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E.L.F. Aqua Beauty Molten Liquid Eyeshadows

Since becoming a mother I have found myself more and more attracted to liquid and cream eyeshadows that you can throw onto your lid, blend with your finger and then run out the door.  Some days no one has time for makeup, let alone powder shadows that need brushes and time to blend.  As such, I have been trialling a few new products including these Molten Liquid Eyeshadows from E.L.F.

I own the colours ‘brushed copper’, ‘rose gold’ and ‘liquid gold’, from the range of six shadows and each eyeshadow contains a total of 2.6g of product.  The packaging is a practical lipgloss style tube with a doe foot applicator which I find practical and easy to use.

In terms of formula, these eyeshadows are a very thin texture so ‘molten liquid’ is an accurate description, although it is not so liquid that it will drip from the applicator.  These do dry down completely and in good time too so I would recommend applying to one eye at a time and blending the edges before moving to the next eye.  To be honest, I actually find that these are much easier to blend with a shader brush than my finger.

I think the key observation for me is that these are sheer.  You can build them up some, but I would say that two layers is about the limit before the product starts to lift as you apply it.  I would describe these as a base liquid pigment with lots of micro, micro glitters suspended in it.  While they are shimmery, they lack opacity so they aren’t going to give you blinding shine.


Molten Liquid Eyeshadow swatches (top to bottom): Liquid Gold, Brushed Copper and Rose Gold

I find that these do wear quite well for me.  It isn’t the longest wearing eyeshadow I have in my collection, but it certainly functions to get me through the day looking a bit put together.  They don’t crease on me but I would say the base pigment does fade so if you have them on for a long day by the time you remove them mainly the glittery shimmer remains.

Of the three shades I own I think that ‘Liquid Gold’ is probably the most streaky when first applied and definitely needs to be built up.  My favourite colour for tone and opacity is definitely the ‘Rose Gold’ shade.  Very pretty.

Overall, these are a handy little product for a quick look.  This is ‘pop to the shop’ sort of makeup for me.  Life changing? No.  Must have?  No.  Do I regret buying them?? NO.  They are cheap and handy but nothing special.

If I was going to recommend a cream shadow I would still say the ColourPop Super Shock shadows are a better buy in the same price range or if you want to try something else from E.L.F. their smudge pots are also a cream shadow and a superior formula in my opinion.

Have a great day!

E.L.F.: Lip Exfoliator – Cherry Tart and Mint Maniac

I first tried the E.L.F. lip exfoliator in its standard brown sugar scent ages ago and didn’t love it.  The first few uses were amazing and then the texture went kind of sticky and I found it didn’t run easily across my lips anymore so I threw it out.  THEN I found out that the trick is to put on a bit of lip balm first, then use the exfoliator SO with that plan in mind, I ordered the cherry and peppermint scent to try.

But I have gotten ahead of myself.

The E.L.F. lip exfoliator is a bit of cult product.  It is presented in a lipstick bullet which is super practical and clean.  No dipping into a pot here.


Mint Maniac

I would recommend that you don’t wind the bullet up too far though as you do put more pressure to exfoliate than you would to apply a lipstick so this will help avoid breaking off the bullet.  This hasn’t happened to me, but I am careful.


The exfoliator has a good amount of sugar scrub to it.  It also contains Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Avocado, Grape and Jojoba oils to nourish and protect the lips.  I find it useful to have a damp cotton pad ready to wipe away the residue when I am finished and then I am ready to go ahead and apply my lip product of choice.


Cherry Tart

In terms of scent I find that these do smell sweetly of their assigned mint and cherry.  They are confectionary scents rather than actually smelling of the fruit and herb but they are pleasant.  The mint version does not have a tingly sensation when applied like you may have with some minty products.

Overall, I really enjoy these.  They work well (when using the lip balm tip!), they are easy to use and are mess free and they absolutely help to prep my lips for other lipstick products.

If you haven’t tried these, I would say they are certainly worth a go.

Have a wonderful day.

E.L.F: smudge pots – cruisin’ chic & wine not

This is quick, user-friendly makeup at its best!

The E.L.F. smudge pots are not a new product, but they are new to ME this year.  They are really great quality, cream shadows.  I own Cruising’ Chic and Wine Not and both colours work well as a base shadow as well as on their own.  For an easy day look these make excellent single-shadow looks!


