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I Heart Makeup – Makeup Revolution: Chocolate and Peaches

Mmmmmm chocolate.

Honestly, I just immediately crave chocolate every time I look at these palettes!

But that is not the point of this blog.  Today I am going to review and swatch the Chocolate and Peaches eyeshadow palette from I Heart Makeup – Makeup Revolution.  Straight off the bat lets get the fact that this palette is a dupe for the Too Faced sweet peach palette out of the way.


Sweet Peach Palette – Image credit – Too Faced Website

I don’t own the Sweet Peach palette to do comparative swatches for you but if you search on Youtube you can find PLENTY of comparisons.  One major difference between the two palettes is that Chocolate and Peaches has two less shades than the original; a brown shimmer and purple shimmer are absent.


Chocolate and Peaches Palette

The packaging on this is a sturdy plastic with a huge, quality mirror and a sponge applicator.  The outside melting chocolate is super cute and I find myself purchasing these chocolate palettes like a child collecting Pokemon cards… I just want to collect them all!

The quality of the shadows is really lovely and in line with the quality of all the chocolate palettes that come before it.



swatches of left side of palette: delicious, fruit, sweet, candy, rich, lush, fine and lucious

When you look at the left side of the palette on its own you can see that this really is a warm, neutrals palette at its core.  The brighter, peach shades distract from the fact that there are a lot of warm browns going on here.  The weakest shade on this side of the palette is sweet which is a bit flakey and lacks in pigmentation.



swatches of right side of the palette: soft, chic, delight, peach, taste, nice, keen and satisfy

The right side of the palette is more of a mixed bag when it comes to shades – more cool tones and a bit more smokey.  I was hoping that Choc would be a bit more green toned but actually it is more of a taupe colour and you do need to build this one on the eye.  Peach also needs to be built up if you want it to pop on the eyelid.  I use it with a peachy cream base from ColourPop called Shark Attack and it works really well.  Nice is a black matte with maroon micro-glitter and to be honest, it is the only shadow in the palette that I haven’t used on my eyes – I just don’t really dig this kind of glitter shade, but everything else in the palette is very wearable.

Overall, I think this is a nice palette.  It has a good range of crease/transition matte shades and a lovely selection of shimmery lid shades.  It has a couple of peachy shades which are novel and nice for spring, but mainly this is a warm, neutral palette and I have enjoyed it for everyday wear.  I wear these with a primer to help longevity and prevent, the shimmer shades from fading and becoming muddy through the day.  Saying that, I find the quality of these to be very good.

If you are looking to try this one for yourself, you can find it on TAM beauty for around AU$13.  A word of warning though.  These chocolate palettes are a bit addictive.  If you want to see my reviews of the other chocolate palettes from this range you can find them under the ‘chocolate palettes’ tab in my categories section on the right 🙂

Have a great day!



Makeup Revolution – I Heart Makeup: Chocolate Vice Palette

I would like to claim that the beautiful colours of the eyeshadows was what attracted me to the Chocolate Vice palette….That I had panned all my other eyeshadows and that it was time to try something new in my minimalist collection (ha!)…That it was a special occasion and I purchased this new palette as a treat…

BUT, the reality is that I purchased this palette because I have all the other chocolate palettes from I Heart Makeup and, like a child, I wanted to have the whole collection.



Chocolate Vice: Shades pictured in natural light.

And perhaps because I do own all the other palettes from this range and because I have a large collection of makeup in general, my expectations were high.  The Chocolate Vice needed to be something special if it was going to impress.

Like all the other chocolate palettes from Makeup Revolution – I Heart Makeup, the packaging of the Chocolate Vice is a melting chocolate bar – this time in black.  It comes with a big mirror and is very sturdy.  The eyeshadows do smell sweet but not a pure chocolate smell and nothing overpowering.

The colours are a lovely mix of golds, browns, earthy reds and peachy tones.  I think the colour selection works extremely well together and has been curated with a good selection of light, mid-toned and darker shades as well as providing a mix of mattes, shimmers and satin shadows.


