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Australis – Highlights: Mineral Liquid Face Highlighter

I ordered the Australis Mineral Liquid Highlighter in Pearl during a 50% off sale.  It is the first liquid highlighter in my collection, so I can’t compare it to other liquid highlighters on the market, but here are my thoughts on this product in particular.

Firstly, the illumination is quite subtle.  I apply this in one of two ways 1) mixed into my foundation or 2) dabbed on my cheekbones after foundation but prior to setting with a translucent powder.  I really like this for everyday wear.


Pearl Liquid Highlight – heavy swatch.

As a point-specific highlighter this is so pretty.  It is subtle enough for everyday wear but it gives such a pretty glow.  I get quite oily in my t-zone but I haven’t found that this liquid adds to the problem at all when just dabbed lightly onto the skin.


Pearl – blended swatch.  This gives a lovely, sheer glow.

When I use the Mineral Liquid Highlighter mixed into my foundation I just add one pump of the highlighter and mix it into two pumps of my foundation and combine.  It is so pretty worn this way!  It adds a lovely illumination to the skin which I adore.  My skin can be quite dull at the moment and this works well to counteract that.  My only criticism would be that at times, I find that adding this to my foundation can make my foundation feel a bit more oily and/or tacky to the touch towards the end of the day (particularly around my T-zone).  This may not be an issue for those of you not predisposed to T-zone oil issues.  Saying that – I still love the finish and am happy to touch-up with a little bit of powder if/when require.


The highlighter comes with a pump which is great for hygienic application.  I just pump a small amount onto the back of my hand.

I have very much enjoyed this Mineral Liquid Highlighter.  I had wondered when I purchased this whether or not I would get much use out of it as I tend to preference powder products over creams and liquids, but I have used this SO much and will definitely repurchase it in the future.

In fact, the next time there is a sale, I will happily purchase the other shade in the range called Gold too!

I purchased this highlighter online from the Australis website, and they do ship internationally.  If you live in Australia, you can also buy Australis products at Priceline.

Have a fantastic day!

Makeup Revolution: Vivid Baked Highlighter

This is the last instalment of my series reviewing the products in Makeup Revolution’s ‘Vivid Baked’ range.  You can read my reviews on the Vivid Baked Blushes and Vivid Baked Bronzers on earlier posts on my blog, but today I am going to be looking at the gorgeous Vivid Baked Highlighters.

There are three highlighters in this range and I own them all.  You can buy these as individual compacts as I have, or Makeup Revolution also sells them together in their Highlight Powder Palette.


Pink Lights

Pink Lights is a very pigmented, super brightening highlighter that is soft to the touch.  It is a pink toned, silvery highlighter and is definitely cool toned.  This is the kind of highlighter that you will see from space if you get a bit heavy handed, but with a soft, fluffy brush and a light hand this is stunning.


Golden Lights

Golden Lights is again, very pigmented, super brightening and soft to the touch.  This has a warm gold shimmer with a white-gold base and I imagine that this would be stunning on women with darker skin tones or a solid tan.  On days where I am a bit ‘bronzer happy’, this looks lovely!  Plus, I have seen comparison swatches online and Golden Lights is an excellent dupe for NARS’ Albatross.  I don’t own Albatross to do a comparison for your but if you want to see a side-by-side swatch, Zabrena from Youtube did a great drugstore dupes video featuring both products here.


Peach Lights

Peach Lights seems to have a slightly different formula to the other two highlighters in this range.  It isn’t quite as soft, nor is it quite as pigmented.  Saying that, I love the subtle glow of this highlighter for everyday wear.  The base tone is peachy, but this highlighter has a pink flash to it that makes it seem almost more pink in colour when worn on the skin, than Pink Lights!


Left to Right: Pink Lights, Golden Lights, Peach Lights


Swatches: Pink Lights, Golden Lights, Peach Lights

When you compare the three Vivid Baked Highlighters side by side, you can see that the three offer a nice range of colours, as well as levels of pigmentation.

I find that these three highlighters wear really well and blend nicely giving lots of illumination to the face and a glow that lasts all day.  I have owned these highlighters for 12 months now and I use them quite regularly and as you can see I have barely made a dent!  You certainly get a lot of product for your money.

I paid GBP3 for each compact which is about AU$6 each and I think that is a great price for a top quality highlighter that is cruelty-free.

