Evelyn Iona Cosmetics: ‘Lise’ lipgloss

This is the first Evelyn Iona product that I have tried.  If you, like I, are unfamiliar with this brand, they produce natural, organic and cruelty-free cosmetics.  Are they budget-friendly?  Not really, but they aren’t outrageously expensive either.

I received this lipgloss in the shade ‘Lise’ in a beauty box but I believe that it retails for about US$19.50, so to be honest, I would not have purchased this myself as at that price it is a bit outside my price range BUT I am so glad that I have had the chance to try this.  This feels really beautiful on the lips.  It is super creamy without being sticky.  It adds a lovely gloss to the lips and also a good dose of pigmentation for a lipgloss.  Also, it smells lovely with a subtle, sweet vanilla scent that I very much enjoy.


Evelyn Iona Cosmetics: Lipgloss in ‘Lise’

This lipgloss has a nice doe-foot applicator which picks up the product nicely.  Otherwise, the packaging is simple but practical.  Like most glosses you do need to reapply this throughout the day as the lasting power isn’t amazing but I find it so pretty on the lips that I am happy to do that.


I also need to add that I feel like this gloss offers some genuine hydration to the lips.  I have been wearing it a lot recently on my chapped lips and it has contributed well to dealing with the dryness as well as giving enough glossiness to hide the chapping in a flattering way.  The ingredients are all natural and the company claims you could even ‘eat it’.  It includes bark extract to tighten and plump, oregano as an antioxidant, and vitamin E, coconut oil and shea butter, all to moisturise and hydrate the lips.

I very much enjoy this lipgloss.  I would not normally promote spending US$20 on a gloss but I must say that I think this is probably worth the price.

Have wonderful day!

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