ColourPop: Brow Pencil – Dope Taupe

I am very lucky to have brows that are naturally well shaped arches that are quite filled in.  The act of ‘doing my brows’ merely involves some light filling in at a couple of points and then setting with a clear brow gell.  As such, I am not sure why it is that I find myself purchasing more and more brow products!  I have so many in my collection already that are perfectly good so I don’t know why I’m tempted to try more, but so far this year I have already purchase two new pencils (including Dope Taupe) and a pomade.

I’m out of control.

Someone call the makeup police!

As the consumer damage has been done, it seems appropriate for me to share my thoughts on this brow product from ColourPop.


Mechanical pencil with a very fine tip

I like this product!  It is a thin, mechanical pencil with a spoolie on one end and a very fine tip.  The product is quite firm, which works for me, as it allows you to build a natural brow without needing to be overly careful, as you might need to be with a creamier pencil.


ColourPop Brow Pencil: Dope Taupe swatch

I have medium brown hair but this taupe shade works well for me for a natural look.  It lasts well throughout the day and doesn’t fade, even in the heat and humidity.

My only qualm with this pencil is that the mechanism for twisting the pencil up only works in the UP direction – you can’t retract the pencil, so you really need to be mindful of only twisting up just what you need.  Also, there doesn’t appear to be a lot of product (0.09g) so I suspect that I will use this up surprisingly quickly, even within the context of my ridiculous brow product collection.

I paid USD5 for this brow pencil from the ColourPop website.  They do international shipping for all orders over USD50 so if there are a few things you want, it is worth grabbing one of these in your own shade for a try.

Have a great day!

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