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In search of ‘Peach’ tones: shopping my stash!

The Two Faced Sweet Peach Palette is massively popular at the moment but it has been oddly difficult to purchase.  Why so illusive Too Faced??  And of course because everything happens more slowly in Australia, I don’t even think it has been released here yet!  Although I love the look of the Sweet Peach Palette at around AU$78 it isn’t a palette I intend to purchase, so I decided to shop my own stash for makeup products that are cruelty-free, budget-friendly and all within the oh-so-popular peach colour family.

If I have a full review for any of these products I will link it for you 🙂

First up we have blusher.  I love peachy toned blush.  I think it is so fresh and bright and feels like summer to me, which is convenient as I live in North Queensland where it is pretty much summer all year round.  I have four individual blushes here.  The Shades include MUR’s Treat, MUA’s Shade 1 and 4, as well as Freedom Makeup London’s Angelic.  I also have an Ultra Blush Palette from Makeup Revolution called Hot Spice.


Makeup Revolution’s Treat, MUA’s Shade 4, Freedom’s Angelic, MUA’s Shade 1.


Swatches: Treat, Shade 4, Angelic and Shade 1.


Makeup Revolution – Ultra Blush Palette in Hot Spice.

Next up are some peach highlighter shades.  I have two of MUR’s Blushing Hearts from their I Heart Makeup range.  These are sold as blushes but I think they are more of a blush topper or highlighter really.  I have them in Peachy Pink Kisses and Iced Hearts.  Then we have the Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights.  I love this highlighter!


Blushing Heart in Peachy Pink Kisses, Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights, Blushing Heart in Iced Hearts.


Swatches: Peachy Pink Kisses, Peach Lights, Iced Hearts

Peachy lips anyone?  I found a few lovely shades from the peach family in my collection in a range of satin, matte and gloss formulas.  We have ColourPop lippie stix in Fancy and Cake, Wet n Wild’s Just PeachyFreedom’s Juicy Lips and Game on! and Makeup Revolution’s I Heart Makeup, Wow! Gloss in Sunshine today please.


ColourPop Fancy and Cake, Wet n Wild Just Peachy, Freedom Makeup Juicy Lips and Game on!, MUR – I Heart MakeupWow Gloss in Sunshine Today Please.


Swatches: Fancy, Cake, Just Peachy, Juicy Lips, Game On!, Sunshine Today Please.

Next up we get to my favourite part…the eyeshadows.  I have a few palettes to share that include some lovely shades from the peach colour family, including the New-trals vs Neutrals palette from Makeup Revolution, E.L.F’s Prism Palette in Sunset and then the Sunkissed Glamorous Eyeshadow palette from Chi Chi.


Makeup Revolution’s New-trals vs Neutrals


E.L.F’s Prism Palette in Sunset


Chi Chi’s Sunkissed

And last but not last, I have three beautiful peachy single shadows to share with you from ColourPop.  We have Shark Attack which is a pearlized formula and one of my all time favourite ColourPop shadows.  Next is Flipper which is a metallic formula and finally Cheeky which is a satin formula.


ColourPop’s super shock shadows in Shark Attack, Flipper and Cheeky.


Swatches: Shark Attack, Flipper and Cheeky.

So if you are anything like me, and you are lusting after peach tones but you can’t access (or just can’t afford!) the Sweet Peach Palette from Two Faced, then hopefully some of the budget-friendly options that I have shown here might meet your cravings for peachy goodness.

Have a great day peach goddesses 🙂

Makeup Revolution: Ultra Blush Palette – All About Cream

I received this cream blush palette from Makeup Revolution for free as part of one of their special deals where you spend a certain amount and receive some bonus products.  I am not really a cream face product girl but I was excited to give these a try.


Makeup Revolution: Ultra Professional Blush Palette – all about cream.

The packing of this palette is MUR’s standard black shiny plastic with a huge mirror.  The pans are round and easy to access with a blush brush without mixing the colours unintentionally, which I enjoy, particularly with creams.


All About Cream: top row.


Top row swatches.


The top row of this palette offers a red rose, bright pink, peach and rose pink.  The texture of these blushes is creamy to the touch and almost a little greasy to feel.  These swatches involved swirling my finger twice around the pan and then swatching once on my arm – they are pigmented, that is for sure!


All About Cream: bottom row.


Bottom row swatches

The bottom row offers a dark nude, more pinks and a coral blush.  As you can see from the swatches there are a few similar colours in the palette which would be a criticism in my opinion.

