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ColourPop: You Had Me At Hello – eyeshadow palette

I’m not going to lie.   I am really enjoying the ColourPop pressed eyeshadow palettes. They are budget friendly and cruelty free and a lot of fun.  I actually received the ‘You had me at hello’ palette for free as part of one of the ColourPop holiday sales and I am so glad that I did.  This is a great little palette.


First row swatches: The Knot, Moon Struck, Two Peas, Candygram

Firstly, there are equal numbers of mattes and shimmers.  Woot!  Secondly there are two really great transition shades in ‘Two Peas’ (warm tan brown) and ‘Winning Ticket’ (cool mauve brown).  And then a nice selection of mid-toned mattes for deepening up the crease in both warm and cool tones as well as a pigmented, dark neutral brown if you really want to smoke things out for a more dramatic look.


Second row swatches: Winning Ticket, FBO, Look-See, Fool’s rush

I very much enjoy the berry vibes of some of these colours which I think are complemented well by the warmer shades provided.  Plus, the shimmers are really lovely and in such a nice range of colours!  There is a great taupe, a berry, bronze, copper, gold and champagne, all of which are pigmented and reflective and apply beautifully with your finger or with a little fixing spray on your brush for a stunning result.  You really can get multiple very different looks from this one little palette.  I also want to note that this palette doesn’t have any glitter shades which I personally appreciate.  It is well curated in my opinion.


Third row swatches: Pulling Strings, Want U Back, DTR, Sparks Fly

These shadows wear really well for me without creasing or fading.  I have been impressed.

Oh – and this palette has a mirror!  If that is important to you – then score!! (You do pay extra for the privilege though.  Their standard palettes are $16 and this one retails for $18)

I think my only word of warning in regards to this palette is that the matte shades really do give a LOT of kick up when you dip your brush in.  A LOT.  This isn’t a deal breaker for me as they blend really nicely and as long as I tap off my brush I haven’t had any issues with fallout.  But if loose powder in the pan drives you nuts then you won’t like this.  (To be fair, this can be an issue across the whole ColourPop matte eyeshadow range but I noticed it more in this palette than others I have tried).


I love the novelty of being able to rearrange the shades in these magnetic palettes – this is how I placed my shadows so they made more sense for me.  I think that option is such a cool feature!

If I was to change one thing in this palette I would swap ‘Pulling Strings’ which is a medium mustard brown matte, for a light cream matte as this would make this an all-in-one perfect travel palette for me BUT that is based on my fair skin preferences. The good news is that these palettes are magnetic so I can always swap out a pale matte from another of my ColourPop palettes if I want to take this one travelling. Bonus.

Overall: great little palette.  If you like these shade colours then I would definitely say it is worth the money.

Have a great day!


E.L.F. Aqua Beauty Molten Liquid Eyeshadows

Since becoming a mother I have found myself more and more attracted to liquid and cream eyeshadows that you can throw onto your lid, blend with your finger and then run out the door.  Some days no one has time for makeup, let alone powder shadows that need brushes and time to blend.  As such, I have been trialling a few new products including these Molten Liquid Eyeshadows from E.L.F.

I own the colours ‘brushed copper’, ‘rose gold’ and ‘liquid gold’, from the range of six shadows and each eyeshadow contains a total of 2.6g of product.  The packaging is a practical lipgloss style tube with a doe foot applicator which I find practical and easy to use.

In terms of formula, these eyeshadows are a very thin texture so ‘molten liquid’ is an accurate description, although it is not so liquid that it will drip from the applicator.  These do dry down completely and in good time too so I would recommend applying to one eye at a time and blending the edges before moving to the next eye.  To be honest, I actually find that these are much easier to blend with a shader brush than my finger.

I think the key observation for me is that these are sheer.  You can build them up some, but I would say that two layers is about the limit before the product starts to lift as you apply it.  I would describe these as a base liquid pigment with lots of micro, micro glitters suspended in it.  While they are shimmery, they lack opacity so they aren’t going to give you blinding shine.


Molten Liquid Eyeshadow swatches (top to bottom): Liquid Gold, Brushed Copper and Rose Gold

I find that these do wear quite well for me.  It isn’t the longest wearing eyeshadow I have in my collection, but it certainly functions to get me through the day looking a bit put together.  They don’t crease on me but I would say the base pigment does fade so if you have them on for a long day by the time you remove them mainly the glittery shimmer remains.

Of the three shades I own I think that ‘Liquid Gold’ is probably the most streaky when first applied and definitely needs to be built up.  My favourite colour for tone and opacity is definitely the ‘Rose Gold’ shade.  Very pretty.

Overall, these are a handy little product for a quick look.  This is ‘pop to the shop’ sort of makeup for me.  Life changing? No.  Must have?  No.  Do I regret buying them?? NO.  They are cheap and handy but nothing special.

If I was going to recommend a cream shadow I would still say the ColourPop Super Shock shadows are a better buy in the same price range or if you want to try something else from E.L.F. their smudge pots are also a cream shadow and a superior formula in my opinion.