Chocolate Vice: Left side of palette


Left side of palette – first four shades: Vice, Sway, Treat, Habit


Left side of palette – last four shades: Persuade, Reason, Must, Maleficence

On the left side of the palette the shade Vice is a little patchy and needs some building to create a smooth blend of colour on the lid but it is a very pretty shade and I use it most as an inner-corner highlight.


Chocolate Vice: Right side of palette


Right side of palette – first four shades: Satisfy, Require, Convert.


Right side of palette – last four shades: Crave, Lust, Fancy and Appeal.

On the right side of the palette the shades Satisfy and Require are very pretty but the texture is a bit powdery and lacks pigmentation.  Again, these need to be built up on the lid, but they do look beautiful once applied.  I find a little fixing spray does the trick.

The other shades are really lovely and have the smooth and highly pigmented formula that I have come to love in all my Chocolate Palettes.  I must say I particularly enjoy this range of colours and have gotten a lot of use out of this palette through Autumn and Winter this year.  I think the midnight blue shade called Lust is a great addition to this palette and works so well with the dark reds for a daring smokey eye, providing a very different look to the browns and golds.

Now, if you were wondering whether these peaches and reds are similar to the colours offered in the New-trals Vs Neutrals palette from Makeup Revolution, then the answer is YES.  A number of the peachy/red shades are almost identical across the two palettes and any differences are slight at best.  I would say that if you are attracted to the Chocolate Vice palette for the peaches and reds, but you already own the New-trals Vs Neutrals, then you don’t need both, but, if you are looking at what each palette has to offer overall, they are very different.  I own both and I enjoy both in their own right.

I am very happy with the Chocolate Vice palette.  It is excellent quality at a budget-friendly price.  This palette has collated everything that I love for the Autumn and Winter into one place!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Makeup Revolution – I Heart Makeup: Chocolate Salted Caramel

Oh man.  I can’t even tell you how long I have been waiting for the release of this palette.  I have been drooling over the Two Faced – Semi Sweet palette for so long, but I knew that Makeup Revolution would eventually come through with a fantastic dupe.  And so they have 🙂


Makeup Revolution – I Heart Makeup: Chocolate Salted Caramel Palette

The shadows are the same great quality seen in the chocolate palettes which came before this one.  Easy to blend, pigmented and beautiful on the eye.  There is a nice balance of shimmers, mattes and glitter shades.  Plus, this palette has a sweet, caramel scent which is a bit yummy.


Makeup Revolution – I Heart Makeup: Chocolate Salted Caramel Palette

I really enjoy this palette.  The colours are predominantly mid-tones and warm.  Right up my alley!


First Row Swatches (left to right): Delicious, Tempt, Heavenly, Drizzle and Enjoy

The first row is nearly all matte in formula.  Delicious is a perfect matte brow highlight and Heavenly is an excellent transition shade in the crease.    Although it hasn’t shown up well in this photo, Enjoy, is a glitter shade with a dark brown satin base and gold micro glitters.


Second Row Swatches (left to right): Choc, Cake, Perfect, Crunch, Sweet and Fudge

The second row starts with Choc which is a matte chocolate brown with gold, micro glitters.  Then we have Cake which has the weakest pigmentation in the palette.  The formula is very unusual.  It provides a pink flash rather than actual pink colouration.  Perhaps it could be tapped like glitter over other shades (it is too think and damp to blend out with a brush), but to be honest, I never use this one.  Meanwhile Crunch and Sweet are my favourite colours in the palette – so beautiful together!


Third Row Swatches (left to right): Salted, Candy, Caramel, Spoon and Yum!

Finally we have the third row.  Lets just all take a moment to appreciate these beautiful colours.  I reach for this row constantly and just adore the way that these shades go together.

I can’t say enough good things about this palette.  I love it and can’t recommend it enough.  If you want to check it out for yourself you can pick it up from the Makeup Revolution website for about AU$16.

Have a fantastic day!

Makeup Revolution – I Heart Makeup: Naked Chocolate Palette

Chocolate Week Time!!!  And I am sad to say that this is the final instalment, but I am finishing with my favourite.