I apply these cream blushes with a small stipple brush and I find, although they apply very boldly initially, they do blend out well.  I was worried from the greasy feel that these blushes would break down the foundation and/or make my skin look more greasy but I have not found that to be the case which has been a pleasant surprise.  I would say that cream face products do give you more glow but it wasn’t a greasy look by any means.  These do last quite well on the skin but they aren’t the longest lasting blushes in my collection.  I work in schools and find that these do last a work day for me so that is great.

Overall, I have been pleasantly surprised by the formula of these blushes but I wish that there was more diversity in the colours offered in this palette.  If you enjoy a cream blush or are interested in experimenting with them for the first time, I would definitely say that this palette is worth a try 🙂

Have a fantastic day!

Freedom Makeup London: Professional Pro Blushes

I purchased these Professional Pro Blushes from Freedom Makeup when I made my first order from them months ago.  There are six colours currently in the range and the colours are beautiful.    I have been using these for a while now and think they are really excellent.  I find the powders to be very soft to the touch as they are quite finely milled.  Because they are so soft they do kick up a bit of powder if you don’t tap your brush in gently, but they are wonderfully pigmented and they blend nicely on my skin.  I also find that they last really well throughout the day.

So, lets have a closer look.


Freedom blushes (from left to right): Banish, Angelic and True Love.


Swatches: Banish, Angelic and True Love

Banish is a soft, pink blush in a matte formula.  This is probably the least pigmented blush out of the range, making it a little more ‘fool proof’ and the colour is perfect for everyday wear.  I find this one neutral enough for any makeup look.

Angelic is a peach coloured blush with golden micro-shimmers.  As you can see from the swatch it doesn’t come off as ‘glittery’ on the skin but it does have a lovely glow.

Next is True Love which is a deeper, rose coloured blush in a matte finish.  This is a lovely autumnal blush that is very flattering on the cheeks.


Freedom blushes (from left to right): Lethal Weapon, Rare and Beyond.


Swatches: Lethal Weapon, Rare and Beyond.

The next three blushes are much more bold in colour, but still very wearable.

First up is Lethal Weapon which is a bright, blue-toned pink colour in a satin finish.  I feel like this blush has almost a silvery glow to it which is very pretty.

Rare is a gorgeous coral coloured blush with golden micro-shimmers.  This is one of my favourite colours of the six.  I have very much enjoyed this colour for summer this year.

Finally, we have the blush called Beyond.  This blush is very shimmery and gives a very bright glow to the cheeks.  I would describe it as a coral base packed with golden shimmer.  This is a nice blush for days when you are in a rush because it has so much glow to it that you really don’t need to add highlighter.  Again, I think this is a great blush for summer when I am a little more tanned.  (To be honest I don’t really tan… I just burn and freckle – but a girl can dream).

I really enjoy these blushes from Freedom.  I think the range of colours is excellent and these apply very nicely, plus, the price point, at just GBP1 – about Au$2, is hard to refuse!  And of course, these are cruelty-free 🙂  If you want to have a look at these for yourself, you can find these blushes online here.

Have a wonderful day!

E.L.F pressed mineral blush & bronzer

E.L.F. Pressed Mineral Blush & Bronzer

E.L.F pressed mineral blush & bronzer

E.L.F pressed mineral blush & bronzer

I really do LOVE the E.L.F pressed mineral blushes and bronzer (highlighter) that I own.  These are quite expensive for E.L.F. (I paid about AU$5 each) but they are very much worth the money.  While the powders feel quite high-end, the packaging is super light plastic.  These powders are extremely soft, to the point where you need to be very gentle when you tap your brush into these otherwise they will kick up a lot of powder and you will end up with so much product on your brush.  These are also very pigmented so you really do only need a small amount of powder to get a great flush of colour on your cheek.

There are four blushes in this range and I own three.  There are also four bronzers in this range, but I only have the lightest shade which is almost more of a highlighter, but regardless of how you use it, it is beautiful.

From left to right: Wanderlust, Jet Setter, Sweet Retreat and Baked Peach.

From left to right: Wanderlust, Jet Setter, Sweet Retreat and Baked Peach.

