E.L.F. Mineral Face Primer: Tone Adjusting Green

I have an ongoing issue with rosacea which makes the apples of my cheeks and around the base of the bridge of my nose quite red at different times.  I purchased the E.L.F. Mineral Face Primer in Tone Adjusting Green in the hope that I could hit two birds with one stone: prime my face AND deal with the redness in one foul swoop.

I really like the packaging of this primer.  The outer bottle is a frosted, solid plastic with silver trim, a good pump and a clear lid.  Unfortunately the lid cracked not long after purchase, and I think this is because it didn’t fit tightly on the bottle and I pushed it down too firmly.


Mineral Face Primer: Tone Adjusting Green

The colour of the product itself is a lime green.  Any colour correcting property that this has is minimal but I did notice some difference upon initial application although not a remarkable difference after foundation.

The texture of this primer is quite thick and very silicone-like to the touch.  It feels super smooth when spread out on the skin although it can ball up a bit (see above) if you apply it too thickly.  I like the way that this primer really makes for smooth foundation application because it makes your skin feel so silky.  Saying that, it isn’t the greatest primer in terms of filling pores and lines.  I also don’t think that it really added to the longevity of my foundation (although this is not a claim made by the product).

I quite liked this primer.  I probably wouldn’t buy it again, as there are other cruelty-free, budget-friendly primers that I prefer, but, I did use it up completely so it certainly served its purpose.

Have a fantastic day!

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