I believe they have had a recent facelift in terms of packaging and I very much enjoy the glass pot which I think looks quite high end.  If you have issues with dipping your finger into a product in a pot this does work just fine with a dense shader brush when packing on the lid and blends out well with a synthetic bending brush.  I have also used these with a sponge applicator just to apply to the lid and then I blend them out with my finger.


Cruisin’ Chic is a beautiful taupe shade.  This is such a beautiful shadow on its own but it also works so well as a base under all kinds of neutral shadows.

Wine Not is a deep mauve colour which is also extremely pretty.  This gives a more dramatic look, but it is extremely wearable.  There is something very feminine about this shade.

I love both of these colours.

These cream shadows blend very well, and when they set, they last ALL day, even in very humid weather.  They have a thin but very pigmented formula, they don’t feel oily and they set totally dry.  I just find that these are so user friendly and so fast to apply which I really appreciate.


I can’t recommend these enough to be honest.  If you can get your hands on these smudge pots from E.L.F. definitely give them a go.

Have a fantastic day!

Things I don’t love – E.L.F. Studio Blush

These Studio blushes from E.L.F. have been in my collection for a long time and I am only now coming to review them as the truth is, I really don’t reach for these.  It is a shame really, as I had read quite good reviews and seen lots of good things about them on youtube, but I was really unimpressed by this formula, as it is represented in the two shades I have tried: mellow mauve and candid coral.


E.L.F. studio blushes in Mellow Mauve and Candid Coral

Firstly, the texture of these is pretty dry and dusty.  You can see in the pan that as you start to use these powders they become kind of grainy too which isn’t really an issue but it is a bit odd.  These will kick up product when you dip your brush in so be gentle.

Both of these shades are very wearable.  I would say that these colours would only suit fair complected people as they really aren’t that pigmented.  Saying that, as I am fair, I am happy to work with a blush that isn’t too pigmented because then I don’t need to worry about looking like a clown when I slap it on in a rush … they are pretty fool proof.  But even on my fair skin, I find I have to build these up a lot to get much pigmentation.


Candid Coral

I initially thought that these powders were matte but actually they are more of a satin formula.  Candid Coral in particular has quite a pronounced golden/coral glow when you sheer it out on the cheek.  Although I normally love a glowy blush, I don’t find this shade very flattering on me which is odd because I normally love coral colours on myself.


Mellow Mauve

I really wanted to love Mellow Mauve but it just doesn’t show up that well on me.  I had to do a very heavy swatch for this image, but it is much more sheer with a brush.  It also has a bit of a glow, but it is much less pronounced than the Candid Coral shade.

The greatest disappointment though is actually the wear time of these.  I can handle needing to pile on the product as long as it lasts, but I find that these blushes fade VERY quickly on my skin even though I use a primer and fixing spray!  Sometimes I feel like Mellow Mauve has disappeared before I have even left the house for work!

Overall, I just don’t love these individual studio blushes.  They aren’t terrible, but I don’t reach for them.  If you want to try a good blush formula from E.L.F. I can highly recommend the Blush Palette in Light.  I will be decluttering these singles and just using my palette from now on as it really is so much better quality.

Have a wonderful day!




Things I don’t love: E.L.F. High Definition Banana Powder

Welcome back to the ‘Things I Don’t Love’ series where I discuss products that I just don’t love, or didn’t work for me.  Today I want to discuss the E.L.F. High Definition Powder in the Banana shade.

There are two reasons why this product didn’t work for me and neither of them have to do with the formula of the powder itself.  This powder is very finely milled and super soft.  It applies really nicely to the skin and feels silky.  I haven’t tried the translucent shade of this product, but I think I would enjoy it very much and have it on my wish list.

So after all those positives, why has this appeared in my ‘things I don’t love’ series??  Well, because of this….


very pigmented BRIGHT yellow!!!!!!!!  

The tone of this powder is so bright yellow and it is really pigmented.  I imagine that for someone out there with a different skin tone to mine, that makes this a perfect product but for me, there is no way I can use this where it doesn’t leave me looking yellow.  The effect actually makes my skin look kind of sallow and sickly rather than having the desired brightening effect.

The other con about this product for me is that the packaging of this powder is uber bulky.  I believe that E.L.F. has recently repackaged these powders so that may no longer be an issue but I’m just putting it out there.

So, if you are looking for a very pigmented banana powder then I can recommend this one from E.L.F. but if you are a pale girl, you will probably find this to be too pigmented and therefore too yellow to be practical.

Have a wonderful day!

