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E.L.F: smudge pots – cruisin’ chic & wine not

This is quick, user-friendly makeup at its best!

The E.L.F. smudge pots are not a new product, but they are new to ME this year.  They are really great quality, cream shadows.  I own Cruising’ Chic and Wine Not and both colours work well as a base shadow as well as on their own.  For an easy day look these make excellent single-shadow looks!


I believe they have had a recent facelift in terms of packaging and I very much enjoy the glass pot which I think looks quite high end.  If you have issues with dipping your finger into a product in a pot this does work just fine with a dense shader brush when packing on the lid and blends out well with a synthetic bending brush.  I have also used these with a sponge applicator just to apply to the lid and then I blend them out with my finger.


Cruisin’ Chic is a beautiful taupe shade.  This is such a beautiful shadow on its own but it also works so well as a base under all kinds of neutral shadows.

Wine Not is a deep mauve colour which is also extremely pretty.  This gives a more dramatic look, but it is extremely wearable.  There is something very feminine about this shade.

I love both of these colours.

These cream shadows blend very well, and when they set, they last ALL day, even in very humid weather.  They have a thin but very pigmented formula, they don’t feel oily and they set totally dry.  I just find that these are so user friendly and so fast to apply which I really appreciate.


I can’t recommend these enough to be honest.  If you can get your hands on these smudge pots from E.L.F. definitely give them a go.

Have a fantastic day!

I Heart Makeup – Makeup Revolution: Chocolate and Peaches

Mmmmmm chocolate.

Honestly, I just immediately crave chocolate every time I look at these palettes!

But that is not the point of this blog.  Today I am going to review and swatch the Chocolate and Peaches eyeshadow palette from I Heart Makeup – Makeup Revolution.  Straight off the bat lets get the fact that this palette is a dupe for the Too Faced sweet peach palette out of the way.


Sweet Peach Palette – Image credit – Too Faced Website

I don’t own the Sweet Peach palette to do comparative swatches for you but if you search on Youtube you can find PLENTY of comparisons.  One major difference between the two palettes is that Chocolate and Peaches has two less shades than the original; a brown shimmer and purple shimmer are absent.


Chocolate and Peaches Palette

The packaging on this is a sturdy plastic with a huge, quality mirror and a sponge applicator.  The outside melting chocolate is super cute and I find myself purchasing these chocolate palettes like a child collecting Pokemon cards… I just want to collect them all!

The quality of the shadows is really lovely and in line with the quality of all the chocolate palettes that come before it.



swatches of left side of palette: delicious, fruit, sweet, candy, rich, lush, fine and lucious

When you look at the left side of the palette on its own you can see that this really is a warm, neutrals palette at its core.  The brighter, peach shades distract from the fact that there are a lot of warm browns going on here.  The weakest shade on this side of the palette is sweet which is a bit flakey and lacks in pigmentation.



swatches of right side of the palette: soft, chic, delight, peach, taste, nice, keen and satisfy

The right side of the palette is more of a mixed bag when it comes to shades – more cool tones and a bit more smokey.  I was hoping that Choc would be a bit more green toned but actually it is more of a taupe colour and you do need to build this one on the eye.  Peach also needs to be built up if you want it to pop on the eyelid.  I use it with a peachy cream base from ColourPop called Shark Attack and it works really well.  Nice is a black matte with maroon micro-glitter and to be honest, it is the only shadow in the palette that I haven’t used on my eyes – I just don’t really dig this kind of glitter shade, but everything else in the palette is very wearable.

Overall, I think this is a nice palette.  It has a good range of crease/transition matte shades and a lovely selection of shimmery lid shades.  It has a couple of peachy shades which are novel and nice for spring, but mainly this is a warm, neutral palette and I have enjoyed it for everyday wear.  I wear these with a primer to help longevity and prevent, the shimmer shades from fading and becoming muddy through the day.  Saying that, I find the quality of these to be very good.

If you are looking to try this one for yourself, you can find it on TAM beauty for around AU$13.  A word of warning though.  These chocolate palettes are a bit addictive.  If you want to see my reviews of the other chocolate palettes from this range you can find them under the ‘chocolate palettes’ tab in my categories section on the right 🙂

Have a great day!



Things I don’t love – E.L.F. Studio Blush

These Studio blushes from E.L.F. have been in my collection for a long time and I am only now coming to review them as the truth is, I really don’t reach for these.  It is a shame really, as I had read quite good reviews and seen lots of good things about them on youtube, but I was really unimpressed by this formula, as it is represented in the two shades I have tried: mellow mauve and candid coral.


