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Makeup Revolution – I Heart Makeup: Chocolate Vice Palette

I would like to claim that the beautiful colours of the eyeshadows was what attracted me to the Chocolate Vice palette….That I had panned all my other eyeshadows and that it was time to try something new in my minimalist collection (ha!)…That it was a special occasion and I purchased this new palette as a treat…

BUT, the reality is that I purchased this palette because I have all the other chocolate palettes from I Heart Makeup and, like a child, I wanted to have the whole collection.



Chocolate Vice: Shades pictured in natural light.

And perhaps because I do own all the other palettes from this range and because I have a large collection of makeup in general, my expectations were high.  The Chocolate Vice needed to be something special if it was going to impress.

Like all the other chocolate palettes from Makeup Revolution РI Heart Makeup, the packaging of the Chocolate Vice is a melting chocolate bar Рthis time in black.  It comes with a big mirror and is very sturdy.  The eyeshadows do smell sweet but not a pure chocolate smell and nothing overpowering.

The colours are a lovely mix of golds, browns, earthy reds and peachy tones.  I think the colour selection works extremely well together and has been curated with a good selection of light, mid-toned and darker shades as well as providing a mix of mattes, shimmers and satin shadows.


Chocolate Vice: Left side of palette


Left side of palette – first four shades: Vice, Sway, Treat, Habit


Left side of palette – last four shades: Persuade, Reason, Must, Maleficence

On the left side of the palette the shade Vice is a little patchy and needs some building to create a smooth blend of colour on the lid but it is a very pretty shade and I use it most as an inner-corner highlight.


Chocolate Vice: Right side of palette


Right side of palette – first four shades: Satisfy, Require, Convert.


Right side of palette – last four shades: Crave, Lust, Fancy and Appeal.

On the right side of the palette the shades Satisfy and Require are very pretty but the texture is a bit powdery and lacks pigmentation.  Again, these need to be built up on the lid, but they do look beautiful once applied.  I find a little fixing spray does the trick.

The other shades are really lovely and have the smooth and highly pigmented formula that I have come to love in all my Chocolate Palettes.  I must say I particularly enjoy this range of colours and have gotten a lot of use out of this palette through Autumn and Winter this year.  I think the midnight blue shade called Lust is a great addition to this palette and works so well with the dark reds for a daring smokey eye, providing a very different look to the browns and golds.

Now, if you were wondering whether these peaches and reds are similar to the colours offered in the¬†New-trals Vs Neutrals¬†palette from Makeup Revolution, then the answer is YES. ¬†A number of the peachy/red shades are almost identical across the two palettes and any differences are slight at best. ¬†I would say that if you are attracted to the Chocolate Vice palette for the peaches and reds, but you already own the¬†New-trals Vs Neutrals, then you don’t need both, but, if you are looking at what each palette has to offer overall, they are very different. ¬†I own both and I enjoy both in their own right.

I am very happy with the Chocolate Vice palette.  It is excellent quality at a budget-friendly price.  This palette has collated everything that I love for the Autumn and Winter into one place!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Vanessa Megan: Rose Water Spray (Toner)

The Rose Water Toner from Vanessa Megan is a real luxury.  The ingredients of this Rose Water Toner are certified organic, cruelty-free and Vegan friendly!  It comes in a lovely glass bottle with a fine mist spray nozzle.  The product itself is moisturising and a lovely way to tone the skin after exfoliation and/or cleansing.  I also very much appreciate this spray in the summer months to refresh my skin on hot, humid days.


Vanessa Megan: Rose Water Toner

The scent of this product is a pure rose smell. ¬†Genuinely, this is like spraying crushed rose petals on your face. ¬†I have read that the product is actually produced using Bulgarian organic roses so… there you go!

I received this toner in a seasonal beauty box from¬†Flora & ¬†Fauna,¬†but I would certainly purchase it again in the future. ¬†I don’t consider this product ‘budget-friendly’ as it retails for AU$29.95 but I have been using it daily for MONTHS so I think you do get your money’s worth from this 100ml bottle.

This is a beautiful product and if you are looking to treat yourself, I can definitely recommend it.

Have a great day!

Makeup Revolution: ‘Radiant’ Vivid Shimmer Brick

When Makeup Revolution released their new Shimmer Brick compacts I was immediately drawn to them.  I suspected that they would be too shimmery to use as a bronzer but I hoped that perhaps as a highlighter, blush topper or eyeshadow they may work really nicely.