E.L.F.: Blush Palette – Light

I purchased this blush palette from E.L.F. after hearing lots of good things about it on Youtube, and it does not disappoint.  I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of the E.L.F individual studio blushes (detailed review to come), so I wasn’t sure what to expect here, but the quality of these blushes is so much better in my opinion.


I really like the packaging of this palette.  It has a good quality mirror and the pans are removable.  Although you can’t buy individual pans, you can customise a palette by mixing and matching across the range which also includes a contour palette and illuminating palette.

The powders themselves are really lovely.  They are smooth, pigmented and quite finely milled, particularly when compared to the E.L.F. studio blush singles which I think are quite grainy and powdery.  These blushes are also really nicely pigmented!


Swatches run bottom to top = top to bottom and left to right on the palette.

In terms of shade selection we have a cool baby pink, a peachy-nude, a rose and a brighter coral.  The coral shade (bottom, right pan) does contain some shimmer particles but as you can see from the swatch (top swatch) I don’t find that these transfer when applied to the skin.  The other shades are matte.  These also blend nicely and wear quite well for me lasting throughout my 8 hour work day without too much fading.

I really enjoy these blushes.

I paid AU$8 for this palette and I think it is an EXCELLENT purchase for that price.  I have now put the ‘dark’ version of this blush palette on my wish list 🙂

If you would like to read my review of the E.L.F. contour palette, also from this range, you can find it here.

Have a great day!

E.L.F: Acne Fighting Foundation

I had heard really good things about the E.L.F. Acne Fighting Foundation and decided that it was time to give it a try for myself as my skin has been temperamental in the months since I had my baby.  This foundation contains Salicylic Acid which I have always found effective when spot treating acne on my face so I was keen to see how it performed in foundation form.


E.L.F. Acne Fighint Foundation in Porcelain

Firstly, I very much enjoy the packaging of this product.  The tube is plastic (not normally my preference, but great for travel) with a firm fitting lid and small nozzle for dispensing product.  I find this makes it easy to control the amount that I want to dispense and it helps prevent the product being exposed to air and bacteria.

The foundation itself is quite thick but I find that it blends nicely with both a brush and makeup sponge.  I apply a thin layer for a natural looking, medium coverage.  This is buildable but can look a little cakey on my combination skin if I apply the product too thickly or apply multiple layers, but if you have youthful skin (I am now in my mid 30’s so have my share of fine lines), you may not have this issue.


swatch: shade Porcelain

This is quite a good colour match for me when blended out – in fact the best colour match of all the E.L.F. foundations I have tried.  I believe that this is the lightest shade in the range though, so if you have truely porcelain skin colouring, you may not find a shade to suit you.

I find that this foundation wears well.  I always use a primer and setting spray as I live in very humid conditions, and it certainly lasts as well as my other foundations.

Lastly, although I am loath to claim that wearing this foundation absolutely improved my acne prone skin, I do feel that this wore better on my skin during breakouts than other foundations.  It didn’t irritate my skin, nor did it make blemishes worse by further clogging pores etc

I would certainly repurchase this foundation which I think attests to how well it has worked for me.

Have a wonderful day!

E.L.F. Contour Palette

If you are not interested in reading a detailed review of this product the long and short of it is – this contour palette is really great!

I purchased this on the recommendation of Emily Noel 83 from Youtube and she did not disappoint.  I have not really LOVED any of the contour products I have previously purchased – I mean, they were totally fine, but I found that I didn’t really reach for them that much.  But, there is something about the tones of the powders in this palette that really suit my skin tone and unlike some other contour palettes in my collection, I use EVERY shade.  Since I purchased it I have been using it almost every day I wear makeup (along with one from Nude by Nature – review to come!)


The compact itself is a sturdy matte black with a full-size, quality mirror.  The pans do click out if you want to customise this using powders from the illumination, blush or bronzer palettes from this same range.


E.L.F. Contour Palette

The banana powder, bronzer and contour shades are matte and then there is a shimmery highlighter which is subtle but pretty.  I have fair skin and all of these shades work for me.  If you have medium to dark skin you will probably find that this is too light for you but E.L.F. has just released a new version with deeper hues that may suit you better.


E.L.F. Contour Palette Swatches

The powders are pigmented without being scary.  I find overly pigmented contour shades to be a lot of blending work and/or you have to be so careful when picking up and placing colour that it becomes a hassle.  Not so with this little palette.  These blend well and are nicely buildable.

The matte shades are really finely milled, soft and lovely.  The shimmery highlighter is a bit powdery but it looks pretty and glowy on the skin and is subtle making it perfect for everyday wear.

