Thin Lizzy: 6 in 1 professional powder – light (DUPE alert!)

This is going to be a quick little review of a product that could easily be put in the ‘dorky’ makeup basket.  Thin Lizzy products started out with infomercials on TV and then slowly made their way into Priceline and Big W in Australia.  My mother purchased this for me for Christmas as she thought that it might be a nice multi-use product, plus it was cruelty-free and made in New Zealand.


Thin Lizzy: 6 in 1 profession powder – light

I have not actually used this powder in all the multi-use ways for which it is marketed and in fact, I would say that the suggested ‘6 in 1’ is misleading marketing when it comes to practical use.  They claim it can be used as blusher, lip colour, eyeshadow, contour, bronzer and body bronzer and I would suggest that it really doesn’t work for me as a lip colour or blusher and to be honest, it doesn’t make a great eyeshadow either BUT I do really like this product as a bronzer and contour.

Firstly, it is a really good bronzer shade for my skin tone.  It has a cool undertone but with a slight golden sheen making it not too muddy on my skin.  You can build it up and it is extremely easy to blend out.  The power itself is very finely milled and I very much enjoy this as a contour shade.  If this was marketed solely as a contour/bronzer then I could absolutely say that it is an amazing product.


I swatched the powder with my finger on the left and then used the brush to apply one light layer on the right.

I was also interested to learn through KitchSnitch on youtube, that the Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 Professional Powder is an excellent dupe for the NARS Laguna Bronzing Powder.  I don’t own the Laguna bronzer to do a comparison for your here but I will leave the link to Kat’s review HERE for you so you can see it side by side.

I am surprised to admit that this is a really great product.  It also came with a lovely soft brush, double ended black and brown eyeliner (which I love for travel) and a clear lipgloss, so overall it was a good value set.  If you see this in store, despite its dorky appearance, it is actually worth giving a go 🙂  I would absolutely repurchase this product.

Have a great day!

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