I Heart Makeup: Naked Chocolate Palette

I Heart Makeup: Naked Chocolate Palette

I am excited to present the I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate palette.  Out of the three chocolate bar palettes currently on offer I really do love this one the most.  While the I Heart Chocolate palette is more of an all rounder, and the Death by Chocolate palette is a cooler toned, taupe affair, the Naked Chocolate palette is warmer toned and rich with rosey, chocolate shades.  I saw a youtube video that compared some of the shades on offer in this palette to the Lorac Unzipped palette.  I don’t own the Lorac Unzipped palette to compare it for myself but the comparison swatches I saw indicate that this is actually a good dupe.

Naked Chocolate - shadow names

Naked Chocolate – shadow names

Six of the shadows in this palette are matte and the remaining ten are a mix of shimmer and satin (again, no glitter shades here).  I find the mix of lighter, mid and dark tones to be well balanced and therefore quite dynamic for use across all purposes.  If I’m not sure what to do for work…this is the palette I reach for.  I went to a gallery opening last week and wanted a really elegant eye look… and this was the palette I reached for.  I just love these shades.

Left of palette shadows

Left of palette shadows

Left of Palette swatches - top to bottom, left to right.

Left of Palette swatches – top to bottom, left to right.

Like the other chocolate palettes in this range, the quality of the shadows is really good.  I tap into the shadows gently because they are soft and buttery and are so easy to build.  I find the mattes work really well and everything blends nicely without getting muddy on the eye.  I use these with a primer and they last really well.  The light was very bright when I took my swatch photos so I feel like the colours are a little washed out in the pictures so you will have to trust me when I say the pigmentation really is lovely.

Right of palette shadows

Right of palette shadows

Right of Palette swatches: left to right, top to bottom.

Right of Palette swatches: left to right, top to bottom.

The shimmery highlighter shade on the right of the palette (swatch 8 above) is a very bright gold.  I tend to not use this in the inner corner but I think it is beautiful all over the lid because it is metallic and beautiful.

I am a lover of all things rose gold and there are so many lovely rosey shades in this palette.  I definitely recommend this palette and if you are only going to buy one of the chocolate palettes, this would be my recommendation.  Also, if you are keen on the Lorac Unzipped palette but don’t want to pay Lorac prices it might be worth giving the Naked Chocolate palette a go!

So that brings my ‘Chocolate Week’ series to a close.  Makeup Revolution have just released two new palettes into their chocolate palette range: I Heart Chocolate Pink Fizz and I Heart Chocolate Salted Caramel (which at a quick glance looks like a dupe for the Two Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette).  These both look amazing and have gone immediately onto my wish list!

So gorgeous people – love makeup, eat chocolate and have a fantastic day!

Makeup Revolution – I Heart Makeup: Death by Chocolate

Welcome back to Chocolate Week 🙂

(I am tragically excited by this little series – please forgive me!)

Death by Chocolate Palette - the dark chocolate version

Death by Chocolate Palette – the dark chocolate version

Today I am going to review the I Heart Makeup Death by Chocolate palette.  And before I move onto the review, lets all just take a moment to reflect on the name of this palette.  Death by chocolate?  I can certainly think of worse ways to go!

Death by Chocolate Palette

Death by Chocolate Palette

I do not believe that this palette is a dupe for anything else, (if it is, please tell me in the comments!), but as it is, this is a truly beautiful offering of eyeshadows.  Death by Chocolate is a much more cool toned selection of colours.  While there are still some chocolatey browns, there are also some really stunning taupe colours and a couple of shades with a distinct mauve undertone.

Left of Palette shadows

Left of Palette shadows

Left of Palette swatches: top to bottom, left to right.

Left of Palette swatches: top to bottom, left to right.

This palette has a really nice mix of mattes, shimmers and satin shadows – but no glitter shadows.  This is a definite plus for me, but that is only my personal taste.

Right of Palette shadows

Right of Palette shadows

Right of Palette swatches: top to bottom, left to right.

Right of Palette swatches: top to bottom, left to right.

