First Impressions: Designer Brands

During a trip to New Zealand last year I got caught out with a bare face on a night where we decided to just run from our day into an evening out with friends.  Wanting to pull myself together just a bit for the restaurant I popped into a chemist to grab a couple of bits for my face and picked up my first DB – Designer Brand, items.

Designer Brands produce cruelty-free and budget-friendly so they were certainly worth a try but I haven’t been that impressed by this little eyeshadow quad.


Designer Brands: Starry Skies Eyeshadow Quad

I quite like the packaging of this quad which is solid clear plastic and it came with two foam applicators (which were handy on the night I used it on the run but otherwise I haven’t touched).


Starry Skies swatches

The colours in the quad are quite pretty – I like to accentuate my blue eyes with touches of blue and thought that these colours could make a nice fresh day look or a smokey look.  The shadows themselves are quite powdery and as you can see from the swatches they lack pigmentation, but these are certainly workable.


Although this quad worked for its purpose at a pinch, the formula of these shadows doesn’t encourage me to try more eyeshadows from the range.  They are quite powdery and kind of blend away if you get too carried away.  I have to be honest that I haven’t really reached for this since returning home from our trip.

If you have any suggested products from the DB range I would be interested to hear as I am all about supporting cruelty-free brands.

Have a great day!

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