The Ticklish Giraffe – Fan Fun Box: Ice Scream!

The Ticklish Giraffe is an Etsy seller who produces quirky bath an body products.  Their shop is one of those totally awesome finds that you make through the joy that is social media and I have the beautiful Carisa from YouTube to thank for gifting me this box.  Carisa’s YouTube channel is so much fun and she is such a joy to watch that if you aren’t subscribed to her, you should be.  She has been reviewing the Fan Fun Boxes and honestly, seeing her enjoy the products in her unboxing videos is a huge temptation.  This really was a delightful gift to receive and let me show you why…


‘Nothing Rhymes with Orange, Whipped Soap Parfait,’ and ‘Butter Nuts, My Space Body, Linen & Air Spray.’

One of my favourite items in the box is the ‘Nothing Rhymes with Orange, Whipped Soap Parfait.’  Firstly, the packaging is just too cute.  I love the little orange wash puff and the little wooden spoon in conjunction with the ice-cream cup.  The attention to detail here is just amazing.  Plus, the scent!!  It is cream with a sweet orange scent.  Delicious.  I have used this to shave my legs (as recommended on the card) and it was glorious.  And yes, I did use the wooden spoon to scoop it out – oh the fun!

Next is the ‘Butter Nuts, My Space, Linen & Air Spray.’  This is yummy.  Genuinely, it smells like buttercream, vanilla, maple and nuts.  It is like spraying dessert around your room.


‘Root Beer Me, Dead Ed Wax Melt,’ cute banana guy and ‘Not So Thin Mint, Sugar Mama Scrub.’

Up next is the ‘Root Beer me, Dead Ed Wax Melt.’  The card describes this wax melt as smelling like summer’s favourite beer!  Root Beer is not something you can purchase easily in Australia so I have never tried it and have no idea what it should smell like BUT this smells to me like a rich combination of cola and sarsaparilla and I imagine it will be a really warming scent, perfect for the coming winter months.

My second favourite product in this box is the ‘Not so Thin Mint, Sugar Mama Scrub.’  This smells amazing.  It is chocolate, it is mint and it feels really scrubby and moisturising.  I have been loving this as a hand scrub on my dry hands and it is beautiful.


‘I Just Split My Pants, Mini Tubby Tornado Trio.’

Finally, we have the ‘I just Split my Pants, mini Tubby Tornado Trio.’  The packaging of these is super cute.  It is a cardboard ice-cream box filled with paper shreds and three sweet smelling bath bombs scented like a banana split.

Overall I have loved this Fan Fun Box from The Ticklish Giraffe.  I have loved everything I have tried so far and the packaging of the products in addition to the completely adorable product names just make this subscription SO much fun.

Thank you so much to Carisa for sharing the love with me here.  I can definitely recommend The Ticklish Giraffe and they do ship internationally!!

Have a fantastic day!




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