At first glance this palette seems like more of a night time palette and you can totally rock a smokey eye from the colours here, but I actually gravitate to this palette for work and I have no trouble getting a lighter, softer look from this palette for the everyday wear.

I love the Death by Chocolate palette.  These colours are really beautiful and such great quality.  I find the pigmentation of these to be really impressive and for me they wear really well, without creasing, throughout a full day in the Australian heat.  I don’t find they fade.  I do wear these with eye primer – but I always wear eye primer regardless!

Of the three chocolate palettes I would say this would rate as my second favourite, but to be fair, all three of these palettes are excellent.  It isn’t an issue of quality difference as much as it is personal preference in regards to colours.  I can’t recommend these enough.  If you buy nothing else from Makeup Revolution, try these chocolate palettes 🙂

Love makeup, eat chocolate and have a fantastic day!

Makeup Revolution – I Heart Makeup: I Heart Chocolate

Chocolate Week time!!!!!!

So there are a number of things in life that I adore.  One of them is chocolate.  One of them is makeup.  When those two powers combine….. oh my goodness!

Makeup Revolution’s has a I Heart Makeup range that includes all kinds of chocolate themed products and this week we are going to explore these together.  In total I have four chocolate themed makeup products to share with you, so get excited 🙂

I Heart Makeup - Chocolate Palettes

I Heart Makeup – Chocolate Palettes

We are going to start ‘chocolate week’ with one of the MUR cult favourite chocolate palettes.  There are three chocolate palettes in the range: milk chocolate (I Heart Chocolate), dark chocolate (Death By Chocolate) and white chocolate (Naked Chocolate).  The packaging is completely divine in its melting chocolate form.  I actually have these on display in my girl cave.  So frickin’ cute.  I do think that these palettes smell sweet but they don’t have a strong chocolate smell.

Today I am going to spotlight the I Heart Chocolate palette in its milk chocolate case.

I Heart Chocolate Palette

I Heart Chocolate Palette

The palette comes with a clear slip that lists all the shade names which I think is a nice touch, but I would prefer that these were actually written on the palette itself.  The shade names are well cute.  There is also a really great mirror.

I Heart Chocolate Palette - shadow names

I Heart Chocolate Palette – shadow names

This palette is a dupe for the Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette.  I don’t own the Two Faced palette to do a direct comparison for you but there are some excellent blog posts and youtube videos that show comparison swatches.

Left of Palette shadows

Left of Palette shadows

Left of Palette swatches - top to bottom, left to right.

Left of Palette swatches – top to bottom, left to right.

I think the quality of these shadows is excellent.  This palette has a nice mix of matte, shimmer, glitter and satin shades as well as a really good balance of neutrals and pops of colour.  There are two mattes that work well in the crease and I really appreciate having a matte and shimmer highlight shade; although they didn’t show up well in my swatches, both of the highlight shades work really well on the eye and inner corner.

Right of Palette shadows

Right of Palette shadows

Right of Palette swatches - top to bottom, left to right.

Right of Palette swatches – top to bottom, left to right.

The purple shade called unforgivable (swatch 5) actually has a pink duo chrome and is extremely pretty on the eye.  There are three glitter shades piece me together which is a dark olive shade (left of palette, swatch 2) which has gold glitters; love torn which is a maroon shade with gold glitter (right of palette, swatch 2) and then what a way to go  which is a deep plum with pink/purple micro glitters (right of palette, swatch 7).  I’m not really about glitter shades, but these shades certainly are beautiful and the glitter does transfer well to the eye, if that is your thing.

I think this palette is a great all-rounder.  You can wear it for an everyday work look or a dramatic, smokey night look.  If you have ever been tempted by the Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette but don’t want to spend the AU$70 it will cost you then the I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate palette is a great option at just AU$17.  Even if this was the only thing you purchased from the MUR website and therefore you paid the full international shipping for this one item (about AU$16) this palette is still half the price of the original.  Bargain!

Please join me for the rest of my I Heart Makeup ‘chocolate week’ celebration.  If you haven’t already subscribed to my blog hit the ‘follow’ button on the right of the page to get updates of new posts via email.

Love makeup, eat chocolate and have a great day!!