E.L.F: Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick

I purchased these Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks from E.L.F with three key intentions.  1) To use them as an eyeshadow base, 2) to use them for a quick, brush-free eyeshadow look on busy mornings and 3) to use them for travel where I want to avoid packing lots of brushes.  Unfortunately these haven’t worked out quite as well as I had hoped.


Shade names from top to bottom: Rock Out, Forest Nymph, Midnight Rendezvous, French Lace, Like a Boss, Check Me Out, Bali Bound.

Lets talk about the positives of these products first:

  • The wind-up packaging is convenient.
  • The caps stay on the sticks well.
  • The colours are very pigmented when initially applied.
  • The texture is smooth and easy to blend with your finger.
  • Very budget friendly price point.

When I initially swatched these I was really excited.  All the colours I have are shimmery aside from Like a Boss which is a flat, royal blue.  French Lace is the only colour that I own to contain micro glitter.


Swatches – left to right: Bali Bound, Check Me Out, Like a Boss, French Lace, Midnight Rendezvous, Forest Nymph, Rock Out.

Now to the cons:

  • The colours start to fade within a few hours.  I have used them with a primer and as a base set with powder eyeshadow and in all cases these are most certainly not long lasting.
  • They do crease 😦  Eyeshadow creasing isn’t a big issue for me but it is a problem when I wear these on their own.
  • The shades Like a Boss and Check Me Out are a bit patchy upon application and these two colours are the most difficult to blend out for me.
  • Bali Bound is the least pigmented shade in my collection.

Of all these cons though, the most disappointing negative has been that this product doesn’t set.  It stays tacky to the touch.  If you have a tendency to touch your eyes throughout the day you can imagine how this can lead to chaos.  It also helps explain why the colours fade so dramatically and so quickly.  Because these don’t set I think it also contributes to the colours looking quite muddy over time as they merge together.

I can’t really recommend these Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks.  I think the colours as pretty and I really like the concept and convenience of this kind of product but my search continues for a cream, eyeshadow stick that can meet my needs.

Have a wonderful day!

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