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E.L.F. Baked Blush

I always find myself drawn to baked products because I think they look so beautiful in the pan.  This obsession was what led me to purchase two baked blushes from E.L.F.  The shades I selected are Peachy Cheeky and Rich Rose and they really are very pretty, marbled powders.


Peachy Cheeky and Rich Rose

These blushes feel quite dry and hard to the touch and you will need to really rub your brush in the pan to pick up the product.  Both blushes have a lovely glow, which is nice but the shades just don’t quite work for me.


Peachy Cheeky

Peachy Cheeky is very light in tone.  In fact, this is more in the basket of being a highlighter, even on my fair skin.  You could certainly use this as a blush topper but I have to be honest, I never reach for it in this capacity.  This is a pretty colour, but it lacks pigmentation.


Rich Rose

Rich Rose is a darker colour, but the pigmentation is such that you can certainly pile it on even if you are fair.  I don’t though, as I feel like the tone of this blush makes my skin look a little bit bruised.

Overall, these are very average sorts of products for me.  They aren’t terrible, but they aren’t anything special either and I have much nicer blushes in my collection so I never reach for these.  I wouldn’t purchase them again, but they are very budget-friendly so if either colour intrigues you, there isn’t much to lose in giving them a go.

If you are looking for a lovely baked blush, I prefer the ones that I have from Makeup Revolution and you can see the review for them here.  The Blushing Hearts, Triple Baked Blushes from I Heart Makeup are also lovely and you can see swatches of them here.

Have a glorious day!

January 2017 Empties

I am always trying new things so it is my goal this year to focus on some select items that have been in my beauty collection for a while and finish them up to move them out.

With that in mind, here are my current empties from the past few months.


E.L.F. Flawless Finish Foundation – Porcelain, E.L.F. Makeup Mist & Set

The Flawless Finish Foundation from E.L.F. is really a very good foundation.  I like the way it applies and it sits really naturally on the face. This lasts quite well for me throughout the workday.  The packaging is a lovely glass bottle with a pump.  My only complaint would be that this oxidises a bit on my skin so I add a little light mixing medium, or use a very fair powder to set this.  I would repurchase this again as I enjoy the formula.

The E.L.F. Makeup Mist & Set is a bit of a ‘meh’ product for me.  It is cooling and refreshing on the face and I enjoyed this more as a primer before makeup rather than a setting spray.  The spraying nozzle itself is a bit wet and doesn’t distribute the product that evenly so I ended up with droplets that were too large.  I didn’t find that this helped my makeup last any longer so I won’t be repurchasing this one.


Kosmea Australia: Moisturising Lotion SPF 30, Tula Naturals: Organic Ultra Nourishing Facial Serum

The Tula Naturals Organic Ultra Nourishing Facial Serum is a blend of 15 oils and extracts including Hemp, Reship and Macadamia oils.  It claims to contain 100% natural ingredients, is cruel-free and vegan.  I enjoyed this product.  The smell was very herbal and this was certainly very rich.  You only needed the smallest amount of this product otherwise it became too oily on the skin but I used to put it on at night before bed and found that it was super moisturising.  I would repurchase this again.


I enjoyed the Kosmea moisturising lotion SPF 30, mainly because I very much appreciate having a facial moisturiser that contains some SPF.  I was moisturising and didn’t irritate my skin but I won’t be repurchasing this product because of the smell.  I believe it is the zinc in the ingredients, but this smelt very strongly to me and I didn’t love the scent.


Essence I Heart Extreme Waterproof Volume Mascara (blue) and Crazy Volume Mascara (pink)

Finally, we have two mascaras from the ‘I Heart Extreme’ range from Essence.  Firstly, the waterproof volume mascara was quite good.  The brush was a bit too large and sparse for my taste but it worked well enough.  This had a tendency to be a bit wet when applied and get everywhere unless you were super careful.

The Crazy Volume version was even more annoying to work with as the brush had very small, plastic bristles and as such, became very easily overloaded with product.  I always had to clean up after application with a cue tip due to this transferring onto my eyelid of under-eye during application.  It certainly was volumizing though!  To be honest, neither of these wowed me so I won’t be repurchasing, but they were fine.

Have a wonderful day!!