Overall, this is a great little palette.  You can purchase this from the E.L.F. website in Australia for AU$14 which is a good deal, but if you can catch it during one of the 50% sales (like I did) it is a complete steal at AU$7!!

Have a fantastic day!!



E.L.F. Baked Blush

I always find myself drawn to baked products because I think they look so beautiful in the pan.  This obsession was what led me to purchase two baked blushes from E.L.F.  The shades I selected are Peachy Cheeky and Rich Rose and they really are very pretty, marbled powders.


Peachy Cheeky and Rich Rose

These blushes feel quite dry and hard to the touch and you will need to really rub your brush in the pan to pick up the product.  Both blushes have a lovely glow, which is nice but the shades just don’t quite work for me.


Peachy Cheeky

Peachy Cheeky is very light in tone.  In fact, this is more in the basket of being a highlighter, even on my fair skin.  You could certainly use this as a blush topper but I have to be honest, I never reach for it in this capacity.  This is a pretty colour, but it lacks pigmentation.


Rich Rose

Rich Rose is a darker colour, but the pigmentation is such that you can certainly pile it on even if you are fair.  I don’t though, as I feel like the tone of this blush makes my skin look a little bit bruised.

Overall, these are very average sorts of products for me.  They aren’t terrible, but they aren’t anything special either and I have much nicer blushes in my collection so I never reach for these.  I wouldn’t purchase them again, but they are very budget-friendly so if either colour intrigues you, there isn’t much to lose in giving them a go.

If you are looking for a lovely baked blush, I prefer the ones that I have from Makeup Revolution and you can see the review for them here.  The Blushing Hearts, Triple Baked Blushes from I Heart Makeup are also lovely and you can see swatches of them here.

Have a glorious day!

January 2017 Empties

I am always trying new things so it is my goal this year to focus on some select items that have been in my beauty collection for a while and finish them up to move them out.

With that in mind, here are my current empties from the past few months.


E.L.F. Flawless Finish Foundation – Porcelain, E.L.F. Makeup Mist & Set

The Flawless Finish Foundation from E.L.F. is really a very good foundation.  I like the way it applies and it sits really naturally on the face. This lasts quite well for me throughout the workday.  The packaging is a lovely glass bottle with a pump.  My only complaint would be that this oxidises a bit on my skin so I add a little light mixing medium, or use a very fair powder to set this.  I would repurchase this again as I enjoy the formula.

The E.L.F. Makeup Mist & Set is a bit of a ‘meh’ product for me.  It is cooling and refreshing on the face and I enjoyed this more as a primer before makeup rather than a setting spray.  The spraying nozzle itself is a bit wet and doesn’t distribute the product that evenly so I ended up with droplets that were too large.  I didn’t find that this helped my makeup last any longer so I won’t be repurchasing this one.


Kosmea Australia: Moisturising Lotion SPF 30, Tula Naturals: Organic Ultra Nourishing Facial Serum

The Tula Naturals Organic Ultra Nourishing Facial Serum is a blend of 15 oils and extracts including Hemp, Reship and Macadamia oils.  It claims to contain 100% natural ingredients, is cruel-free and vegan.  I enjoyed this product.  The smell was very herbal and this was certainly very rich.  You only needed the smallest amount of this product otherwise it became too oily on the skin but I used to put it on at night before bed and found that it was super moisturising.  I would repurchase this again.


I enjoyed the Kosmea moisturising lotion SPF 30, mainly because I very much appreciate having a facial moisturiser that contains some SPF.  I was moisturising and didn’t irritate my skin but I won’t be repurchasing this product because of the smell.  I believe it is the zinc in the ingredients, but this smelt very strongly to me and I didn’t love the scent.


Essence I Heart Extreme Waterproof Volume Mascara (blue) and Crazy Volume Mascara (pink)

Finally, we have two mascaras from the ‘I Heart Extreme’ range from Essence.  Firstly, the waterproof volume mascara was quite good.  The brush was a bit too large and sparse for my taste but it worked well enough.  This had a tendency to be a bit wet when applied and get everywhere unless you were super careful.

The Crazy Volume version was even more annoying to work with as the brush had very small, plastic bristles and as such, became very easily overloaded with product.  I always had to clean up after application with a cue tip due to this transferring onto my eyelid of under-eye during application.  It certainly was volumizing though!  To be honest, neither of these wowed me so I won’t be repurchasing, but they were fine.

Have a wonderful day!!