theBalm: Mary-Lou Manizer

I feel like writing this blog post may be a bit redundant.  Mary-Lou Manizer from theBalm is a cult classic highlighting powder and everyone probably already knows about it and/or owns it BUT it is new to my collection this year so I figured I would add my 2 cents to the literature on this product.


Firstly, the packaging of this highlighter is quite funky.  The compact itself is nothing special, although it does have a nice sized mirror, but it is the imagery on the lid that is so iconic of theBalm’s style.


theBalm: Mary-Lou Manizer

The powder itself is smooth, soft and finely milled.  The colour is a lovely champagne that pulls a bit gold when applied to my fair skin.  Gold shades of highlighter can be very hit or miss for me with my fair complexion, but this is shade pale-girl friendly.  This is a pigmented product so you only need to tap your brush in lightly.  It is certainly better to build this up slowly rather than getting overzealous and then trying to tone it down.


Mary-Lou Manizer swatched


Aside from the shade, I really enjoy how well this highlighter blends into the skin.  I apply this with a highlighter brush and then buff it in and it is extremely illuminating without sitting on the skin in an unnatural way as some powder products tend to do.

My verdict?  This is definitely worth the hype!

I love highlighters and I have WAY too many in my collection but having now tried Mary-Lou Manizer, I can safely say that if you already have this in your collection, then you  have all the highlighter goodness that you need.

TheBalm is a cruelty-free brand, but in Australia, they aren’t exactly budget-friendly.

Glow on my friends 🙂



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