Napoleon Perdis: Love Gloss Collection

I have never tried any Napoleon Perdis products before.  It is a cruelty-free brand but it is high end and certainly not budget-friendly so it isn’t a brand that I am normally drawn to BUT I happened upon this Love Gloss Collection of lip glosses on ‘Catch of the Day‘ which is a bit like an Australian version of Haute Look and it had been marked down to AU$26 and at that price I thought it was worth a go.


Napoleon Perdis 2015 holiday Love Gloss collection

This kit was released as part of the 2015 holiday collection and the packaging was lovely for gifting.  The retail price was AU$59 and looking at products from the permanent Napoleon Perdis range – this is a good price!


Napoleon Perdis Love Gloss Collection (left to right): Devotion, Worship, Idolise, Romance, Revere, Liaison, Relish, Cherish, Squeeze, Admire, Pulse and Amorous

Inside the kit contains 12 mini lip glosses with really lovely packaging.  The scent of these lip glosses is sweet and fruity.  It reminds me strongly of some kind of candy but I can’t put my finger on it.  The set comes with a range of formulas including six that are creamy, three that are shimmery and three that are more glittery (without chunky glitter).



Swatches (left to right): Relish (shimmer), Cherish, Squeeze (glitter), Admire, Pulse, Amorous.

The shimmer and glitter shades are less pigmented and work really nicely over another lipstick giving very pretty shine.  The creamy shades can be used in combination with another lip product such as a lipstick or lip liner but they also stand alone as a very pretty gloss.



Swatches (left to right): Devotion (shimmer), Worship (glitter), Idolise (glitter), Romance (shimmer), Revere, Liaison.

These glosses wear really nicely.  They are not sticky (woot!) and for a gloss, I think they last quite well on the lips.  Of course you do need to reapply these glosses but they wear off evenly and a fresh coat can be put on mirror-free which is perfect for work.

If you manage to come across this set you will notice that these lip glosses are little but I like that as it gives you a chance to try a huge range of colours without ending up with lots of gloss that may go to waste before it reaches its used by date.

Would I repurchase a full-size in the future?  Definitely, but I admit I would be looking for them on sale again, as I think they are expensive for what they are and I have certainly found other glosses that are also cruelty-free but are much more budget-friendly.

Saying that – I do love these lip glosses and I hope to find some other Napoleon Perdis products on ‘Catch of the Day’ that I can try on a budget as I am now very intrigued by this brand 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

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