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E.L.F: Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick

I purchased these Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks from E.L.F with three key intentions.  1) To use them as an eyeshadow base, 2) to use them for a quick, brush-free eyeshadow look on busy mornings and 3) to use them for travel where I want to avoid packing lots of brushes.  Unfortunately these haven’t worked out quite as well as I had hoped.


Shade names from top to bottom: Rock Out, Forest Nymph, Midnight Rendezvous, French Lace, Like a Boss, Check Me Out, Bali Bound.

Lets talk about the positives of these products first:

  • The wind-up packaging is convenient.
  • The caps stay on the sticks well.
  • The colours are very pigmented when initially applied.
  • The texture is smooth and easy to blend with your finger.
  • Very budget friendly price point.

When I initially swatched these I was really excited.  All the colours I have are shimmery aside from Like a Boss which is a flat, royal blue.  French Lace is the only colour that I own to contain micro glitter.


Swatches – left to right: Bali Bound, Check Me Out, Like a Boss, French Lace, Midnight Rendezvous, Forest Nymph, Rock Out.

Now to the cons:

  • The colours start to fade within a few hours.  I have used them with a primer and as a base set with powder eyeshadow and in all cases these are most certainly not long lasting.
  • They do crease 😦  Eyeshadow creasing isn’t a big issue for me but it is a problem when I wear these on their own.
  • The shades Like a Boss and Check Me Out are a bit patchy upon application and these two colours are the most difficult to blend out for me.
  • Bali Bound is the least pigmented shade in my collection.

Of all these cons though, the most disappointing negative has been that this product doesn’t set.  It stays tacky to the touch.  If you have a tendency to touch your eyes throughout the day you can imagine how this can lead to chaos.  It also helps explain why the colours fade so dramatically and so quickly.  Because these don’t set I think it also contributes to the colours looking quite muddy over time as they merge together.

I can’t really recommend these Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks.  I think the colours as pretty and I really like the concept and convenience of this kind of product but my search continues for a cream, eyeshadow stick that can meet my needs.

Have a wonderful day!

Things I don’t Love: Australis – Pretty Pastels 4 in 1 Palette

I purchased this Pretty Pastels Palette from Australis during a sale on their online store.  The packaging of this palette is really nice.  The outer palette is black matte with bright pink, metallic embossing.  It also has a nice mirror which would be good for travel.


I really like the idea of palettes that contain all the powders you would need to do a quick makeup look so when I saw this on their site during the sale I thought it was worth a try.


This palette is a little bit of a mixed bag for me.  It contains three eyeshadows, a blush, bronzer and face powder.  I love one of the powders in this palette and I don’t love the other five, which is a bit of a bummer.  So lets discuss the details.


Eyeshadow swatches

I’m going to start with the eyeshadows.  The colour range is very neutral and very soft in colour.  I don’t enjoy the formula of these shadows at all.  The texture is very loose, dry and chalky.  The pigmentation of the two lighter shades is quite poor and ends up looking a bit sparkly without any specific colour pigmentation.  The darkest shade is more pigmented but the formula doesn’t allow for easy blending and you really need to tap off the brush otherwise it is fall-out central!


matte blush, shimmer bronzer and pressed face powder

Next up we have the three face products.  I like the pink shade of the blush but again, the formula is SO powdery and it literally doesn’t matter how gently you tap into this product it kicks up heaps of dust.  I tap off the brush and the run it over the back of my hand to remove excess product and THEN I apply to the cheeks, otherwise it can be a bit clownish.

The bronzer also has a similar formula and the shimmer seems to break up the formula so that it is quite loose and the pigmentation on the skin isn’t long lasting.  Also, this is quite orange for my complexion so I don’t ever use this as a bronzer.  Today I used it as an eyeshadow, but it lacks pigmentation and is too chalky to work well on the eyes either.


This photo was taken after using the palette to complete my makeup today.  As you can see – lots of powder kicks up!

Lastly, (drum roll please) we have the pressed face powder.  This is LOVELY.  It is soft, smooth and finely milled.  It applies beautifully to the face and sets my foundation perfectly.  The texture and formulation is so markedly different it is hard to believe that this came from the same lab as the other products in this palette.  I will keep this palette just for this powder.

Overall, I don’t love the Pretty Pastels Palette from Australis.  The quality is lacking in the majority of the contents which is such a shame as the packaging, pressed powder and overall concept are really great.

I only paid AU$5 for this in the sale, and despite being disappointed overall, I think the pressed powder alone is worth that money 🙂

Have a wonderful day!


