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Blush Tribe: Hasina 2 eyeshadow palette

This palette is straight up a ‘YouTube made me buy it’ product.  I’ve been curious about the brand since I first saw them, so much so they made it on to my ‘New brands to try in 2019’ list.  The Hasina 2 is all cool-toned and provides a selection of purple, green and blue in both matte and shimmer formulas.  And it is certainly beautiful.


Blush Tribe is a UK based indie brand and they are growing quickly.  Their palettes are cruelty free and the company is a one-woman show.  Their palettes all have beautiful packaging art and I appreciate the sturdy cardboard design. There is no mirror included if that matters to you. There are fifteen shadows here with 8 mattes and 7 shimmers.

Before we start the review, let’s start with my thoughts on working with really colourful palettes from my limited experience. Working with bright colours can be challenging because you can’t work with them in exactly the same way you would with colours that blend more naturally into your skin tone. My advice is to place and pack the colour down where you want it first then use a clean brush to blend them out by feathering the edges. If you try to blend out your crease with just a big fluffy brush like you might with a light neutral matte, these colours may be a bit patchy.


In relation to building up mattes for a look, I have most success when I lay colours beside each other rather than layering up OVER each other. Things can get real muddy real quick if you layer bright colours over each other.  Having some knowledge of colour theory helps a lot. For example, I keep the murky green called ‘Manni’ right away from the blues and purples as it will just be a muddy mess – you will lose the integrity of the individual colours completely and it will all start to look like a grey/brown.


Purple swatches: Iris, Mohan, Monique, Destiny, Grainne.

In relation to the formula, these are smooth mattes to the touch but they will kick up a lot in the pan.  These mattes are NOT playing. They are very pigmented and my best advice is go slow.  I recommend really tapping off your brush and doing your eyes first to avoid fall out.  Like I said above, you will need to take your time to blend but I think that is true with lots of colourful matte formulas.


Swatches of blues and black: Anika, Faye, Myna, Ash

The shimmers are very firmly pressed so if you use synthetic brushes like I do, you need to really dig a bit in the pan to pick up the product.  Don’t get me wrong, they are pretty enough and you can use your finger to build more shine or wet your brush (which I ALWAYS do with these).  These aren’t super “metallic” shadows though so don’t expect really high shine finishes without some extra work.


Swatches of greens: Ree, Erin, Maria, Manii, Jade, Shay 

I was so excited by this palette when I saw it online but once I had it in front of me I have found I’m not super inspired by the selection of shades offered here.  I can’t quite put my finger on why that is, but I just think I wanted to see something a bit more interesting particularly in relation to the diversity in finishes and colours.

  •  The purple shimmer colours in particular are too similar and really blend together on the eye.  I would have loved to see a very pale lilac duochrome or an icy lavender colour to mix it up here rather than three very mid-toned shades with only slight tone variation.
  • The same issue applies to the green mattes which can look very similar once on the eye.  A true light lime could have been good or a lighter mustard-toned green perhaps or even a light minty shade – just something more varied.
  • I have also found that some of the matte shades are almost identical in tone to a shimmer shade in the palette so on the eye it all just blends into one.  Some people may love that as you can do a totally monochromatic look but for me I’d rather have each shadow offer something new to the richness of the palette’s colour story rather than having a blue matte that totally matches a blue shimmer.  In my opinion Anika and Myna, Mohan and Grainne and Manni and Shay, are just too similar.

Used Manii blended out with Mahia and then Erin in the crease, Shay on the lid and Ree on the lower lash line. I put Jade in the inner corner and then used a green duochrome highlighter from Revolution Beauty to brighten it up.  The colourful liner on my lower lash is Teaspoon from Colourpop 

Overall, this isn’t my favourite palette. These shades are pigmented and bright and they last well on the eyes and I have loved the looks I’ve created with this palette but when I open it I don’t feel inspired to use it.  Each time I’ve really needed to think about a plan of attack and each time I’ve ended up pulling in something from another palette just to round out the look completely.  I see myself using this as a companion palette as some of the colourful mattes are unique in my collection.


I Put Anika into the crease and outer V and then darkened it up with a little of my bronzer for some contrast. I placed Myna on the outer lid space and Faye on the inner lid and then used a duochrome highlighter from Revolution Beauty in the inner corner.  I then further darkened the outer V with a little of Ash.  The colourful liner on the lower lash line is Prance from Colourpop. 

I know lots of people have loved this palette so if you want other reviews I recommend you check out YouTube and watch it in action.  If these colours speak to you I don’t think you will be disappointed but it’s not one that I’m singing the praises of just because there are too many similar shades for my personal taste and the shimmer formula isn’t my favourite.


I put Iris in the crease and darkened the outer V with Mohan.  Grainne is in the outer lid and Monique on the inner lid.  Again, I used my face highlighter for the inner corner. Then I layered Anika and Myna on the lower lash with Colourpop’s Prance liner on the inner rim.

If you really want to use this palette and end up with a truely spectacular look I think you need to pair it with one of the duo or multichrome Titanium Dusts that Blush Tribe also sells. They are unique, interesting and stunningly beautiful and some pair really nicely with the Hasina 2 colour story.  I have some Titanium Dusts from Blush Tribe that I really do enjoy so watch for that review coming soon.

Have a great day!




Juvia’s Place: Mini Masquerade Palette

The Mini Masquerade palette is one of Juvia’s Place original palettes but is actually a recent purchase for me.  First of all, the palette itself is sturdy cardboard (which is my preference over plastic), no mirror but stunning cover art.  I find the bright yellow internal surround does distort the eyeshadow colours in the pan a bit, but it is, non-the-less, very pretty.