Things I Don’t Love: E.L.F Baked Eyeshadow Palettes

Welcome back to my ‘Things I don’t love’ series.  Today I have three baked eyeshadow palettes to discuss from E.L.F.




Swatches of top row


Bottom row

Here is where I have to admit a very amateur mistake.

These baked eyeshadow palettes from E.L.F looked so beautiful online that I purchased three of them from the range on impulse in a single order.  And if the only purpose of these palettes was to sit there and look pretty, they would be great.  In the pan, these look beautiful, BUT, they are supposed to be wearable as eyeshadow… and in that role, these palettes are very disappointing.




Swatches of top row


Bottom row

  • Firstly, they are very hit and miss.  There are a couple of shades in each palette which seem to bee quite smooth and pigmented and are really pretty but these are in the minority.
  • For the most part these shadows are hard, dry and lack pigmentation.  The swatches I have provided here are heavy finger swatches – these are not nearly so pigmented with a brush.
  • These get a hard pan layer really quickly!!

You can see here that the shadows are already getting a hard-pan layer

  • It is difficult to pick up product unless you really scrub your brush into them, at which point they crumble.

Here you can see how the shadows crumble when used

  • You WILL get shadow everywhere when using these.  Shadow in the palette, on your work surface and fallout all over your face, particularly if you use them dry.
  • You can use a fixing spray, water or some other mixing medium to foil these and that does work, but I still find them to be quite patchy.

I picked the most pigmented shade from the California palette for this example.  The top swatch is foiled with fixing spray and the bottom is the same colour swatched dry with a brush.

Overall, I was SO disappointed by these.  The reviews online seem to be quite good and one girl on youtube actually put these in her ‘top products from E.L.F’ video – but I have to be honest, these palettes are not worth the trouble in my opinion.  I have not had a look from these that I have been happy with and they really are just a hot mess to work with.

The most pigmented of the three palettes is Seattle.  Some of the purples in the top row are quite pigmented and very pretty, but the bottom row contains some of the worst shadows I have ever used – very hit and miss!




Swatches of top row


Bottom row

To put it bluntly, these palettes are more trouble than they are worth and I will be decluttering them.

If you are looking for a cruelty-free, budget-friendly baked eyeshadow you can buy great little trios from MUA (see my review here) or quads from Makeup Revolution (see my review here).  Both brands produce creamy, pigmented and totally beautiful baked eyeshadows that work really well dry and look stunning when foiled.

As for these shadows from E.L.F, I really don’t love them.

Makeup Declutter December 2016

I love trying new makeup.  It is the reason that I have more eyeshadow than I could use in my lifetime… a terrible thing to admit, but I just love experimenting with, testing and then reviewing products.  Of course I have my ‘weekly makeup drawer’ that I rotate to ensure that I continue to use all the things that I have, but when you have a collection as big as mine it soon becomes clear when things just don’t cut the mustard because you NEVER REACH FOR THEM.

Here are some products that I am decluttering because they just didn’t work for me.


E.L.F. Clarifying Pressed Powder and E.L.F. cover everything concealer in corrective yellow and fair.

These E.L.F. face products from their essentials range are certainly less than average.  the Clarifying Pressed Powder is not a skin match for me – too dark and too orange.  It is also a bit cakey so it is a pass on all fronts.  The Cover Everything Concealers are greasy, thick and are difficult to blend.  I also found that these stayed kind of tacky on the skin.  Another pass.  These guys are a bit cheap and nasty!


Savvy – Graduating Blush and Bronzer

Although Savvy by DB claims on their packaging that they do not test on animals I have not been able to clarify whether they are owned by a third party that may test or whether they use a third party to test their products… so I can’t confirm their cruelty-free status.  After trying these I am not that tempted to do so anyway.  I thought that these looked like quite multi-use products but they are SO powdery and lack pigmentation.  The texture on all three is dry and flakey and I really don’t enjoy them at all.


Essence – Wave Goddess Highlighter Powder

This highlighter was disappointing.  It is basically a white powder that is quite matte and contains micro glitters.  Sigh.  It looks really odd on the skin and reminded me of children’s makeup.  I used it once and never touched it again.


