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Products that help your makeup last in the heat of summer!

It is hot here.

Like, really hot.

Like, humid and sweaty and relentlessly hot!!

But I like makeup and I want to make it work even in these difficult conditions.  There are two products that I now use routinely to help product stay put in the heat and they both come from Makeup Revolution.


Makeup Revolution: Pro Prime – Aqua Priming Base

My first step for lasting summer makeup is to prime my moisturised skin with the Aqua Priming Base.  This is perfect for during the summer because it is so light that it doesn’t add any extra weight or greasiness to the overall finished makeup but it really does help to keep my makeup in place.  This is now my go to face primer.


Makeup Revolution: Pro Fix – Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray

My final step to help my makeup stay put in the heat is to finish with a good dousing of the Makeup Revolution, Pro Fix – Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray.  Again, this is a light, odourless spray that really helps my makeup to last.  It also helps avoid cakeyness in the final look of powdered face products.

If you need makeup to last, I can certainly recommend both of these products.  They are summer staples in my house!

Have a wonderful day 🙂

My Daily Cruelty-Free Moisturiser Combination

It is heading towards summer and my skin is changing as the weather heats up.  Where I live in Australia the temperatures are high and the humidity is oppressive.  It effects everything that you put on your face and my daily moisturiser routine needs to adapt to avoid a complete oily meltdown!

My current morning moisturiser routine involves three great cruelty-free and budget-friendly products.

I start by treating my clean skin with the Facial Recovery Serum from the Sukin ‘super greens’ range.


Skin: Facial Recovery Serum

This serum includes active ingredients of spirulina, parsley, kale and acai fruit extracts which they claim helps to restore a healthy glow.  I find that this is very calming for my skin and adds lots of moisture without adding oils or feeling greasy.

Next I use the Antioxidant Eye Serum, also from Sukin.


Skin: Antioxidant Eye Serum

This eye serum contains rosehip, evening primrose and borage oils to target fine lines and aloe vera, cucumber and burdock to help reduce puffiness and dehydration.  I really like how this feels on the eyes and it is a lovely pick-me-up to my tired eyes in the morning.  It also doesn’t sting – which is often an issue I have with eye creams.

My final moisturising step in the morning involves the Essano Rosehip Pure Defence SPF15 moisturiser.


Essano: Rosehip Pure Defence SPF15 Moisturiser

I really enjoy this facial moisturiser.  It is nourishing without being greasy or oily.  It has SPF but doesn’t smell like sunscreen and it isn’t too heavy in our hot and humid summer climate.

If you are looking for cruelty-free and budget-friendly  face care you can find all of these products for sale at Priceline in Australia.  Priceline often has these two brands on sale so I would recommend waiting and getting them at a discount if you can.

Have a great day!

Things I Don’t Love – Essence: Mosaic Compact Powder

I purchased this Mosaic Compact Powder from Essence on an impulse one day at my local chemist.  I was waiting for a script and saw this on their stand.  They didn’t have a tester out but it seemed like a pretty, light bronzing powder (not too orange) and it was very affordable so I just grabbed it.  Now, I love Essence products typically, so I had high hopes but this Mosaic Compact Powder has one fatal flaw in my books:  Glitter.


Can you see those sparkles?  That is silver micro-glitter my friends.

The overall texture is quite soft but the glitter makes it grainy to the touch.  I did enjoy the tone of this powder – colour wise it could have worked well as a very natural bronzer for my pale skin.  I found the formula to be a bit dry and dusty so if you blend too much the pigment seemed to disappear – but not that glitter!  I just can’t deal with the silver micro-glitter.


Essence: Mosaic Compact Powder

As you can see from the images above the glitter isn’t that obvious when you first look at this product, but trust me, the first time I wore it the sparkles caught my eye all day.

To try and get some use out of this I did take it with me on a trip to Bali and used it as a body bronzer.  It worked ok for that in the context of a resort holiday, where wearing glitter near the sand while drinking cocktails, seems appropriate… but I don’t live the kind of life that requires ‘sparkly body bronzing’ on a daily basis.

I haven’t worn it since and that was over a year ago.

If a sparkly, affordable and fair bronzer sounds like your thing, you can purchase this Mosaic Powder Compact for AU$5.75 from Priceline, but I have to admit that I just don’t love this product.

Have an amazing day!

Face Base Favourites – Australis for the win!

I have had a lot of trouble finding a cruelty-free, budget-friendly face base combination that works for me and this year my typical face base routine has become a celebration of Australis!

Foundations are certainly a product that are going to be specific to each person based on their personal skin type, colouring and the climate in which they live – so what works for me may most likely not work for you, so here are some face facts for you so you can contextualise this review:

  • I have combination skin
  • I am very fair
  • At 34 years old, I do have some fine lines 😦
  • I live in the tropics, so my face base needs to combat heat and humidity

My current holy grail involves three products:

  1. Oh 2 Glow Light-diffusing Foundation in the shade Nude.
  2. Stay put 16 hr foundation in the shade Nude.
  3. Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder in the shade Natural.

Australis – Oh 2 Glow Light-diffusing Foundation in the shade Nude.

The Oh 2 Glow Foundation is a very fluid formula which means you can apply a very thin layer and avoid caking on the face.  It is illuminating, but not too glowy, so as to emphasise the dewiness already created by the hot weather.  A single layer gives sheer coverage but you can build this up somewhat.


The shade is Nude.

This works really well for me in combination with the Stayput Longwear Foundation. I use one pump of each to do my entire face.  It is an added bonus that both are Vegan Friendly!!   


Australis – Stayput Longwear Foundation in Nude.

I wear the Stayput foundation in the shade Nude and it purports to be longer wearing and has the added bonus of SPF 15 protection.  This foundation is thicker in formula and has more of a medium coverage.  The colour is a shade or two darker than Oh 2 Glow but together they make my perfect match both in terms of coverage, wear and colour.


The shade is Nude

With the foundation partnership sorted all that is left is to set the face.  In the heat of summer I find this step essential and I can totally recommend the Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder for this step.  It is very finely milled and doesn’t get cakey.  I carry this in my bag for touchups during the day if I am going to be out in the heat.  It is a great basic powder.


Australis – Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder in Natural

As a final general point can I just say that the packaging of all these products is super practical.  The foundations are both in lovely glass bottles and each come with an excellent pump.  The powder comes with a mirror and puff in the base.  Great!

I know that this reads like an advert for Australis but if you have read my other reviews of Australis products then you know that I haven’t had a lot of success with their coloured face products… but these base products have REALLY worked for me.

If you would like to try these for yourself you can find all three on the Australis website.  They do ship internationally!

Have a great day!