I Heart Makeup: WOW! Gloss Collection

I know what you are thinking…no one person needs this much gloss.

And you are right, but I purchased these WOW! glosses from I Heart Makeup during a special where they had the whole collection for some extremely low price, and the temptation was too much.  While I would not have ordinarily purchase so much of any single product all in one hit, I have very much enjoyed these glosses and thought I would do a swatch comparison for you today.


Pinks (Top to bottom): Wham!, Pretend to be Psyched, Too Cool for School.

The formula of these is creamy without being sticky and glossy without being glittery or shimmery.


Berries and Brights: No Need to Panic, You Go Girl, Double Wow!, Scarlet.

These swatches are a single swipe with the applicator and as you can see, the colours are pigmented.  As such, you do need to apply the brighter shades with some care, but I find the applicator does allow for quite accurate application.  If you are worried about them slipping, a lip liner certainly helps keep them in place – but I never bother with that.  You could also wear these over a lipstick if you wanted added shine, but I have always used these alone.


Peaches and Corals: Sunshine Today Please, Supersonic, Watch Out World.

I am all about comfortable lip products and these glosses tick that box.  They offer a nice punch of colour while also being quite moisturising on the lips and super comfortable.


Nudes: Naked All Day, I Woke Up Like This.

Like a typical gloss, these WOW! glosses don’t last overly long on the lips so you will need to reapply them quite regularly throughout the day but I find I get 1-2 hours of wear out of these depending on whether I eat or drink.


Also, the packaging of these glosses is great!  They are very ergonomically designed with a thin and rounded profile that fits PERFECTLY in your jeans pocket.  The applicator is a thin duel-sided affair that you can put between your lips and apply both top and bottom at the same time which is very handy when you are out and about.  At a pinch I use the reflective pink lid to check my application when using them on the run.

I really do like these glosses.  You obviously don’t need the whole collection, but there are some beautiful shades here and I am quite sure that everyone can find at least one that would suit their taste.

My favourite shades are Wham!, Sunshine Today Please and Naked All Day.  If you have a favourite WOW! gloss shade, I’d love to hear in the comments.

I you’d like to check these out for yourself they retail for AU$3.25 and you can purchase them from the TAM Beauty website.

Have a glorious day!

2 thoughts on “I Heart Makeup: WOW! Gloss Collection

  1. Lily

    Hi! I wanted to stop by and tell you about this german beauty site where you can find quite a few cruelty free brands, such as essence and Makeup Revolution. They ship worldwide and the cost is about 11€. Its called kosmetik4less.de . Check it out 🙂 btw I looove your blog 💜


    1. megansmakeupmuses Post author

      Thank you so much Lily! I will definitely check this site out. I have been searching for an online Essence retailer so you may have been my saviour here! I so glad you are enjoying my blog ❤️ I’m so sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner – I don’t know how I missed your comment!



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