E.L.F. – Shimmering Facial Whip and Holiday Blush and Bronzer duo

I didn’t mind the shimmering facial whip as a liquid highlighter.  It worked well enough with a stippling brush although it did tend to stay a bit tacky.  My main issues is that the product separated in the tube not long after purchase and wasn’t really useable from that point.

The blush and bronzer duo was part of a holiday kit which included a kabuki brush.  The brush is gone already as it was truely terrible – scratchy and awful.  The duo is an odd one – the blush is powdery and quite patchy and it contains (groan) micro glitter.  The bronzer is satin and is more gold in tone that bronze.  It was a bit too shimmery for my taste.

Other decluttered products include:


Designer Brands – Starry Nights Eyeshadow Quad

The DB Starry Nights quad lacks pigmentation.  I never reach for it as a result.


Essence – Mosaic Compact Powder

Mosaic Compact Powder?  Glitter!!  (see full review here)


E.L.F. Shimmer Powders

The E.L.F. shimmer powders are also glittery and they lack pigmentation altogether.  (see full review here).


E.L.F. Duo Eye Shadow Cream

Oh and the E.L.F. Duo Eyeshadow creams… greasy and bad.  Enough said – but if you want a full review you can find it here.


E.L.F. – pressed powder in porcelaine

The E.L.F. pressed powder was fine but the colour wasn’t a match for me.  (full review here).


Chi Chi – Real Minerals Bronzing Powder and Blush

The Chi Chi Real Minerals products were good quality but they were too shimmery and glittery for my taste.  This came in a set of four with a powdered foundation and translucent finishing powder – both of which I enjoy and have remained in my collection.  For a full review see here.


BYS – eyeshadow palette

Lastly, I am decluttering this BYS eyeshadow palette.  I can’t confirm the cruelty-free status of BYS as I have never researched their brand or products, but it does say on the packaging that they don’t test on animals.  This was a gift many moons ago and I never reach for it as the quality of these shadows is pretty poor – super powdery and no real pigmentation at all.  This is an old product though so I can’t speak for their current eyeshadow formula.

And that is everything that I am decluttering this time around.  I figure there is no use keeping things that I am simply not going to use.  I donated all these products to a local school’s beauty program for their experimentation.  I think it is useful for the kids to see a range of makeup so they can recognise the elements that make for good quality products.  The kids were thrilled and had a ball seeing if they could make these items work for themselves.

Have a wonderful day!

Things I Don’t Love: E.L.F. Shimmer powders

The market for highlighters and shimmer powders has absolutely exploded in recent months and stores are now awash with budget-friendly strobing products that are amazing quality.  In such a newly competitive market the E.L.F. Shimmer powders in Pink and Gold are not really holding up.

Firstly, these really are budget-friendly and it shows in the packaging.  Although the compact is serviceable you get what you pay for here.  There is a small mirror in the brush compartment but it is so small that is isn’t really functional.  These compacts did originally come with a small brush but the bristles were so scratchy that it didn’t really pick up product and was way too small for use on the face.  I immediately threw them away.


E.L.F. Shimmer: Pink

I need to point out that these powders are indeed a ‘shimmer’ rather than a highlighting sheen or strobe.  The base colour lacks pigmentation and the texture is quite powdery, dry and flakey.  If you aren’t gentle this will kick up a LOT of dust.


E.L.F. Shimmer: Gold

The shimmer of these products comes more from micro glitter than a base pigment and on the face I find that they apply in quite a patchy fashion and are difficult to build up.  Because the formula is so dry and flakey you can also expect some fallout – I found I ended up with glitter everywhere it wasn’t wanted.  Lastly, these didn’t last well on my skin.  Within an hour or so they were no longer visible to me.

Overall, even though these are very budget-friendly I don’t consider them worth the small amount you might pay for them.  I believe that these are being moved out of the E.L.F. collection but if you do happen upon these Shimmer powders I would give them a miss.

Have a wonderful day beautiful people!

Things I don’t love: E.L.F. Duo Eye Shadow Creams

Welcome back to another instalment of my ‘Things I Don’t Love’ series where we discuss products that didn’t work for me or I just don’t love.  And this review, unfortunately, is definitely a product that DIDN’T work for me!


