Australis: Mini Velourlips – Matte Lip Creams

I purchased these Velourlips, matte lip creams, during a 40% off sale on Australia day this year.  I have not had a lot of luck with matte, liquid lipstick and would not have paid full price for these for that reason but I was willing to give them a go while they were on sale.

The formula is drying, as you would expect, but the lasting power is really pretty impressive.  I can’t give you exact length in hours for the wear time as I haven’t been that diligent in my observations but they certainly last through eating and drinking for me!  Best of all, these don’t seem to crumble away and flake off over time as I have experienced with other matte liquid lipsticks.  As they are drying I wouldn’t wear these every day but interspersed with more nourishing products across the week they are quite fun.  I have to be honest that I am not a huge fan of the ‘super matte lip’ look – but if that is your thing, I think you will like these.


Mini Velourlips: Nudes and Pinks


Swatches: Mil-A-No, Hon-O-Loo-Loo, Ho-Chee-Min, Los-Angel-Es & Lun-Dun

For application a very thin layer is best and if it is possible to lay the colour down accurately in just one swipe that is ideal but they will let you fiddle a little without turning into a disaster.  Some of the paler colours can be a little bit streaky upon application but it is workable.


Mini Velourlips: Brights


Swatches: Tok-I-O, Shang-Hi, Mal-I-Boo, Bar-Tha-Lona & Rio-D.  (Sorry – the tubes in this picture don’t match up with their swatch – the names do refer to the swatches though!)

These little minis are small – but I really like that.  Each mini contains 3ml of product and you get 10ml in a full size.  It gives you a chance to try out lots of colours and if you like one enough to use up this travel size then you can purchase a full size and know it will be money well spent.  These travel kits retail for AU$14.95 and a single full size is AU$10.49 which works out to be about the same cost per millilitre.  As a girl with LOTS of lip products though, I can’t see myself running out of these too soon, so I’m glad to have a smaller size – at least I might be in for a chance of getting through them before they expire.

Have wonderful day!


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