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Wet N Wild: Comfort Zone Colour Eyeshadow Collection

The Comfort Zone eyeshadow palette is one of those products that I heard a lot about from American beauty bloggers but as Wet N Wild is difficult to access in Australia I had never tried it.   When I happened across Wet N Wild products on Crush Cosmetics I purchased the Comfort Zone for AU$12 out of curiosity and I am glad that I did.


Comfort Zone: Neutral Tones.


Swatches: Neutral Tones.

A word of warning, the cheap packaging of this palette  is a little bit off-putting but it is not indicative of the quality of the eyeshadow.  I knew from other reviews that the shadows were supposedly lovely but truly, these are really nice.  They are soft and pigmented and finely milled and they blend so well.  I do need an eyeshadow primer with these but with it they wear well and don’t crease.


Comfort Zone: Green Tones.


Swatches: Green Tones.

While I find these colours very appropriate for everyday wear, one point to note is that there are no matte colours in this palette.  There are three distinct eyeshadow formulas here including a shimmer, glitter and duo chrome.  The shimmer and duo chrome formulas are beautiful and these are the shadows that I reach for when I use this palette.  The duo chrome shade (which is marked as the ‘definer’ shade in the Green tones), is really beautiful and the main reason why I purchased this palette.  This duo chrome has a red/brown base with a blue/green flash.  So cool!

The Neutral tone ‘definer’ and Green tone ‘crease’ shades are the two glitter shades.  I don’t enjoy these as much.  They look gorgeous in the pan but when worn both look very similar.  They are both dark on the eye and the glitter doesn’t transfer that well and/or I get glitter fallout – nothing major but enough to be a bit annoying.  If these two shades could be replaced with a couple of nice matte crease shades this would be a perfect palette for me.

My last thought – I can’t imagine using these colours according to the labels provided by Wet N Wild… I’m not about a glitter eyeshadow in my crease but maybe that is just me 😉

If you haven’t tried the Comfort Zone palette from Wet N Wild I think it is definitely worth a go.  Wet N Wild are a cruelty-free brand and at AU$12 this is a budget-friendly purchase.

Have a great day!