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Makeup Revolution: Ultra Blush Palette – All About Cream

I received this cream blush palette from Makeup Revolution for free as part of one of their special deals where you spend a certain amount and receive some bonus products.  I am not really a cream face product girl but I was excited to give these a try.


Makeup Revolution: Ultra Professional Blush Palette – all about cream.

The packing of this palette is MUR’s standard black shiny plastic with a huge mirror.  The pans are round and easy to access with a blush brush without mixing the colours unintentionally, which I enjoy, particularly with creams.


All About Cream: top row.


Top row swatches.


The top row of this palette offers a red rose, bright pink, peach and rose pink.  The texture of these blushes is creamy to the touch and almost a little greasy to feel.  These swatches involved swirling my finger twice around the pan and then swatching once on my arm – they are pigmented, that is for sure!


All About Cream: bottom row.


Bottom row swatches

The bottom row offers a dark nude, more pinks and a coral blush.  As you can see from the swatches there are a few similar colours in the palette which would be a criticism in my opinion.

I apply these cream blushes with a small stipple brush and I find, although they apply very boldly initially, they do blend out well.  I was worried from the greasy feel that these blushes would break down the foundation and/or make my skin look more greasy but I have not found that to be the case which has been a pleasant surprise.  I would say that cream face products do give you more glow but it wasn’t a greasy look by any means.  These do last quite well on the skin but they aren’t the longest lasting blushes in my collection.  I work in schools and find that these do last a work day for me so that is great.

Overall, I have been pleasantly surprised by the formula of these blushes but I wish that there was more diversity in the colours offered in this palette.  If you enjoy a cream blush or are interested in experimenting with them for the first time, I would definitely say that this palette is worth a try 🙂

Have a fantastic day!

ColourPop Super Shock Sunday: Sequin, I Heart This and Hammered

Welcome to instalment six of Super Shock Sunday.  If you missed the previous posts, you can find all the blogs from this ColourPop series under the category tab labelled Super Shock Sunday on the right side of this page.

Today the shadows in focus are Sequin, I Heart This and Hammered.


ColourPop Super Shock Shadows: Sequin, I Heart This and Hammered.

Now, lets just all take a moment to take in the metallic gorgeousness of these three shadows.  Sequin, I Heart This and Hammered are all extremely pigmented and just so lush in all their shiny goodness.


Swatch: Sequin (metallic)

Sequin is a really beautiful copper shade with silver and gold glitter.  This one really is glittery so it may give a bit of fallout if you try to blend it out too much but generally I tap this onto the lid and blend gently with my finger and it is just perfect.


Swatch: I Heart This (metallic)

I Heart This is a really pretty lid shade.  This is a cool-toned silvery taupe with a tone of glitter.  I use this often with a matte taupe in the crease and not much else because it is just so lovely on its own.  This one really catches the light on the eyes.  Stunning.


Swatch: Hammered (metallic)

And finally we have Hammered.  I think this one is a really unique colour: olive with gold glitter in a metallic finish.  Sometimes with olive shades I find that they just end up looking black on the eye but I find that Hammered maintains its beautiful olive colour on the eye.  This looks great paired with other brown and gold shadows.  I wondered when I purchased this if I would get much wear out of it but I actually wear it regularly and very much enjoy how it looks.

So that brings another Super Shock Sunday to a close.  Have a look at the ColourPop website if you dare… but be prepared to be extremely tempted!!

Have a fantastic day!!