Have a great day!

ColourPop: Double Entendre Eyeshadow Palette

I stalled for the longest time before ordering any of the ColourPop pressed shadows.  It seemed like making a first purchase could have the potential to release an avalanche of future buys so I put it off, and I was right to do so.  I really enjoy the formula so when ColourPop held a number of site wide 20% off sales before christmas 2017 suddenly I found myself putting in a second order!  Oh man.


First row swatches: Locked & Loaded, Uninhibited, Hot Bod, Flasher

I have enjoyed all the palettes that I have purchased from ColourPop so far, but by far the one that I have enjoyed the most for everyday wear is the ‘Double Entendre’.  It has a combination of shadow formulas including 7 mattes, 3 metallic shades, 1 satin shade and one glitter shadow.  It is a warm colour palette for sure and reminds me very much of the vibes coming from the Tarte Toasted palette which has been really popular.


Second Row swatches: Nekkid, Extra Curricular, Hard, Draft

So lets review the pros and cons of this little guy:


  •  Cruelty-free.
  •  Compact and travel friendly.
  •  12 x 0.85g shadows.
  • Sturdy cardboard packaging (which I prefer to plastic)
  • The mattes blend beautifully – so easy to use!
  • The metallics are really pigmented and apply beautifully with a finger or some fixing spray for a very reflective look.
  • These last well on the eye.
  • Budget friendly!! These retail for US$16

Third Row Swatches: Keep it PG, Nip Slip, Send Noodles, Teddy Bare


  • The matte shades will kick up a lot of product when you dip into them.  Take a light touch and tap off your brush well.
  • The satin shade ‘Flasher’ lacks pigmentation and is very firmly pressed.  I find it picks up better with a brush than on my finger.  It is a pretty brow highlight or inner corner highlight but it is more glossy than metallic. It is a bit of a dud in my opinion.
  • I don’t dig glitter shades so I’m not about ‘hot bod’ BUT the glitter does transfer well when applied so if that is your jam you may love this shade.
  • Two of the three metallic shades, ‘Uninhibited’ and ‘Draft,’ are really quite similar.  I would have preferred two really distinct metallic colours here.
  • The shade names are pretty tragic…
  • This palette has identical packaging to the ‘I think I love you’ palette: a bit annoying if you own both.
  • There is no mirror included in this palette – totally not an issue for me but worth mentioning.

As a final note, these palettes are magnetic which means you can easily rearrange the shades to your own order preference OR if you own multiple 12 pan palettes you can mix and match between them.  I decided to reorganise my Double Entendre palette in terms of formula and tone and it now looks like this 🙂  Just a bit more user friendly for a novice like me!


Overall, I think this is a great little palette.  Excellent quality at a great price and ethically produced.  If you haven’t tried the ColourPop pressed shadows I would say give them a go for sure but just know that they release new things all the time so you might be opening the door to a new addiction!!

Have a glorious day!

ColourPop Super Shock Cheek Highlighters: Lunch Money and Wisp

I enjoy the formula of the ColourPop highlighters.  I already had two in my collection when ColourPop ran a deal offering a free highlighter (or two) when you spend… whatever.  I had a wish list of items for their website anyway to I took the opportunity to pick up some things and get these two beauties for free!


Swatches: Lunch Money (top) and Wisp (bottom)

The colours that I selected for the deal were Lunch Money and Wisp.  These bouncy creams are super smooth and offer a bright sheen without any glitter, which I love.  I find that these apply easily either with your finger or (as I prefer) a small stipple brush.  I don’t find that these lift my foundation but I would recommend adding a small amount at a time to aide blending.  These last really nicely on my skin on their own and also as a base for a powdered highlight.  These do dry down on the skin too, which is great.

As you can see, although Wisp is beautiful, it is quite dark to act as a highlight for me, but it does give a beautiful glow.  I use this lightly on my cheekbones and when sheered out it is still very pretty.  I imagine this would be stunning on people with richer skin tones than mine.  This is also a beautiful eyeshadow base.

Lunch Money suits my skin tone really well as a true highlighter.  It is a light gold tone and gives plenty of glow.  So pretty and pigmented.

I find that it can be hard to see the true colours of the highlighters on the ColourPop website (which is how I ended up with Butterfly Beach when it is clearly too dark) so here is my full ColourPop highlighter collections swatched together so you can compare the tones.


Swatches: Teasecake, Butterfly Beach, Wisp, Lunch Money

Overall, I really like the formula of the ColourPop highlighters.  Of all my ColourPop Super Shock products I find this kind of satin formula (in the highlighters, blush and shadows), lasts the longest in terms of NOT drying out and maintaining the same smooth formula over time.  (Random fact: In my experience the matte formulas of face/eye products seem to dry out the quickest).

Last random thought – if you are looking for a powder product that looks very similar to Wisp I think the Makeup Revolution Vivid Shimmer Brick in Radiant is quite similar.  The swatch below is a mix of all the colours of the shimmer brick, but if you keep your brush towards the top you will get an even more similar match.