E.L.F. studio blushes in Mellow Mauve and Candid Coral

Firstly, the texture of these is pretty dry and dusty.  You can see in the pan that as you start to use these powders they become kind of grainy too which isn’t really an issue but it is a bit odd.  These will kick up product when you dip your brush in so be gentle.

Both of these shades are very wearable.  I would say that these colours would only suit fair complected people as they really aren’t that pigmented.  Saying that, as I am fair, I am happy to work with a blush that isn’t too pigmented because then I don’t need to worry about looking like a clown when I slap it on in a rush … they are pretty fool proof.  But even on my fair skin, I find I have to build these up a lot to get much pigmentation.


Candid Coral

I initially thought that these powders were matte but actually they are more of a satin formula.  Candid Coral in particular has quite a pronounced golden/coral glow when you sheer it out on the cheek.  Although I normally love a glowy blush, I don’t find this shade very flattering on me which is odd because I normally love coral colours on myself.


Mellow Mauve

I really wanted to love Mellow Mauve but it just doesn’t show up that well on me.  I had to do a very heavy swatch for this image, but it is much more sheer with a brush.  It also has a bit of a glow, but it is much less pronounced than the Candid Coral shade.

The greatest disappointment though is actually the wear time of these.  I can handle needing to pile on the product as long as it lasts, but I find that these blushes fade VERY quickly on my skin even though I use a primer and fixing spray!  Sometimes I feel like Mellow Mauve has disappeared before I have even left the house for work!

Overall, I just don’t love these individual studio blushes.  They aren’t terrible, but I don’t reach for them.  If you want to try a good blush formula from E.L.F. I can highly recommend the Blush Palette in Light.  I will be decluttering these singles and just using my palette from now on as it really is so much better quality.

Have a wonderful day!




Zoeva: Rose Golden Eyeshadow Palette

I have heard lots of great things about the Zoeva eyeshadow palettes so I decided that it was time to try them for myself.  Zoeva is a cruelty-free brand from Germany and while they aren’t what I would call a budget brand, they are certainly affordable.  I purchased the Rose Golden palette as a first taste of the formula as all the shades looked like they would be very wearable for me.



These shadows come in a sturdy cardboard palette with very pretty rose gold decorations and shade names, but there is no mirror.  There are 10 shadows including 3 mattes and 7 shimmer shades and the formula of all is beautiful: very soft, finely milled and blendable.  They are certainly pigmented but I have been using these with a base like a satin ColourPop Super Shock shadow, or one of the E.L.F. smudge pots and on top of a shimmery base, these Zoeva shadows REALLY pop and they last all day without fading!  Truely beautiful.



Some of the colours in this palette look quite different in tone on the skin than they do in the pan which is surprising.  I love the light matte shade called Luster.  It looks very light in the pan but on the eye, on my pale skin, this is a perfect crease transition shade!



top row: Luster, Reflective Elegance, Copper is King, Shining Bright, Rusty Petals

Shining bright is actually much more pinky toned than this swatch would suggest – it is a very pretty rosey shade.



bottom row: Foil, Just a Rose, Golden Rule, Harmony, Wonder Full

Just a Rose has a pink base and a gold shift which is unique.  I use this with a gold cream-shadow base and that helps the duo-chrome shift really pop on the eye.  Golden Rule almost has a green undertone to it which is interesting too.

Although I very much enjoy this palette, I do have a couple of cons to mention regarding the way it has been curated.

  1. The rose gold shades are all very mid-toned and to be honest, they look very similar on the eye.  For me shades Reflective Elegance and Copper is King of the top row and shades Foil and Just a Rose of the bottom row will give you an extremely similar look.
  2. The mid-toned matte that has been provided in this palette is a cool-toned grey??  I find this confusing as the rest of the palette is very warm so it seems like such an odd choice.  I do use it and it does work, but I would have much preferred a warmer mid-toned brown or marsala shade.

Overall, this is a lovely palette but I think it is helpful to remember that 4 of the shades are very similar.  If I were to alter the curation I would have included a really pale shimmer highlighting colour and a mid-toned brown matte.  But that is just me.

This palette has certainly sparked a love of Zoeva eyeshadow for me and I’m itching to try more from their range.  I paid AU$35 for this palette and you can purchase Zoeva directly from their website here.

Have a glorious day!