Black Licorice


Moche Swirl

The E.L.F. Duo Eye Shadow Creams are probably some of the worst makeup products I have come across.  My expectations of a cream shadow are that the colour sets on the skin, that they do not crease and that they have reasonable pigmentation.  Unfortunately the Duo Eye Shadow Creams failed in each of these criteria in my experience.




Sugar Cookie

The texture of these creams is thin, very greasy and kind of sticky.  This issue is amplified in the warmer months where they seem to melt and get really soft.  The pigmentation is variable depending on the shade, but I don’t find that they ‘stick’ to the eyes very well and the slick formula makes them hard to blend out with any kind of control.  They just slip and slide all over the lids for me!

I purchased these duo shadows with the intention of using them as an eyeshadow base but they caused every eye look to crease for me, regardless of what powdered eyeshadow I attempted to set them with.  And I don’t normally have issues with creasing at all.  Also, in my experience, the colours faded quite quickly over time.  If I haven’t set them with a powdered shadow they just seem to disappear off the eyes within a couple of hours – particularly the lighter shades.


Butter Pecan


Coffee & Cream

These duo’s sell for AU$3 on the Australian ELF website but if I had my time again, I would save the $3.  I really haven’t been able to find a use for these and they will make their way out of my collection in my next declutter.

If you own these cream shadows I hope you had better luck!

Have a great day 🙂


E.L.F. Studio Pressed Powder: Porcelain

I purchased the E.L.F. Studio Pressed Powder from iHerb in the shade porcelain.  The packaging for this product is quite sleek for such a budget-friendly purchase (I paid about AU$4).  It comes with a small puff applicator which I think is quite reasonable for touch-ups and a decent mirror making it a handbag friendly product.


E.L.F. Studio Pressed Powder

The powder itself is very soft to the touch and quite finely milled.  It doesn’t keep me as matte as other powders in my collections and I found that it can look a little cakey if you aren’t sparing in your application.

This is one of those products that is certainly reasonable, but just didn’t work for me due to it being a poor colour match.  The porcelain shade is very yellow-toned and is generally too dark for my skin tone.  If you are a pale princess like me I don’t think you will find a colour match in this particular range.


Studio Pressed Powder: Porcelain

Overall, this is a pretty ‘meh’ kind of a product for me.  Aside from the fact that it isn’t a colour match, the formula neither wowed me nor overly disappointed.  There are certainly other budget-friendly, cruelty-free brands that make powders that I prefer (Australis makes a great one!), and even within the E.L.F. range, I prefer the formula of their Studio Translucent Matifying Powder.  Saying that, if you are looking to try something new the E.L.F. Studio Pressed Powder is cheap enough that you can give it a go without risking any great financial loss if it doesn’t work for you.

Have a great day!


E.L.F: Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadows

The Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadows from E.L.F. were the first cream eyeshadows that I ever tried.  Overall, I would still say that I am more of a powder product person in general, but I do enjoy these eyeshadows.  I own six shades from the range and there are definitely some shades that I prefer over others, but across the range I think the quality of these is very nice.  All of the shades are very shimmery and contain glitter.



Celebration is silver with a blue undertone.  This shade is very brightening on the eye and works well as an inner corner highlight if you want a real POP!



Toast is a bright gold.  It is lovely all over the eyelid with a warm brown in the crease and a generous dose of bronzer on the face.



Gala is one of my favourite shades.  It is a lovely brown almost burgundy shade which is very wearable.  This colour is very pigmented when compared to some of the others and you can really achieve a dramatic look if you want to.



Party is a gun metal shade which has a dark base with silver glitters.  It is dark colour, but is also a bit sheer.  I don’t find that to be a bad thing as I much prefer to build dark colours than have to deal with crazy dark pigmentation that I can’t blend once it is on the eye.  The texture of this shade is very soft compared to the shades I have mentioned above which feel more dense to the touch.  This is very much a dramatic, night time shadow for me as it is seriously glitzy but it is beautiful.



Soiree is my favourite shade from the collection.  It has the same soft texture as Party, which I prefer.  This rose-pink is feminine and beautiful.  I wear this shade the most, mainly because it is wearable enough for work but also because it suits my complexion the best.  If you were to only buy one shade from the range, Soiree is my recommendation.



