ColourPop: Creme Gel Liners

Happy 2017!!  I am going to kick off this year by reviewing a series of products that I have been loving throughout the holiday season.

When ColourPop started offering free international shipping with orders over USD50 I couldn’t help but place an order.  I hadn’t tried any of their creme gel pencils so I was excited to throw some in my cart.  I picked four colours, all metallic, and I am totally in love.


Top to bottom: Over Board, Get Paid, Dirty Talk, Show Me

I can honestly say that these are my favourite eyeliners at the moment.  They are really smooth, super pigmented, apply without needing much pressure and are soft on the eyes.


I love that the pencil is a twist up and that the colour is clearly shown on the end of each liner.  I also LOVE the metallic colours.  I selected quite neutral colours; as you can probably tell, I prefer brown eyeliner over black for everyday wear, but ColourPop has a huge range of matte shades and some very bright colours too!


Swatches left to right: Overboard, Get Paid, Dirty Talk, Show Me

The metallic nature of the shades I selected make these rich neutrals really shine on the eyes.  These colours do not fade throughout the day and I have worn these on the waterline too and they last really well there as well, which is impressive.

I have obviously used these with eyeshadow, but I think that they are pretty enough that they look beautiful on their own too.  I have used ‘Overboard’ on its own for a very simple cat eye and I thought it was super pretty.  My favourite shade is ‘Get Paid’ as I am so in love with rose gold and this has worked super well with the Zoeva ‘Rose Gold’ palette that I am currently testing out (keep an eye out for a review on that beauty in the coming weeks!)

Overall, I am super impressed with these gel liners from ColourPop and I will certainly be repurchasing these colours in the future, but, I am also excited to try out their matte shades including some of their brighter colours.  I can totally recommend these.  They are beautiful!

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I am excited to continue bringing your new content about cruelty-free and budget-friendly beauty products this year.

Happy new year everyone!!

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