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Makeup Revolution – I Heart Makeup: Black Velvet eyeshadow palette

The Black Velvet eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution’s I Heart Makeup range is said to offer 16 eyeshadows inspired by the fabric ‘black velvet’.  This palette is predominantly a matte palette with 13 shades being matte formula and 3 selected shimmer ‘statement glamour’ shades.


Black Velvet – 16 eyeshadow palette

Like so many of the palettes from the I Heart Makeup range, the packaging of this palette is quite unique.  I wouldn’t say that the aesthetic is exactly to my taste but the black jewel and velvet front are certainly in line with the palette theme.  The only downside is that the velvet front attracts fuzzy fluff and dust so it isn’t a palette you can really have out on display.


3 rows of eyeshadows.  The matte highlighter and matte black are the largest shades.

I actually really enjoy the fact that so much of this palette is matte.  The quality of the matte shades is lovely and they are really pigmented.  Initially I felt that this was a very smokey palette but actually many of the shades are lovely mid-toned crease shades.  Although there are only three shimmer shades they still offer a nice range; a champagne, a bronze and a gun metal shade.


Row 1: True, Want, Long (shimmer), Feel (shimmer), Black



Row 2: Baby, Please, Sweet, Sin, Tender, Slow


Row 3: Sweet (yes, a name repeat – but it is a different shade as you can see), Bring, Wild, Cry (shimmer), Velvet.

On the whole, this palette offers a lovely selection of matte shades.  You have the option of more rosey, brown or smokey tones as well as warm or cool tones which I love.  The pigmentation is wonderful and they blend really well.  It annoys me a bit that there are two cream shades (True and Tender), and two black shades (Black and Velvet) that are identical – why not put in another colour matte or a couple more shimmer shades instead of these double ups?  Otherwise, I am extremely happy with this purchase.

This palette hasn’t really had much hype to be honest, but I can totally recommend it, particularly if you are a matte eyeshadow wearer.  If you would like to take a look for yourself you can find the Black Velvet palette here.

Have a fabulous day!