Lastly, we have Confetti.  This is my least favourite shade of the bunch and that is primarily due to the texture.  You can see in the photo above that it is kind of chunky and feels sort of spongy to the touch.  It does not apply as smoothly as any of the other shades although it is workable.  I find that I get some fallout with this shade as I need to blend and smooth it out more than the other shades, again, due to the texture.

Overall, I think these Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadows are lovely.  These do set on the eyelid, do not crease on me and although I wasn’t wowed by their long-lasting nature, they certainly last long enough to get through a work day or night out.  I apply these with my finger or with a sponge tip applicator and I find them easy to blend with out with a dense, fluffy brush if needed.

To be honest, I wouldn’t repurchase these, but only because I prefer the formula of the ColourPop Super Shock Shadows if I am going to use a cream eyeshadow BUT these are still lovely and I enjoy them very much.

Have a wonderful day!



E.L.F. Mineral Face Primer: Tone Adjusting Green

I have an ongoing issue with rosacea which makes the apples of my cheeks and around the base of the bridge of my nose quite red at different times.  I purchased the E.L.F. Mineral Face Primer in Tone Adjusting Green in the hope that I could hit two birds with one stone: prime my face AND deal with the redness in one foul swoop.

I really like the packaging of this primer.  The outer bottle is a frosted, solid plastic with silver trim, a good pump and a clear lid.  Unfortunately the lid cracked not long after purchase, and I think this is because it didn’t fit tightly on the bottle and I pushed it down too firmly.


Mineral Face Primer: Tone Adjusting Green

The colour of the product itself is a lime green.  Any colour correcting property that this has is minimal but I did notice some difference upon initial application although not a remarkable difference after foundation.

The texture of this primer is quite thick and very silicone-like to the touch.  It feels super smooth when spread out on the skin although it can ball up a bit (see above) if you apply it too thickly.  I like the way that this primer really makes for smooth foundation application because it makes your skin feel so silky.  Saying that, it isn’t the greatest primer in terms of filling pores and lines.  I also don’t think that it really added to the longevity of my foundation (although this is not a claim made by the product).

I quite liked this primer.  I probably wouldn’t buy it again, as there are other cruelty-free, budget-friendly primers that I prefer, but, I did use it up completely so it certainly served its purpose.

Have a fantastic day!

E.L.F: Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick

I purchased these Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks from E.L.F with three key intentions.  1) To use them as an eyeshadow base, 2) to use them for a quick, brush-free eyeshadow look on busy mornings and 3) to use them for travel where I want to avoid packing lots of brushes.  Unfortunately these haven’t worked out quite as well as I had hoped.


Shade names from top to bottom: Rock Out, Forest Nymph, Midnight Rendezvous, French Lace, Like a Boss, Check Me Out, Bali Bound.

Lets talk about the positives of these products first:

  • The wind-up packaging is convenient.
  • The caps stay on the sticks well.
  • The colours are very pigmented when initially applied.
  • The texture is smooth and easy to blend with your finger.
  • Very budget friendly price point.

When I initially swatched these I was really excited.  All the colours I have are shimmery aside from Like a Boss which is a flat, royal blue.  French Lace is the only colour that I own to contain micro glitter.


Swatches – left to right: Bali Bound, Check Me Out, Like a Boss, French Lace, Midnight Rendezvous, Forest Nymph, Rock Out.

Now to the cons:

  • The colours start to fade within a few hours.  I have used them with a primer and as a base set with powder eyeshadow and in all cases these are most certainly not long lasting.
  • They do crease 😦  Eyeshadow creasing isn’t a big issue for me but it is a problem when I wear these on their own.
  • The shades Like a Boss and Check Me Out are a bit patchy upon application and these two colours are the most difficult to blend out for me.
  • Bali Bound is the least pigmented shade in my collection.

Of all these cons though, the most disappointing negative has been that this product doesn’t set.  It stays tacky to the touch.  If you have a tendency to touch your eyes throughout the day you can imagine how this can lead to chaos.  It also helps explain why the colours fade so dramatically and so quickly.  Because these don’t set I think it also contributes to the colours looking quite muddy over time as they merge together.

I can’t really recommend these Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks.  I think the colours as pretty and I really like the concept and convenience of this kind of product but my search continues for a cream, eyeshadow stick that can meet my needs.

Have a wonderful day!