Makeup Revolution: Iconic Pro 1 & 2

Brace yourself people.  The palettes I am about to show you are quite possibly two of my favourite all-time eyeshadow palettes.  They are the Iconic Pro 1 & 2 palettes form Makeup Revolution and they are divine.  These palettes are designed to be dupes of the Lorac Pro 1 & 2 palettes.  I don’t own the Lorac versions to do a comparison for you but from comparisons I have seen online they are a very close match.


Regardless of their dupe status, these palettes are just beautiful.  They come with a matte case, large mirror and a double ended brush which I do enjoy.  They also come with a transparent slip which provides all the shade names.  I tend to throw these away; but if you do makeup tutorials, I am sure they would be useful.


Makeup Revolution: Iconic Pro 1


Makeup Revolution: Iconic Pro 1

The Iconic Pro palettes offer a perfect blend of matte and shimmer shades with eight of each included in each palette.  I also think there is a nice balance of warm and cool tones in both palettes.


Iconic Pro 1 swatches: mattes, left to right


Iconic Pro 2 swatches: shimmers, left to right

The pigmentation of all shades is consistently good across both palettes.  The texture of the matte shades is velvety soft and they blend so well.  The shimmer shades are equally beautiful with a lovely range of colours.


Makeup Revolution: Iconic Pro 2


Makeup Revolution: Iconic Pro 2 (here you can see the included brush)

I find the Iconic Pro 1 to be more neutral in tone while the Iconic Pro 2 has a few more pops of colour that are unique, but totally wearable.


Iconic Pro 2: mattes, left to right


Iconic Pro 2: shimmers, left to right

The quality of these shadows is some of the best to come from the Makeup Revolution labs.  To be fair you could own these two Iconic Pro palettes and not really need anything else in your collection.  You know, if you are one of those minimalist people… the kind that only buys just what they need in a show of extraordinary self-control which I can only look up to and admire 🙂

If I lost my entire makeup collection tomorrow, I would repurchase these in a heartbeat.  The Iconic Pro palettes are a pair of classy eyeshadow collections and I can’t recommend them enough.

If you would like to try them for yourself, they cost about AU$14 and you can find them here.

Have a fantastic day!

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