While I would describe these blushes as matte, I feel like they have a glow about them on the skin (perhaps it is in my imagination?)  Wanderlust is a plum shade and it is the darkest blush in the range.  I wore this a lot in the winter months (ha – winter does NOT exist in North Queensland, but lets all just pretend that it gets cold enough to warrant winter seasonal colours).  Next is Jet Setter and this is a really beautiful rose-toned blush.  This is perfect for everyday wear and is just so pretty on fair skin.  Finally we have Sweet Retreat and this is a very soft, neutral pink.  Again, this is lovely for everyday wear and this is the one I have been reaching for as the weather is starting to warm up and I’m wanting lighter colours on my face.  The last colour in the range which I don’t own is called Cabo Cabana and it is a warm, coral shade.  It is beautiful but it is not a shade that I can access easily from Australia which is a bummer.

Baked Peach, Sweet Retreat, Jet Setter, Wanderlust

Baked Peach, Sweet Retreat, Jet Setter, Wanderlust

Swatches: Wanderlust, Jet Setter, Sweet Retreat, Baked Peach

Swatches: Wanderlust, Jet Setter, Sweet Retreat, Baked Peach

The other pressed mineral product that I have here is Baked Peach.  I think the name of this product is so lush… baked peach.  It just sounds delicious.  This is marketed as a bronzer and if you are super pale perhaps this would work to gently warm up your completion but it is too light for that purpose on my skin.  I didn’t buy it to bronze though as I had read it makes a lovely highlighter.  Baked Peach is a champagne colour and you can see from the swatch above it does have some gorgeous shimmer to it without being metallic.  I think it is really natural on the skin.  I love this colour for summer when I am just a little more tanned and lean towards bronzier makeup in general.  It is probably a bit too dark for me to wear as a highlighter…  But I wear it anyway…


This is the most powdery of the four pressed minerals that I own and I suspect that this is due to it containing some shimmer.  I would say as long as you work gently, gently with your brush in the pan, this won’t be a problem.  I haven’t tried the other bronzers in this range but I am interested to try them.  They are all matte and are called Tan Toffee, Beach Bronze and Caramel Cabana.  If you own these bronzers I’d love to hear what you think of them in the comments.

Overall, I think these mineral pressed powders blend really beautifully.  I love how they wear and I think these colours are so stunning.  If I had my time again I think I would choose either Wanderlust or Jet Setter as they are very similar colours but I wear them all so I don’t regret my purchase.  You can’t find these on elf Australia’s website so I purchased mine from iHerb.  Plus, iHerb is typically a cheaper place to buy E.L.F. products so it is worth checking their regardless 🙂

Have a fantastic day beautiful people!

ColourPop Super Shock Cheek: Blush and Highlights

When I made my first ColourPop order a while back I purchased two each of their cruelty-free blushers and highlighters. I don’t really have much in the way of cream face products so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I have been pleasantly surprised by these beauties.

They have the same unique texture of the super shock shadows: silky, damp (but not wet), creamy and spongy.  They go on creamy but dry down almost immediately.  They don’t stay tacky and both highlighters and blushers alike last ALL day.  They swatch beautifully and I adore all the colours that I purchased.

Jelly Fish (pearlized) and Prenup (satin).

Jelly Fish (pearlized) and Prenup (satin).

Blush swatches: Prenup (top) and Jelly Fish.

Blush swatches: Prenup (top) and Jelly Fish.

If we start with the blush colours you can see Jelly Fish is a bright red coral shade.  I love this one.  It is really easy to apply with a brush because it is so pigmented.  I blend a little of this out to get a really beautiful flush.  I think this is the perfect blush for the spring time – it is bright and being a cream type product it won’t sweat off!

Prenup is a much more subtle colour.  ColourPop describe it as a mid-tone plum pink and I think that is pretty accurate.  I find this one a bit more fiddly to apply because it is not as pigmented and it doesn’t pick up on a brush as easily.  I tend to pat this one onto the cheeks with my fingers but even then it gives a very natural and neutral look.

Teasecake (pearlized) and Butterfly Beach (pearlized).

Teasecake (pearlized) and Butterfly Beach (pearlized).

Highlighter swatches: Butterfly Beach (top) and Teasecake.

Highlighter swatches: Butterfly Beach (top) and Teasecake.

The highlights are really pretty.  I feel like these are darker tones in person than they appeared on the website but I still think they work for me, even on my pale skin.  I love both these colours and although they look quite similar in my photographs I think they are much more unique in person.  Teacake is a pale pink which looks almost peachy due to a gold, almost duo chrome, finish.  It is so beautiful and you only need a light hand because these highlighters POP.