Swatches: Wisp (top) and Makeup Revolution Vivid Shimmer Brick in Radiant

So there you have it.  A very wordy review of Lunch Money and Wisp 🙂

Have a great day!!


ColourPop: Brow Pencil – Dope Taupe

I am very lucky to have brows that are naturally well shaped arches that are quite filled in.  The act of ‘doing my brows’ merely involves some light filling in at a couple of points and then setting with a clear brow gell.  As such, I am not sure why it is that I find myself purchasing more and more brow products!  I have so many in my collection already that are perfectly good so I don’t know why I’m tempted to try more, but so far this year I have already purchase two new pencils (including Dope Taupe) and a pomade.

I’m out of control.

Someone call the makeup police!

As the consumer damage has been done, it seems appropriate for me to share my thoughts on this brow product from ColourPop.


Mechanical pencil with a very fine tip

I like this product!  It is a thin, mechanical pencil with a spoolie on one end and a very fine tip.  The product is quite firm, which works for me, as it allows you to build a natural brow without needing to be overly careful, as you might need to be with a creamier pencil.


ColourPop Brow Pencil: Dope Taupe swatch

I have medium brown hair but this taupe shade works well for me for a natural look.  It lasts well throughout the day and doesn’t fade, even in the heat and humidity.

My only qualm with this pencil is that the mechanism for twisting the pencil up only works in the UP direction – you can’t retract the pencil, so you really need to be mindful of only twisting up just what you need.  Also, there doesn’t appear to be a lot of product (0.09g) so I suspect that I will use this up surprisingly quickly, even within the context of my ridiculous brow product collection.

I paid USD5 for this brow pencil from the ColourPop website.  They do international shipping for all orders over USD50 so if there are a few things you want, it is worth grabbing one of these in your own shade for a try.

Have a great day!

ColourPop – Super Shock Shadows: Girly and 8Track

I recently picked up a couple of new Super Shock Shadows from ColourPop and thought I would share them with you here.  They are both satin shades and are so pretty.  I have decided that I really enjoy the satin formula – it is super smooth and easy to work with.



8Track is a dusty, cool-toned gold shade and is very pigmented.  This works very well as a single-shadow look.  I pack the colour on with my finger or a sponge tip applicator then blend it out into the crease with a fluffy, synthetic brush.  I have worn this numerous times throughout December and have loved it.



Girly is a cream shade with a pink and gold sheen to it.  I love this colour.  It is extremely brightening and very pretty and feminine.  This is great for a very simple and minimal makeup look on its own, or partnered with other colours as a lid shade.  I also adore this as a beautiful inner-corner highlight.

If you haven’t tried the Super Shock Shadows I really do recommend them.  I love them for a quick makeup look as you don’t even need a brush to apply them and they last all day!  Before you buy a hundred shades (don’t laugh – they are so beautiful it would be easy to do), remember that these are a bouncy, cream formula so they will dry out in time and therefore have a much shorter shelf life than a powdered shadow.  Also, if you don’t like to use your finger to apply these, then a sponge tip applicator is going to be your friend!

Have a wonderful day!!

ColourPop: Creme Gel Liners

Happy 2017!!  I am going to kick off this year by reviewing a series of products that I have been loving throughout the holiday season.

When ColourPop started offering free international shipping with orders over USD50 I couldn’t help but place an order.  I hadn’t tried any of their creme gel pencils so I was excited to throw some in my cart.  I picked four colours, all metallic, and I am totally in love.


Top to bottom: Over Board, Get Paid, Dirty Talk, Show Me

I can honestly say that these are my favourite eyeliners at the moment.  They are really smooth, super pigmented, apply without needing much pressure and are soft on the eyes.


I love that the pencil is a twist up and that the colour is clearly shown on the end of each liner.  I also LOVE the metallic colours.  I selected quite neutral colours; as you can probably tell, I prefer brown eyeliner over black for everyday wear, but ColourPop has a huge range of matte shades and some very bright colours too!


Swatches left to right: Overboard, Get Paid, Dirty Talk, Show Me

The metallic nature of the shades I selected make these rich neutrals really shine on the eyes.  These colours do not fade throughout the day and I have worn these on the waterline too and they last really well there as well, which is impressive.

I have obviously used these with eyeshadow, but I think that they are pretty enough that they look beautiful on their own too.  I have used ‘Overboard’ on its own for a very simple cat eye and I thought it was super pretty.  My favourite shade is ‘Get Paid’ as I am so in love with rose gold and this has worked super well with the Zoeva ‘Rose Gold’ palette that I am currently testing out (keep an eye out for a review on that beauty in the coming weeks!)

Overall, I am super impressed with these gel liners from ColourPop and I will certainly be repurchasing these colours in the future, but, I am also excited to try out their matte shades including some of their brighter colours.  I can totally recommend these.  They are beautiful!

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I am excited to continue bringing your new content about cruelty-free and budget-friendly beauty products this year.

Happy new year everyone!!