I have not been disappointed.


Makeup Revolution – Shimmer Brick: Radiant

I purchased the Shimmer Brick in¬†Radiant¬†as I thought as the lighter version of the two I may be able to use it as a highlighter. ¬†With a brush directed at the lightest tones it makes a very vivid highlight and even though it comes across as a darker champagne colour when used in this way, it is shiny enough that I think I can get away with it. ¬†I was surprised that when mixed the overall colour is actually light enough to be used as a shimmery bronzer too if you want a bit of overall glow. ¬†Be warned though – if you don’t blend this out they will be able to see your glow from space ūüôā ¬†Use a light hand!


Bottom – heavy swatch of all colours combined; Top – blended swatch of all colours.

This Shimmer Brick is PIGMENTED.  Each strip functions completely as a discrete colour and so this makes a really compact and very beautiful eyeshadow palette too.  I have loved this for travel.  I just use some of my matte bronzer in the crease and these shimmers on the lid and it really is stunning.  I wish now that I had just lashed out and purchased both versions of the Shimmer Bricks because I enjoy the formula so much for eyeshadow use!  The Rose Gold version is now on my wish list!


Radiance Shimmer Brick: switched from the bottom of the compact to top, left to right.

Overall I have been very impressed with how much I have enjoyed this product. ¬†I have worn it mainly as a highlighter and as eyeshadow and it has always looked beautiful. ¬†Although the powder can kick up a bit of dust if you aren’t gentle, I haven’t had an issue with fallout and this lasts all day on my face and eyes. ¬†At 3GBP or approximately AU$6 I think this is a very budget-friendly, cruelty-free purchase!

If you would like to have a look at the MUR Shimmer Bricks for yourself you can find them here.

Have a wonderful week!


Napoleon Perdis: Love Gloss Collection

I have never tried any Napoleon Perdis products before. ¬†It is a cruelty-free brand but it is high end and certainly not budget-friendly so it isn’t a brand that I am normally drawn to BUT I happened upon this Love Gloss Collection of lip glosses on ‘Catch of the Day‘ which is a bit like an Australian version of Haute Look and it had been marked down to AU$26 and at that price I thought it was worth a go.


Napoleon Perdis 2015 holiday Love Gloss collection

This kit was released as part of the 2015 holiday collection and the packaging was lovely for gifting.  The retail price was AU$59 and looking at products from the permanent Napoleon Perdis range Рthis is a good price!


Napoleon Perdis Love Gloss Collection (left to right): Devotion, Worship, Idolise, Romance, Revere, Liaison, Relish, Cherish, Squeeze, Admire, Pulse and Amorous

Inside the kit contains 12 mini lip glosses with really lovely packaging. ¬†The scent of these lip glosses is sweet and fruity. ¬†It reminds me strongly of some kind of candy but I can’t put my finger on it. ¬†The set comes with a range of formulas including six that are creamy, three that are shimmery and three that are more glittery (without chunky glitter).



Swatches (left to right): Relish (shimmer), Cherish, Squeeze (glitter), Admire, Pulse, Amorous.

The shimmer and glitter shades are less pigmented and work really nicely over another lipstick giving very pretty shine.  The creamy shades can be used in combination with another lip product such as a lipstick or lip liner but they also stand alone as a very pretty gloss.



Swatches (left to right): Devotion (shimmer), Worship (glitter), Idolise (glitter), Romance (shimmer), Revere, Liaison.

These glosses wear really nicely.  They are not sticky (woot!) and for a gloss, I think they last quite well on the lips.  Of course you do need to reapply these glosses but they wear off evenly and a fresh coat can be put on mirror-free which is perfect for work.

If you manage to come across this set you will notice that these lip glosses are little but I like that as it gives you a chance to try a huge range of colours without ending up with lots of gloss that may go to waste before it reaches its used by date.

Would I repurchase a full-size in the future?  Definitely, but I admit I would be looking for them on sale again, as I think they are expensive for what they are and I have certainly found other glosses that are also cruelty-free but are much more budget-friendly.

Saying that – I do love these lip glosses and I hope to find some other Napoleon Perdis products on ‘Catch of the Day’ that I can try on a budget as I am now very intrigued by this brand ūüôā

Have a wonderful day!