Things I Don’t Love: Mr. Bean Coffee Bean Coconut Scrub

Welcome back to my ‘things I don’t love’ series, where I discuss products that didn’t work for me or that I just don’t love.  Today I am going to discuss the Mr. Bean Coffee Bean Coconut Scrub.

This is a product that definitely falls into the category of doing exactly what it is advertised to do… but there are unforeseen negatives that you might want to be aware of before you give it a go.

Lets start by talking about the good points about this product:

  • all natural ingredients – I recognise everything on the list!
  • fair trade
  • cruelty-free
  • Australian owned and made.
  • the natural oils are moisturising for the skin
  • this smells really delicious!!


This is a seriously good scrub.  It is VERY scrubby and the texture is rough but exfoliating.  So if it is so wonderful, why has it appeared in the ‘things I don’t love’ series?


Mr. Bean Coconut Coffee Bean Scrub – very textured and scrubby!

Well it is not because of the product itself, but rather the MESS that this product causes when you use it.  The coconut oil that is so moisturising is also very dirty.  When you rub this scrub onto the skin it leaves big brown dirty smudge marks all over your skin.  To get it off you need to wash with soap which ameliorates some of the moisturising properties.  Also the coconut oil/coffee combination leaves brown smudges all over your bath!  Again, I then had to wash the bath tub afterwards.  Lastly, the scrub is dense and does not ‘melt’ in the water because it is coffee grounds so you also need to be aware that this is going to send lots of solid waste down the drain which may be a blockage issue if you use this sort of thing regularly.

So we have a super effective and natural exfoliator BUT it does have some messy factors that need to be considered.  I only use this scrub on the days where I intend to wash the bathroom otherwise it is a real hassle.  For me, the mess that this causes means it isn’t a product that I love, even though it works extremely well as a body scrub.

If you are happy to deal with the mess, I can totally recommend this product 🙂

Have a fantastic day!

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