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Things I Don’t Love – Australis: Powder Cream 3-IN-1

I was tempted by this 3-IN-1 product from Australis because I liked the idea that this could be a good, quick product for days when I am in a real rush and don’t have time for three steps but want that look regardless.  Unfortunately, this product fails on all levels for me and I just don’t love this at all.


Firstly, I purchased this online and the colour is way too dark for me, but it is the lightest shade available in the range.  The cream itself is very thick and I found it kind of hard to blend it out.  It is extremely cakey and catches on every bit of texture on the face.  It sets quite quickly too and I find it hard blend it in before ‘sets’  and dries to a powdery texture so for this reason I don’t think it functions as a foundation (and therefore, neither as a powder).  I have combination skin, but I find this very drying.  Every time I have tried this all over the face my skin has looked terrible!


My next attempt to make this work was to use it just as a concealer, but again, it is just SO cakey and because of the cream to powder formula, it is so hard to blend out smoothly.

I have tried this is few times and it has been such a fail for me that I am already decluttering it.  I really like the idea of this product, but its execution has left me wanting.  While this product hasn’t worked for me, my favourite foundation combination and face powder do come from Australis, so if you would like to read that review you can find it here.

Have a wonderful day!

E.L.F. Baked Blush

I always find myself drawn to baked products because I think they look so beautiful in the pan.  This obsession was what led me to purchase two baked blushes from E.L.F.  The shades I selected are Peachy Cheeky and Rich Rose and they really are very pretty, marbled powders.


Peachy Cheeky and Rich Rose

These blushes feel quite dry and hard to the touch and you will need to really rub your brush in the pan to pick up the product.  Both blushes have a lovely glow, which is nice but the shades just don’t quite work for me.


Peachy Cheeky

Peachy Cheeky is very light in tone.  In fact, this is more in the basket of being a highlighter, even on my fair skin.  You could certainly use this as a blush topper but I have to be honest, I never reach for it in this capacity.  This is a pretty colour, but it lacks pigmentation.


Rich Rose

Rich Rose is a darker colour, but the pigmentation is such that you can certainly pile it on even if you are fair.  I don’t though, as I feel like the tone of this blush makes my skin look a little bit bruised.

Overall, these are very average sorts of products for me.  They aren’t terrible, but they aren’t anything special either and I have much nicer blushes in my collection so I never reach for these.  I wouldn’t purchase them again, but they are very budget-friendly so if either colour intrigues you, there isn’t much to lose in giving them a go.

If you are looking for a lovely baked blush, I prefer the ones that I have from Makeup Revolution and you can see the review for them here.  The Blushing Hearts, Triple Baked Blushes from I Heart Makeup are also lovely and you can see swatches of them here.

Have a glorious day!

January 2017 Empties

I am always trying new things so it is my goal this year to focus on some select items that have been in my beauty collection for a while and finish them up to move them out.

With that in mind, here are my current empties from the past few months.


E.L.F. Flawless Finish Foundation – Porcelain, E.L.F. Makeup Mist & Set

The Flawless Finish Foundation from E.L.F. is really a very good foundation.  I like the way it applies and it sits really naturally on the face. This lasts quite well for me throughout the workday.  The packaging is a lovely glass bottle with a pump.  My only complaint would be that this oxidises a bit on my skin so I add a little light mixing medium, or use a very fair powder to set this.  I would repurchase this again as I enjoy the formula.

The E.L.F. Makeup Mist & Set is a bit of a ‘meh’ product for me.  It is cooling and refreshing on the face and I enjoyed this more as a primer before makeup rather than a setting spray.  The spraying nozzle itself is a bit wet and doesn’t distribute the product that evenly so I ended up with droplets that were too large.  I didn’t find that this helped my makeup last any longer so I won’t be repurchasing this one.