Freedom Makeup London: Contouring Products

I have a few products from the Freedom Makeup London range that I enjoy for contouring. I must preface this blog with the admission that I am not an avid contouring kind of girl.  I like to give my face some natural shape and dimension but by no means do I sculpt out my cheekbones, nose and forehead like so many makeup gurus.  So please keep my context in mind when reading this review 🙂

The three Freedom Makeup London products I am going to discuss today are:

  • Pro Contour palette in Fair,
  • Bronzer in shade 110 matte,
  • Pro Highlight in Brighten.

Pro Contour Palette in Fair

The Pro Contour Palette is designed to contour the face with shadow and highlight.  It is a small little compact that comes with a great mirror.  Both powders are matte, are extremely finely milled and so soft to the touch.  I very much enjoy the highlight shade to highlight under the eyes and cheekbones.  The darker contour shade is actually quite pink toned and it is a little too warm for my taste for contouring purposes, however, I really like this as a nude blush.  It is extremely pretty on the cheeks!


Bronzer Shade 110 Matte

For actual cheek contouring I prefer the Matte Bronzer, shade 110.  It is a lovely cool tone and perfect for my pale skin.  Again, this is soft and finely milled and it blends beautifully on the skin.  I wrote a complete review of this product and if you are interested you can read it here.


Pro Highlight – Brighten

Finally, although I like to highlight the face with a matte powder first, there is something very satisfying about adding a bit of shimmer to the high points of the cheek bones.  The Pro Highlight in Brighten is a lovely choice for my fair complexion.  Firstly, this is a beautiful looking powder with its elegant swirl embossing, but is is also a lovely soft texture.  This is a pigmented highlighter but not so pigmented that you end up with a line of shimmer that you then have to blend out in a panic.  I like coloured face products that you can build slowly 🙂

I think that these three products together allow for really natural face contouring that is pretty fool proof.  I can’t fault the quality of these powders, particularly for the price.  And the fact that Freedom Makeup London is cruelty-free makes these a great buy.

You can find the Freedom online store here, if you would like to try out their products for yourself.

Have a glorious day!


In search of ‘Peach’ tones: shopping my stash!

The Two Faced Sweet Peach Palette is massively popular at the moment but it has been oddly difficult to purchase.  Why so illusive Too Faced??  And of course because everything happens more slowly in Australia, I don’t even think it has been released here yet!  Although I love the look of the Sweet Peach Palette at around AU$78 it isn’t a palette I intend to purchase, so I decided to shop my own stash for makeup products that are cruelty-free, budget-friendly and all within the oh-so-popular peach colour family.

If I have a full review for any of these products I will link it for you 🙂

First up we have blusher.  I love peachy toned blush.  I think it is so fresh and bright and feels like summer to me, which is convenient as I live in North Queensland where it is pretty much summer all year round.  I have four individual blushes here.  The Shades include MUR’s Treat, MUA’s Shade 1 and 4, as well as Freedom Makeup London’s Angelic.  I also have an Ultra Blush Palette from Makeup Revolution called Hot Spice.


Makeup Revolution’s Treat, MUA’s Shade 4, Freedom’s Angelic, MUA’s Shade 1.


Swatches: Treat, Shade 4, Angelic and Shade 1.


Makeup Revolution – Ultra Blush Palette in Hot Spice.

Next up are some peach highlighter shades.  I have two of MUR’s Blushing Hearts from their I Heart Makeup range.  These are sold as blushes but I think they are more of a blush topper or highlighter really.  I have them in Peachy Pink Kisses and Iced Hearts.  Then we have the Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights.  I love this highlighter!


Blushing Heart in Peachy Pink Kisses, Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights, Blushing Heart in Iced Hearts.


Swatches: Peachy Pink Kisses, Peach Lights, Iced Hearts

Peachy lips anyone?  I found a few lovely shades from the peach family in my collection in a range of satin, matte and gloss formulas.  We have ColourPop lippie stix in Fancy and Cake, Wet n Wild’s Just PeachyFreedom’s Juicy Lips and Game on! and Makeup Revolution’s I Heart Makeup, Wow! Gloss in Sunshine today please.


ColourPop Fancy and Cake, Wet n Wild Just Peachy, Freedom Makeup Juicy Lips and Game on!, MUR – I Heart MakeupWow Gloss in Sunshine Today Please.


Swatches: Fancy, Cake, Just Peachy, Juicy Lips, Game On!, Sunshine Today Please.

Next up we get to my favourite part…the eyeshadows.  I have a few palettes to share that include some lovely shades from the peach colour family, including the New-trals vs Neutrals palette from Makeup Revolution, E.L.F’s Prism Palette in Sunset and then the Sunkissed Glamorous Eyeshadow palette from Chi Chi.