If you would like to try the Vivid Baked Highlighters, or any of the Vivid Baked products you can find them on the Makeup Revolution website.  They do ship internationally for a set shipping fee – so it doesn’t matter how much you order you are only going to pay a set price.  Therefore, I recommend that you put together a bit of wish list first before placing your order to make the most of the shipping cost 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

Makeup Revolution: Vivid Baked Bronzer

Makeup Revolution has a range of ‘Vivid Baked’ products that include blushes and highlighters, but today we will be taking a close look a the Vivid Baked Bronzers.

There are four bronzers in this range, of which I have three; two which I purchased myself and one (Bronzed Fame), which I received for free in a special promotion from Makeup Revolution.


Vivid Baked Bronzers: Golden Days, Ready to Go, Bronzed Fame


Swatches: Golden Days, Ready to Go, Bronzed Fame

I find these bronzers really soft to the touch and easy to blend.  The pigmentation is very good, but quite soft, so it is easy to keep the look natural, even if you are a bit heavy handed.  These bronzers are shimmery but I find that it gives a natural glow rather than appearing glitter.  Saying that, Bronzed Fame does have some gold micro-glitter but as this colour is much too dark for my skin tone, I haven’t used it on my face so I can’t speak to how this transfers to the skin.  I have used it as an eyeshadow and it works lovely that way.


Ready to Go

Ready to Go is the lightest shade in the range.  This suits my skin really well and gives a subtle warmth.  I think that this shade is quite neutral toned.  Depending on your skin tone, this could be a beautiful, illuminating finishing powder or highlighter.


Golden Days

Golden Days is a similar depth of tone as Ready to Go, but it is certainly more golden in tone.  I enjoy this one during spring and summer when my skin has a little more colour.  Again, for people with deeper skin tones, this could be a beautiful highlighter.


Bronzed Fame

Bronzed Fame was not a shade that I selected myself, and as you can see it is much too dark for my skin.  The tone is definitely bronze!  I think I will take this on holiday with me the next time I go on a beach holiday as with a light hand it might make a nice body bronzer, but I am yet to try it this way.  This bronzer is not quite as soft to the touch as the other two that I own and I think that this is due to it containing some gold micro-shimmers which are marbled through the product.   As you can see in the swatch, it doesn’t look super ‘glittery’ on the skin though.

Overall, I really enjoy these baked bronzers.  I reach for these when I am in a rush as they are very user friendly: they just blend so well without looking streaky or patchy due to super high pigmentation and they give such a beautiful, natural glow.

For the longest time I only used matte bronzers but now I realise that a little bit of soft glow can be extremely pretty.

These Vivid Baked Bronzers cost GBP4 which is about AU$8 on the Makeup Revolution website, and I think they are certainly worth that price!

Have a fantastic day!

Makeup Revolution: Vivid Baked Blush

Makeup Revolution has a number of products in their ‘Vivid Baked’ range.  Over the next few weeks I am going to review these products which include blushes, bronzers and highlighters.  I am going to start this series by spotlighting the Vivd Baked Blush range.


Makeup Revolution: Vivid Baked Blushes

There are six blush colours in this range and I own four of those colours.  I tried to pick a range of tones but I feel that the pictures on the website aren’t quite true to colour.  The packaging of these blushes is quite solid and domed in shape.  The blushes themselves are very soft to the touch and are all quite pigmented.  Each of these blushes has shimmer.


Left to Right: Hard Day, All I Think About is You, Make Love Instead, Loved me the Best


Swatches left to right: Hard Day, All I Think About is You, Make Love Instead, Loved me the Best.

My favourite shade of these four blushes if Hard Day.  It is such a beautiful, soft, mauve-rose colour.  This really looks lovely on my pale skin and is perfect on a day where you are doing a quick look sans highlighter and bronzer.  It is so pretty on the cheek.

All four of these blushes blend beautifully and give a lovely glow to the skin.  Although they have a shimmer to them they don’t contain glitter, which I love.  I would say that across the range the colours are pigmented but are soft in tone.  You don’t need to apply a lot of this blush to get a nice flush.  To be honest, if you get too heavy handed it can start to look a bit shiny, but I have found that these are super easy to use.  In my experience these wear really nicely through the day.

I can definitely recommend these Vivid Baked Blushes from Makeup Revolution and at GBP2.5o, which is about AU$5, they are a very affordable, cruelty-free purchase!  These really are so pretty.

Have a wonderful day 🙂