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Hanami – Cosmetics with Conscience: Mineral Lipstick and Cream Blush review

I like everything that the Hanami brand represents.  Hanami is a Japanese word for their traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers.  How perfect is that for a cosmetic company name?!  Hanami are vegan, cruelty free, palm oil free, Australian Made and Owned and they are focused on natural ingredients and being kind to the planet.  I love these ideals and wish every brand could be like this.


I have tried two products from the range including one of their vegan mineral lipsticks and also one of their vegan cream blushes and to be honest we have one hit and one miss here for me.

Lets start with the product that hasn’t worked for me.  The Mineral lipstick that I have is in the shade Valley of the Dolls which retails for $31.95 AUD.  It is a baby pink shade and is a semi matte formula.  There are a few issues here for me.  One is that this shade really doens’t suit me 😦  but more importantly the scent of this lipstick is sickly for me.  It contains Citrus Aurantium Duulcis Peel oil (sweet orange) and the scent is quite strong and it lingers on the lips for me.  I imagine that this wouldn’t be a deal breaker for most people but it bothers me.  They also claim it is really long wearing, but I can’t comment on that as every time I have put this lipstick on I have ended up removing it within the hour due to the scent.


Mineral lipstick in Valley of the Dolls

The other issue is that this formula is quite streaky.  I find it really sinks into the lines on my lips, even if I totally fill in my lips with a liner first.  The formula contains Jojoba oil and shea butter so it feels balmy and moisturising, but it doesn’t look flattering on my lips at all.  It may just be an issue specific to this colour, I don’t know, but at AU$32 I won’t be trying another shade to find out.  To be honest I desperately wanted to love this as I love the ideals of the brand but this lipstick didn’t work for me.

On to a product that I do love and that is the cream blush which retails for AU$29.95.  I have the shade Sunset Boulevard which they describe as being a deep rose with orange undertones and best suited to dark skin tones.  I actually have fair skin but I find this works perfectly when applied with a light hand.


Cream Blush in Sunset Boulevard

This blush comes in a very small, screw top compact (smaller than I expected to be honest – around the size of a AUD 50cent coin).  The formula is quite dry but it does blend out easily with a small stipple brush.  (I use the small stipple brush from E.L.F.).  I layer this on top of my foundation and before powder.  I live in the tropics and even in the hot, humid summer months this wears really well for me, particularly when layered with a powder blush.

Overall, I am intrigued by the Hanami brand.  I received both of these products in “Flora and Fauna” beauty subscription boxes so I’m not sure I would have purchased them otherwise as they are quite pricey.  I’m so glad I got the opportunity to test them out though as I love everything about Hanami’s ideology and out of the two products I have tried one has been a fantastic addition to my collection.

Have you tried anything from this vegan brand?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations if you have.

Have a glorious day!


Makeup Revolution: The One Blush Stick – Pink

I received ‘The One Blush Stick’ in Pink as part of a free gift from Makeup Revolution a number of months ago.  I had looked at these blush sticks on the website and recognised them as being very similar to a blush stick product by NARS.  I don’t own the NARS version but I was tempted to try the Makeup Revolution dupe as I have nothing that is remotely comparable in my collection.

I really am a cream product novice.

Makeup Revolution - The One Blush Stick: Pink

Makeup Revolution – The One Blush Stick: Pink

There are eight products available in the complete set including four colours available in two finishes: bold and matte.  These retail for GBP5 which is about AU$10.  I only own the one colour – the bold ‘Pink,’ so I can’t speak to the quality of the entire range but I can tell you that I really enjoy this one that I own.

I would describe this as being almost a cream to powder product, although it is not advertised this way.  It goes on very creamy and is very pigmented.  You certainly don’t want to paint it on in a swipe straight from the tube otherwise it will look like children’t SPF zinc!  I pat this on to the cheeks gently and then blend with my fingers or a stippling brush.  It is very buildable so it is better to start slowly and then work up to the desired colour.  Despite looking a bit scary in the tube I think it actually gives quite a natural flush on the cheeks.

Pink swatches: direct from the stick on the left, and a smaller, blended swatch on the right.

Pink swatches: direct from the stick on the left, and a smaller, blended swatch on the right.

I was surprised how easy this is to work with.  At first I was put off by the brightness of the colour and my lack of familiarity with cream blushes, but this One Blush Stick is pretty foolproof and blends really easily.  Initially I felt that I might need to set this cream product with a small amount of a powder blush but now I realise that that step isn’t necessary and because it sets to a powdery finish once it is blended out you don’t end up with a greasy face.  This blush lasts really well throughout the day and even if my foundation is starting to break down this blush stays put.  Living in the tropics I am always looking for products that don’t melt off my face in the awful heat and humidity, so the long wear of this blush is a big plus in my book.

I really like this blush and I look forward to trying other colours from The One Blush range in the future.

Have a fantastic day!