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E.L.F: Matte Lip Colour

I have enjoyed these matte lip colours from E.L.F.  I particularly like the packaging which is conveniently like a pencil, leaving the product itself very narrow and thus extremely easy to apply accurately.  Having the colour marked on the end is super practical and that colour tip is removable and contains a sharpener which you can use to make the lip colour even sharper and more precise.

The lip colour is in a pencil-style package with retractible colour that is thin and easy to apply.

The lip colour is in a pencil-style package with retractible lipstick that is thin and easy to apply.

The texture of these matte lip colours is denser and dryer than any other lipsticks in my collections – they are more comparable to my Essence Lip Liners in texture actually (and I love those liners – you can read a review of them here).  I would say that they apply creamier and then dry down to a matte finish.  Also, these do not have any taste or smell, which I quite appreciate.

Matte lip colour swatches

Matte lip colour swatches from top to bottom: Nearly Nude, Coral, Natural, Tea Rose, Praline and Rich Red.

I enjoy the six colours that I have here.  The first five are obviously very neutral and then there is that really gorgeous Rich Red.  Nearly Nude, Coral and Natural are quite light colours but they look really nice with my pale complexion.  The most impressive part for me is that these light shades aren’t streaky or patchy – they apply really opaquely and they wear quite well, unlike other pale lipsticks in my collection.  I tend to reapply these after about 3 hours.

E.L.F matte lip colour swatches

E.L.F. matte lip colour from left to right: Rich Red, Praline, Tea Rose, Natural, Coral and Nearly Nude.

The only issue that I have had with these lip colours relates to the Rich Red shade.  I do find that this colour will bleed on the  lips if you apply it without a lip liner.  I would also recommend, (as I would do with all matte lip colours from any brand), that you exfoliate your lips before applying these to avoid it falling into the textured lines of your lips.

E.L.F. has since released new colours in this range but they are difficult to source in Australia at the moment.  I would certainly be happy to test out the new colours as they look beautiful online.

Overall, I really like these E.L.F. matte lip colours.  I get a lot of wear out of these for work and find them super convenient to keep in my bag for touch-ups.

Have a glorious day!