Kosmea Australia: Moisturising Lotion SPF 30, Tula Naturals: Organic Ultra Nourishing Facial Serum

The Tula Naturals Organic Ultra Nourishing Facial Serum is a blend of 15 oils and extracts including Hemp, Reship and Macadamia oils.  It claims to contain 100% natural ingredients, is cruel-free and vegan.  I enjoyed this product.  The smell was very herbal and this was certainly very rich.  You only needed the smallest amount of this product otherwise it became too oily on the skin but I used to put it on at night before bed and found that it was super moisturising.  I would repurchase this again.


I enjoyed the Kosmea moisturising lotion SPF 30, mainly because I very much appreciate having a facial moisturiser that contains some SPF.  I was moisturising and didn’t irritate my skin but I won’t be repurchasing this product because of the smell.  I believe it is the zinc in the ingredients, but this smelt very strongly to me and I didn’t love the scent.


Essence I Heart Extreme Waterproof Volume Mascara (blue) and Crazy Volume Mascara (pink)

Finally, we have two mascaras from the ‘I Heart Extreme’ range from Essence.  Firstly, the waterproof volume mascara was quite good.  The brush was a bit too large and sparse for my taste but it worked well enough.  This had a tendency to be a bit wet when applied and get everywhere unless you were super careful.

The Crazy Volume version was even more annoying to work with as the brush had very small, plastic bristles and as such, became very easily overloaded with product.  I always had to clean up after application with a cue tip due to this transferring onto my eyelid of under-eye during application.  It certainly was volumizing though!  To be honest, neither of these wowed me so I won’t be repurchasing, but they were fine.

Have a wonderful day!!

Things I Don’t Love: E.L.F Baked Eyeshadow Palettes

Welcome back to my ‘Things I don’t love’ series.  Today I have three baked eyeshadow palettes to discuss from E.L.F.




Swatches of top row


Bottom row

Here is where I have to admit a very amateur mistake.

These baked eyeshadow palettes from E.L.F looked so beautiful online that I purchased three of them from the range on impulse in a single order.  And if the only purpose of these palettes was to sit there and look pretty, they would be great.  In the pan, these look beautiful, BUT, they are supposed to be wearable as eyeshadow… and in that role, these palettes are very disappointing.




Swatches of top row


Bottom row

  • Firstly, they are very hit and miss.  There are a couple of shades in each palette which seem to bee quite smooth and pigmented and are really pretty but these are in the minority.
  • For the most part these shadows are hard, dry and lack pigmentation.  The swatches I have provided here are heavy finger swatches – these are not nearly so pigmented with a brush.
  • These get a hard pan layer really quickly!!

You can see here that the shadows are already getting a hard-pan layer

  • It is difficult to pick up product unless you really scrub your brush into them, at which point they crumble.

Here you can see how the shadows crumble when used

  • You WILL get shadow everywhere when using these.  Shadow in the palette, on your work surface and fallout all over your face, particularly if you use them dry.
  • You can use a fixing spray, water or some other mixing medium to foil these and that does work, but I still find them to be quite patchy.

I picked the most pigmented shade from the California palette for this example.  The top swatch is foiled with fixing spray and the bottom is the same colour swatched dry with a brush.

Overall, I was SO disappointed by these.  The reviews online seem to be quite good and one girl on youtube actually put these in her ‘top products from E.L.F’ video – but I have to be honest, these palettes are not worth the trouble in my opinion.  I have not had a look from these that I have been happy with and they really are just a hot mess to work with.

The most pigmented of the three palettes is Seattle.  Some of the purples in the top row are quite pigmented and very pretty, but the bottom row contains some of the worst shadows I have ever used – very hit and miss!




Swatches of top row


Bottom row

To put it bluntly, these palettes are more trouble than they are worth and I will be decluttering them.

If you are looking for a cruelty-free, budget-friendly baked eyeshadow you can buy great little trios from MUA (see my review here) or quads from Makeup Revolution (see my review here).  Both brands produce creamy, pigmented and totally beautiful baked eyeshadows that work really well dry and look stunning when foiled.

As for these shadows from E.L.F, I really don’t love them.