This palette is a nice balance between warm neutrals and some fun pops of colour.  I appreciate the internal layout with the more colourful shades grouped together at the top and the more neutral shades at the bottom.  There are 9 shimmers, 5 mattes and 2 mattes shades infused with glitter.


Initially I wasn’t very inspired by this colour story as the colourful shimmers are all cool toned but the mattes are mainly very warm but once I started to play I found I was able to make some gorgeous looks.


Swatches row 1: Chi, Mali, Dalia and Zola 

The green shade called ‘Mali’ and the burgundy called ‘Calabar’ are a slightly thinner formula than the other shimmer shadows in the palette.  They are a little more sheer but are very buildable.  ‘Chi’ and ‘Makeda’ are super beautiful – so pigmented and impactful on the eye.


Swatches row 2: Makeda, Zobo, Calabar and Bori

The bright pink shade ‘Bori’ and warm brown shade ‘Cairo’ are the matte/glitter formula which is my least favourite formula in ANY brand so I do wish these were just straight mattes.  They feel drier than the other matte shades in the palette but I think this is because of the glitter.  I do use them in the crease but I recommend doing your eyeshadow first if you intend to do this as the glitter will fallout when the shadow is blended with a fluffy brush.  It is easy to swipe away as long as you haven’t done your base yet.  I haven’t attempted to pack either of these on the lid so can’t speak to how the glitter adheres when used that way but on principal I’d use a glitter glue.


Bottom two rows

The more neutral shades in the bottom two rows are very wearable for everyday.  Like all Juvia’s palettes the mattes are buildable and blendable rather than being too pigmented off the bat.


Swatches row 3: Giza, Burkina, Cairo and Ada

I found these neutrals SO user friendly – if you want something more neutral/brown go ‘Burkina, Fulani and Dahia’.  If you want something warmer and more red toned go ‘Zulu, Ada and Casablanca’.  Or if you want berry run some ‘Zobo’ through the crease with one of the brown mattes and then ‘Calabar’ on the lid.  All very pretty looks.


Swatches row 4: Dahia, Zulu, Casablanca and Fulani

Overall, I think this is a versatile and fun palette.  You can do beautiful wearable looks and then really fun colourful looks (which I also rock daily!) and the quality is excellent.  This isn’t my favourite Juvia’s palette just because I prefer the colour story of other palettes in their range better, BUT, if you don’t own anything from their range it is a great place to start.


A very neutral look for everyday using the Mini Masquerade 


Juvia’s Place are cruelty free and really budget friendly.  They often have amazing sales on their website so wait for one if you are interested in making a purchase.

Have a great day!

ColourPop: Jelly Much shadows

This is going to be a mixed review.

When I first tried these Jelly Much eyeshadows from ColourPop I was in love.  The formula is totally unique in my collection.  They are like a stiff mousse – thick, smooth and creamy on the brush and so shiny and beautiful on the eyes.  They were, in fact, the coolest and prettiest things I had tried in a long time.


I own four shades and initially found them super easy to use.  I’d throw a quick matte into my crease and then you just swipe on the Jelly Much with a brush.  You can literally ‘cut the crease’ with these or you can swipe them on and blend out the edge gently and they just look beautiful. I had no issue blending these over powder shadows and on my eyes they neither creased, cracked nor faded.  I will note though that I have a friend with hooded eyes who said they really didn’t work for her eye shape so that is worth considering.  I do work one eye at a time as once these are dry they are totally set and won’t budge.


Once and Floral

Of the four I own the duo chrome blue to purple shade called ‘Hallucinogenius’ is the most sheer but it is still very pretty.  The bronze called ‘short circuit,’ peachy coral called ‘morning light’ and duo chrome burgundy to orange called ‘once and floral’ are really opaque and super reflective.


short circuit (this one is quite new to my collection and look how smooth, opaque and beautiful it applies!)

If I had done a review of these as soon as I purchased them my thoughts would have basically ended here. If you like cream shadows, these are beautiful.  They are fun, unique, wear well, are fuss free and look very impactful without much effort.


these dry out.


And I mean really fast.  I have owned the first two I purchased from the holiday 2018 collection for less than 6 months and the formula has changed so much already.  They are clumpy, drier and stiffer and a bit tricky to pick up on the brush and spread on the eyelid in a thin and consistent way.  Hallucinogenious in particular is hard to work with now and you can see from the swatch that I ended up with a very wide strip of product because I had to work out the lumps.



I have always kept my Jelly Much shadows tightly sealed and stored in a dark drawer so I really don’t think there is an explanation as to why mine are drying out so quickly other than it is a formula that won’t last.  It is such a shame because I do really love the way these perform when you first purchase them.


Morning light

Don’t get me wrong, mine still work and they do look nice but it is clear to me the formula has changed.  As they dry out more I will probably experiment with a mixing liquid like duraline and see if that helps but for now I’m using them as much as I can to enjoy them while they still perform ok on their own.


Initially the formula was very smooth and wetter but you can see here how dry and dense it has become – it was like a stiff mousse and now feels more like putty.

I suppose my take away from all this would be if you want to try these I can certainly say they are beautiful but my advice would be don’t buy too many as they will dry out before you get to use them up.  I think the ColourPop super shock shadow formula lasts MUCH longer in the pot and their metallics can be just as shiny and beautiful so although I love the idea of the jelly much and the fact they initially apply so beautifully with a brush (super shocks work better with your finger), I won’t be purchasing any more.

If you have had the same issue with your Jelly Much shadows drying out and you have a trick for reviving them, please share in the comments.

Have a wonderful day!