Makeup Revolution: Ultra Blush Palette – All About Cream

I received this cream blush palette from Makeup Revolution for free as part of one of their special deals where you spend a certain amount and receive some bonus products.  I am not really a cream face product girl but I was excited to give these a try.


Makeup Revolution: Ultra Professional Blush Palette – all about cream.

The packing of this palette is MUR’s standard black shiny plastic with a huge mirror.  The pans are round and easy to access with a blush brush without mixing the colours unintentionally, which I enjoy, particularly with creams.


All About Cream: top row.


Top row swatches.


The top row of this palette offers a red rose, bright pink, peach and rose pink.  The texture of these blushes is creamy to the touch and almost a little greasy to feel.  These swatches involved swirling my finger twice around the pan and then swatching once on my arm – they are pigmented, that is for sure!


All About Cream: bottom row.


Bottom row swatches

The bottom row offers a dark nude, more pinks and a coral blush.  As you can see from the swatches there are a few similar colours in the palette which would be a criticism in my opinion.

I apply these cream blushes with a small stipple brush and I find, although they apply very boldly initially, they do blend out well.  I was worried from the greasy feel that these blushes would break down the foundation and/or make my skin look more greasy but I have not found that to be the case which has been a pleasant surprise.  I would say that cream face products do give you more glow but it wasn’t a greasy look by any means.  These do last quite well on the skin but they aren’t the longest lasting blushes in my collection.  I work in schools and find that these do last a work day for me so that is great.

Overall, I have been pleasantly surprised by the formula of these blushes but I wish that there was more diversity in the colours offered in this palette.  If you enjoy a cream blush or are interested in experimenting with them for the first time, I would definitely say that this palette is worth a try 🙂

Have a fantastic day!

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