le Fabuleux Swatches – bottom row

The next neutral palette in this range is the Stunning Smokes palette.  This palette provides colours for a rich brown smokey eye, a cranberry smokey eye as well as for a traditional grey or black smoky eye BUT there is enough here for a very neutral, everyday look too.  I love the matte camel colour, second along in the top row for a crease colour and find myself pulling this palette out just for that shade.

Pro 12 Stunning Smokes

Pro 12 Stunning Smokes

I took the images for this post on different days, so please excuse the inconsistency in how I approached the swatches.  Here I have divided the palette in half.

Stunning Smokes: Left of palette

Stunning Smokes: Left of palette

Stunning Smokes: Left of palette  swatches

Stunning Smokes: Left of palette swatches

Stunning Smokes: Right of palette

Stunning Smokes: Right of palette

Stunning Smokes: Right of palette  swatches

Stunning Smokes: Right of palette swatches

And finally for the more neutral palettes in the Pro 12 range we have the Audacious Mattes.  These are so soft and velvety to the touch and work really well on the eye.  I feel like the pigmentation is much more easy to build on the eye than the swatches on my arm might suggest.

Pro 12 Audacious Mattes

Pro 12 Audacious Mattes

Interestingly there is actually one shimmer shade in this palette, which is second along in the top row.  I love the thought behind this because it gives you a really beautiful inner corner highlight even though you may only want mattes for the rest of the eye look.  A very practical inclusion for those of us who like to get our whole eye look from the one place.

Audacious Mattes: left of palette

Audacious Mattes: left of palette

Audacious Mattes: left of palette swatches

Audacious Mattes: left of palette swatches

Audacious Mattes: right of palette

Audacious Mattes: right of palette

Audacious Mattes: right of palette swatches

Audacious Mattes: right of palette swatches

I really do like these palettes.  They are priced at GPB4 on the Freedom Makeup Website which is just over AU$8 with the current exchange rate and that is excellent value for the quality in my opinion.  Do I really need to own all these neutral palettes?  NO!  But I do use them and I do love them.

Look out for my next swatch post looking at the Pro 12 Dreamcatcher and Pro 12 Chasing Rainbows palettes for some really fun, bright colours.

Have a wonderful day!

Freedom Makeup London: Pro Lipsticks

I am all about a budget lipstick.  What I am not about is prefacing my descriptions of budget lipsticks with the statement ‘they are good for the price.’  In my opinion something is either good, or its not and if its not good, it doesn’t really matter how little you paid for it, you probably won’t use it.  These lipsticks from Freedom are certainly good for the price – at just one pound or AU$2 it would be hard not to be good for the price.  But are they GOOD?

Freedom Makeup London: Pro Lipsticks

Freedom Makeup London: Pro Lipsticks

I have ten of the Pro Lipsticks.  Some of these I paid for and some of them I received as part of a Freedom deal.  It has actually taken me a while to make a decision about these lipsticks because the formula is unusual in my opinion, but I have decided that I do like them.  In general I would describe these lipsticks as being balmy in texture; almost waxy.  This has the positive effect of making these very comfortable to wear but it does mean they can be sheer and also a bit patchy, particularly if you purse your lips together.  You really do need to exfoliate your lips with these guys because otherwise they will accentuate every dry spot and line.  They are also quite sheer, even though the pigmentation is quite good.  I have found the wear time on these to be hit and miss.  The lighter shades can fade quite quickly, but the bolder shades have a surprisingly long wear time!  I was impressed.

So lets have a look at the Pro Lipsticks in more detail.

Pro Lipsticks: Space Luxe, Mannequin, Sooner or Later, Whispers, Game On!

Pro Lipsticks: Space Luxe, Mannequin, Sooner or Later, Whispers, Game On!

Pro Lipstick Swatches: Space Luxe, Mannequin, Sooner or Later, Whispers, Game On!

Pro Lipstick Swatches: Space Luxe, Mannequin, Sooner or Later, Whispers, Game On!

‘Space Luxe’ is a colour that I would never have selected, but I was interested to receive it free just out of curiosity and I must say I am impressed.  If you are looking for a gold lipstick this is really pretty opaque and super metallic.  I can’t speak for the staying power, but it is very bold.  ‘Mannequin’ and ‘Sooner or Later’ are very neutral shades and are both particularly sheer.  They are ‘your lips but better’ colours if you have a fair complexion like me.  ‘Whispers’ is a super wearable, neutral pink and I really like this colour.  It wears well and has good staying power.  The really disappointing shade for me out of all the ten Pro Lipsticks that I own is ‘Game On!’ and I am so bummed because I love this peachy colour but it swatches so much better than it wears on the lips.  It is streaky, gathers in the lines of my lips and goes patchy if you purse your lips together.  Its such a shame, because it is a beautiful colour 😦

Pro Lipsticks: Juicy, Pink Lust, Flushed, Adorn, Red Wine.

Pro Lipsticks: Juicy, Pink Lust, Flushed, Adorn, Red Wine.

Pro Lipstick Swatches: Juicy, Pink Lust, Flushed, Adorn, Red Wine.

Pro Lipstick Swatches: Juicy, Pink Lust, Flushed, Adorn, Red Wine.

Next we move to the more vibrant colours that I own from the Pro Lipsticks and these are much more pigmented.  Juicy is a lovely colour.  It is sheer, but I love this colour of coral.  ‘Pink Lust’ and ‘Flushed’ are both really lovely pink shades and they last quite well on the lips.  Adorn is a lovely berry colour.  It is not as pigmented on the lips as in the swatch above, but I really like the fact that it is muted in tone.  And lastly we come to ‘Red Wine.’  This is my favourite colour and makes me wish that I had purchased the ‘5 for 4 – Pro Lipstick Red Collection’ because I suspect that these bright shades are the best.  This red is perfect.  It is vibrant, it is comfortable to wear, it lasts really well and it does stain the lips slightly so that as it wears it doesn’t look too patchy.  I really like this one.

So – overall, these Pro Lipsticks aren’t my favourite formula but I do like them.  The only shade that has really disappointed is ‘Game On!”  The formula of these is quite different from other lipsticks in my collection, but I do like the balmy feel of them and the fact that they are a bit more sheer and glossy for days where I just want something I can throw on and then touch-up without a mirror.

But hey – they are cruelty-free and at just AU$2, don’t trust my opinion, give them a go for yourself!  You can buy Freedom Makeup online here.