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The mini chocolate bar face palettes: Bronze and Glow & Light and Glow

Now if you follow my blog then you know that I am all about that Makeup Revolution chocolate palette life.  To be fair, mainly I’m about chocolate in general, but the combination of chocolate and makeup is next level attractive to me.


Anyway, when TAMBeauty released two new MINI chocolate bar face palettes into their I Heart Makeup/Makeup Revolution range I was super excited.  I love tiny things.  Like, anything that is normally big that is made into a little version… so cute.  Aside from the packaging though, the products within really appealed to me and I have not been disappointed.

I’m going to start with the Bronze and Glow palette because this is my favourite contour palette duo.  Full stop.


Bronze and Glow

The ‘bronze’ shade is perfect for my skin tone.  It is quite neutral so you can contour with it, but it isn’t too ashy either so you can use it as a bronzer too.  These powders are really finely milled, soft and blend so easily.


Bronze and Glow highlight compared to theBalm’s Mary-Lou Manizer

The highlighter in this duo is stunning too – champagne in tone and the perfect amount of glow without being shiny or frosty.  It reminds me very much of theBalm’s Mary-Lou Manizer.  It is certainly extremely similar when sheered out on the cheeks but as you can see from the heavy finger swatches above Mary-Lou is a little more yellow toned.


Bronze and Glow swatches

Honestly, Bronze and Glow is a great palette.  If you find this packaging to be too kitch and cutesy for your taste, Makeup Revolution also has the same powder products packaged in their Renaissance Glow palette which has much more classy packaging but identical products.


Charlotte Tilbury – ‘Filmstar Bronze & Glow’ Face Sculpt & Highlight.  Image credit – Nordstrom

The Renaissance Glow is designed to be a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Filmstar Bronze & Glow’ Face Sculpt and Highlight… meaning that the powders in the chocolate Bronze and Glow are also a dupe!  Winner 🙂


Light and Glow

I wasn’t initially as attracted to the Light and Glow palette as the Bronze and Glow palette but… chocolate packaging!?!  Saying that, when I heard that this might be a dupe for Too Faced’s Candlelight Glow highlighting powder in Rosy Glow, I was intrigued.


Too Faced Rosy Glow Candlelight Glow.  Image Credit – Temptalia

Now I don’t own Rosy Glow to do a direct comparison for you but from the swatches I have seen online they certainly do seem very similar.


Light and Glow swatches

I have really enjoyed the light and glow highlighters – and they are both highlighters!  I thought at first the pink shade was a blush but it is a pink highlighter with a gold shift.  You could use this as a blush topper, but even on my fair skin the pink shade can be blended out to a lovely glow or mixed with the white/gold shade for extra bright shine.  These are both very pretty!


MUR Vivid Baked Highlighter – Golden lights compared to the Light and Glow white/gold highlighter.

The white/gold highlighter reminded me of the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights.  As you can see above, the colour is certainly a dupe but the formula is obviously very different as one is a standard powder and one is a baked highlighter.


Bronze and Glow swatched beside Light and Glow

So.  A million photos later let me rap this up.  I really like these two little chocolate face palettes.  I think the quality is great and if the colours work for your skin tone then I totally recommend these.  If you are interested in trying them for yourself you can find the chocolate face palettes on TAMBeauty for about AU$10.

Have a great day!


Australis – AC on Tour: Contouring and Highlighting kit

AC on Tour: Contouring and Highlighting Kit

AC on Tour: Contouring and Highlighting Kit

I was VERY late to the trend of contouring.  It just seemed a little too complicated and ‘professional-makeup-artist-like’ for someone with my level of makeup naivety.  For this reason (in addition to my general reluctance to spend a lot of money on makeup items… or any items really), I put off buying a contouring kit.  When Australis came out with its version of the now famous contouring and highlighting kit though, the temptation to give it a try overcame my anxiety about stuffing up my face 😉  Australis is a great Australian brand that is cruelty-free and budget-friendly.  They clearly state on their website that ‘we love animals’ which gives them a big thumbs up from me!

AC on Tour: Contouring and Highlighting kit from Australis.

AC on Tour: Contouring and Highlighting kit from Australis.

The ‘AC on Tour: contouring and highlighting kit’ from Australis is said to be a duplicate of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit.  I can not speak to this claim myself in terms of how the powders perform as this is the only kit of this type in my collection, but looking at the Anastasia kit online, there is an unmistakeable similarity in how these two kits look.

The Australis kit has a light vanilla powder, a banana powder, a champagne highlighter shade (the only shimmery shade in the kit), a dark brown, an ashy brown and a very warm brown.  The kit offers a helping hand to the novices in the audience, like myself, by providing a set of contouring instructions on the back of the palette.

Contouring instructions are provided on the back of the AC on Tour: Contouring and Highlighting Kit.

Contouring instructions are provided on the back of the AC on Tour: Contouring and Highlighting Kit.

I tend to not use the suggested process on a daily basis.  In my kind of work, this level of put-togethered-ness, isn’t really required, BUT, I have used these instructions for more formal nights out and it is easier than I thought it would be with flattering results.

AC on Tour: Contouring and Highlighting Kit - swatches

AC on Tour: Contouring and Highlighting Kit – swatches

The powders in the ‘AC on Tour kit’ are generally very soft and silky and the brown shades are very pigmented.  The softness of these powders does mean they will kick up a bit of powder if you aren’t careful to be gentle when tapping in your brush.  I would recommend tapping off the excess and applying a small amount of product at a time as the darker shades can be a bit fussy to blend out and if you apply too much at once they can look a bit patchy.  The highlighter is a pretty colour but is a little chalky. It does look quite nice on the skin though. The banana and vanilla shades are lovely quality.

On a general day I tend to use the vanilla or banana powders (swatch 1 & 2) to set my under-eye concealer, I use the ashy shade (swatch 5) to gently contour under my cheek bones and then I use the dark or warm toned shades (swatch 4 & 6) to warm up my face.  I really do like the shimmery, champagne highlighter for work as it is pretty, but subtle, and I use this on the tops of my cheek bones.

I like this contour palette.  As I don’t often do a ‘proper’ chiselled contour it is probably more sophisticated than I really need for what I use it for on a daily basis, but its handy to have all these powders together in one place.  This palette retails for about AU$16.95 but I got mine on sale for AU$13 which makes it really good value.  If you would like to try contouring but aren’t sure that you want to invest big money in a palette, the ‘AC on Tour: contouring and highlighting kit’ is a budget-friendly option but I think that there may be more user-friendly kits on the market in this price range. I wouldn’t recommend the E.L.F contour kit above this one from Australis – it is easier to blend, I prefer the powder tones and it is cheaper!