Makeup Revolution’s New-trals vs Neutrals


E.L.F’s Prism Palette in Sunset


Chi Chi’s Sunkissed

And last but not last, I have three beautiful peachy single shadows to share with you from ColourPop.  We have Shark Attack which is a pearlized formula and one of my all time favourite ColourPop shadows.  Next is Flipper which is a metallic formula and finally Cheeky which is a satin formula.


ColourPop’s super shock shadows in Shark Attack, Flipper and Cheeky.


Swatches: Shark Attack, Flipper and Cheeky.

So if you are anything like me, and you are lusting after peach tones but you can’t access (or just can’t afford!) the Sweet Peach Palette from Two Faced, then hopefully some of the budget-friendly options that I have shown here might meet your cravings for peachy goodness.

Have a great day peach goddesses 🙂

Makeup Academy: Baked Trio Eyeshadows

I very much enjoy these bake eyeshadow trios from Makeup Academy. Unlike other baked eyeshadows I have had in the past these are soft to the touch, not too dry and very pigmented.

I enjoy these shadows used dry but if you spritz a little makeup fixing spray on your brush, the colours really do pop in all their shimmery goodness. I own two palettes from the range: Pink Sorbet and Innocence.


Makeup Academy Trio Eyeshadows: Pink Sorbet


Pink Sorbet – Swatches

Pink Sorbet offers a range of soft, feminine pinks and I loved this palette during the spring and summer where these kinds of pastel colours are particularly pretty.


Makeup Academy Trio Eyeshadows: Innocence


Innocence – Swatches

At first glance, Innocence, is a neutral palette but the colours are actually quite dynamic offering a taupe, champagne and a red-toned brown, duo-chrome with a blue shift.  I particularly like these colours with a soft brown matte (from another palette) in the crease.  These three colours can offer something quite daytime appropriate up to a much more dramatic and smokey look.  Stunning.

If you are lucky enough to have access to the MUA UK website you can purchase these for GPB2.50 online.  Unfortunately we don’t have access to that website anymore in Australia.  MUA sold distribution rights in Australia to Crush Cosmetics and to be honest their range is limited and the prices are very marked up!  As such, I no longer purchase MUA products 😦

So in review: MUA Baked Trio Eyeshadows = good.  MUA closing its online store to Australian buyers = BAD.

Have a fantastic day!

Makeup Revolution: Iconic Pro 1 & 2

Brace yourself people.  The palettes I am about to show you are quite possibly two of my favourite all-time eyeshadow palettes.  They are the Iconic Pro 1 & 2 palettes form Makeup Revolution and they are divine.  These palettes are designed to be dupes of the Lorac Pro 1 & 2 palettes.  I don’t own the Lorac versions to do a comparison for you but from comparisons I have seen online they are a very close match.


Regardless of their dupe status, these palettes are just beautiful.  They come with a matte case, large mirror and a double ended brush which I do enjoy.  They also come with a transparent slip which provides all the shade names.  I tend to throw these away; but if you do makeup tutorials, I am sure they would be useful.


Makeup Revolution: Iconic Pro 1


Makeup Revolution: Iconic Pro 1

The Iconic Pro palettes offer a perfect blend of matte and shimmer shades with eight of each included in each palette.  I also think there is a nice balance of warm and cool tones in both palettes.


Iconic Pro 1 swatches: mattes, left to right


Iconic Pro 2 swatches: shimmers, left to right

The pigmentation of all shades is consistently good across both palettes.  The texture of the matte shades is velvety soft and they blend so well.  The shimmer shades are equally beautiful with a lovely range of colours.


Makeup Revolution: Iconic Pro 2


Makeup Revolution: Iconic Pro 2 (here you can see the included brush)

I find the Iconic Pro 1 to be more neutral in tone while the Iconic Pro 2 has a few more pops of colour that are unique, but totally wearable.


Iconic Pro 2: mattes, left to right


Iconic Pro 2: shimmers, left to right

The quality of these shadows is some of the best to come from the Makeup Revolution labs.  To be fair you could own these two Iconic Pro palettes and not really need anything else in your collection.  You know, if you are one of those minimalist people… the kind that only buys just what they need in a show of extraordinary self-control which I can only look up to and admire 🙂

If I lost my entire makeup collection tomorrow, I would repurchase these in a heartbeat.  The Iconic Pro palettes are a pair of classy eyeshadow collections and I can’t recommend them enough.

If you would like to try them for yourself, they cost about AU$14 and you can find them here.

Have a fantastic day!