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ColourPop Super Shock Sunday: So Quiche, 3 and Mittens

As I am currently having a love affair with ColourPop I have decided to start a Sunday series where I swatch and briefly review ColourPop Super Shock shadows that you can currently purchase individually from their website.  If you are unfamiliar with ColourPop their eyeshadows are a unique formula that feels like a satin, dense but bouncy mousse.  I very much enjoy the texture.  ColourPop are also cruelty-free and each shadow costs US$5.

ColourPop ships directly to Australia and New Zealand from the USA and I have recently heard that Lustre Cosmetics is going to be a ColourPop distributor in the UK as of January 2016, which is exciting for my UK friends!

So welcome to the first instalment of the Super Shock Sunday series!

Today we are going to have an up-close look at the super shock shadows in So Quiche, 3 and Mittens.


ColourPop shadows: So Quiche, 3 and Mittens

I find that these three colours do work quite well together, but what I particularly like about these particular shadows is that they all function extremely well for a single shadow eye look.  Generally I find the ColourPop shadows to be quite dimensional.


Swatch: So Quiche

So Quiche is a soft brown/olive shadow with gold glitters with a pink violet glittery duo chrome.  It is extremely pretty on the eye and works well with other brown shadows as well as softer pink-toned shadows.  So Quiche is in a metallic finish.


Swatch: 3

3 is also a metallic finish and is one of my most reached-for shades.  It is a chocolatey brown colour with multi-coloured glitters.  This one is excellent for a single shadow look when you pack it on the lid and blend it out into the crease.


Swatch: Mittens

Mittens is another shade that I use often.  It is a lush deep, warm brown but it is so dimensional.  ColourPop describe it as having a red violet undertone and I can see where they are coming from.  This one also works really well when packed on the lid and then blended out into the crease for a single shadow look, but mostly I used Mittens to darken up the crease of eye looks.

To finish here are some general points reviewing the super shock shadows:

  • I use a dense, fluffy, synthetic brush when blending out ColourPop shades and that works well for me.  Otherwise I use my fingers to pack on the colour.
  • Sometimes when you are blending out shades that are really glittery you may get some glitter fallout so be aware of that, but if I am packing on the glitter colours with my finger I never get fallout which is great.
  • One last point that has become an issue for me as we move into summer is that these ColourPop shadows set really quickly in the heat so if you are wanting to blend them out I suggest working on one eye at a time to avoid the colour setting before you have finished.
  • The good news is that once they are set, these shadows don’t budge on me AT ALL, even when it is super humid and hot.  (N.B. I don’t have oily lids though).

I don’t foresee future Super Shock Sunday blogs being so wordy but there were a few general points I wanted to review here – I promise upcoming blogs in this series will be much more succinct 🙂

Have a glorious day!!