Butterfly Beach is a muted rose gold highlighter.  ColourPop describes it as soft peach with gold and silver highlights and I can see where they are coming from.  This one is getting close to being too dark for me but I think that in the summer when I get a little more colour it will be beautiful. I have worn it through the winter though and I just blend it out carefully.  These are both lush.

I really like these super shock cheek products.  I would definitely purchase more of these because they have been surprisingly easy to work with, and in tropical North Queensland, Australia where the humidity is horrendous anything that doesn’t melt-off my face gets 10/10 in my book!  These retail for US$8 which is about AU$11 and I think they are well worth the price.

If you would like to have a look at the ColourPop range for yourself you can find them here.

Have a great day!

Freedom Makeup London: Pro Blush & Highlight Palette – Pinks and Fair Contour.

I received this beautiful, six-pan contour palette from Freedom Makeup London as part of one of their special deals.  I was really impressed when it arrived because it is such a nice, small size palette and  I immediately thought how great it would be for travel.  With four blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter there is plenty of colour selection – plus a nice big mirror in the lid!

Pro Blush and Highlight Palette in Pinks and Fair Contour.

Pro Blush and Highlight Palette in Pinks and Fair Contour.

These blushes are really soft to the touch and very pigmented.  I use these with a very light touch but I have to say they do blend beautifully.  All of these products have a satin finish, which I really do love – no glitter in sight!

Pinks and Fair Contour - swatches.

Pinks and Fair Contour – swatches.

I really like the selection of colours in this palette.  I feel like there is one of every pink you could need here including a mauve, a bright pink and a coral pink across the top row.

Closeup swatches of the top row.

Closeup swatches of the top row.

Then across the second row you have your bronzer/contour colour which is, as the name of this palette suggests, most appropriate for people with a fair complexion.  Then you have a lovely soft rose-toned blush and a pink toned highlighter.

Closeup swatches of the bottom row.

Closeup swatches of the bottom row.

I have worn these blushes to work for the past week and they last really well.  Although a couple of the colours do look very bright in the pan, I have found them to be really wearable colours, even on my pale, freckled skin.

I have looked on the Freedom Website and this palette isn’t available to be purchase just yet, but I did read that it was going to be released into their range soon.  I am excited to see what different palettes may be available when these are released, and I would certainly recommend them!

Have a fantastic day!

Makeup Revolution: The One Blush Stick – Pink

I received ‘The One Blush Stick’ in Pink as part of a free gift from Makeup Revolution a number of months ago.  I had looked at these blush sticks on the website and recognised them as being very similar to a blush stick product by NARS.  I don’t own the NARS version but I was tempted to try the Makeup Revolution dupe as I have nothing that is remotely comparable in my collection.

I really am a cream product novice.

Makeup Revolution - The One Blush Stick: Pink

Makeup Revolution – The One Blush Stick: Pink

There are eight products available in the complete set including four colours available in two finishes: bold and matte.  These retail for GBP5 which is about AU$10.  I only own the one colour – the bold ‘Pink,’ so I can’t speak to the quality of the entire range but I can tell you that I really enjoy this one that I own.

I would describe this as being almost a cream to powder product, although it is not advertised this way.  It goes on very creamy and is very pigmented.  You certainly don’t want to paint it on in a swipe straight from the tube otherwise it will look like children’t SPF zinc!  I pat this on to the cheeks gently and then blend with my fingers or a stippling brush.  It is very buildable so it is better to start slowly and then work up to the desired colour.  Despite looking a bit scary in the tube I think it actually gives quite a natural flush on the cheeks.

Pink swatches: direct from the stick on the left, and a smaller, blended swatch on the right.

Pink swatches: direct from the stick on the left, and a smaller, blended swatch on the right.

I was surprised how easy this is to work with.  At first I was put off by the brightness of the colour and my lack of familiarity with cream blushes, but this One Blush Stick is pretty foolproof and blends really easily.  Initially I felt that I might need to set this cream product with a small amount of a powder blush but now I realise that that step isn’t necessary and because it sets to a powdery finish once it is blended out you don’t end up with a greasy face.  This blush lasts really well throughout the day and even if my foundation is starting to break down this blush stays put.  Living in the tropics I am always looking for products that don’t melt off my face in the awful heat and humidity, so the long wear of this blush is a big plus in my book.

I really like this blush and I look forward to trying other colours from The One Blush range in the future.

Have a fantastic day!