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ColourPop Super Shock Sunday: Lippie Stix edition

Welcome to instalment five of Super Shock Sunday.  If you missed the previous posts, you can find all the blogs from this ColourPop series under the category tab labelled Super Shock Sunday on the right side of this page.

Today is going to be a Lippie Stix edition with a focus on Cake, Fancy, Rocket, I Heart This and Dazed.


Lippie Stix: Cake, Fancy, Rocket, I Heart This and Dazed.

I was really interested in trying some peachy/coral lip shades in the theme of my coral-toned love affair.  I also wanted a few richer tones for the holidays and I was really happy with my choices here.


Swatches: Cake (satin), Fancy (satin), Rocket (satin), I Heart This (matte) and Dazed (matte).

Cake, Fancy and Rocket are all a satin formula and I think that the main difference between satin and matte is to do with the feel on the lips and the longevity on the lips but I have to say that they don’t look that different.  The satin formula is more moisturising but the wear time isn’t as good as the mattes.  I also find that you do need to exfoliate before using the satin lipsticks otherwise they can gather a little in the fine lines of your lips.

The only other point to make really is that I was surprised how similar Cake and Rocket look when swatched.  Cake is a softer and more pastel peach while Rocket is a pinky coral, but if I had my time again, I would probably not have purchased both as they do look similar on the lips.

I adore the matte formula from ColourPop and I find they last SO well even through eating and drinking.  Whenever I wear I Heart This I get compliments, it really is a stunning shade, and Dazed has been the perfect Christmas colour.

I really enjoy these lipsticks from ColourPop – such fun colours.

Have a wonderful day!



Makeup Revolution: The One Blush Stick in Malibu

I received this ‘The One Blush Stick’ for free as part of the Black Friday sales that Makeup Revolution held in 2015.  The Malibu blush stick is really a bronzer with a shimmer to it.  This wouldn’t have been a product I would have purchased with my own money as the colour looked quite dark on the website and seemed quite orange toned and I just presumed it wouldn’t suit my skin tone.


Makeup Revolution: The One Blush Stick – Malibu

The applicator tube is extremely convenient and easy to store.  I do find that this product blends well with a stippling brush.  You can apply it directly from the tube to your skin and blend but I prefer to pick up the colour with my stippling brush from the tube and then apply to the skin from the brush.  I find this means I avoid applying too much product and therefore I spend less time blending.  Too much blending may disturb your foundation so just keep that in mind.  This product sets nicely on my skin and does NOT remain tacky which is great.  It doesn’t seem to make my skin more cakey or greasy which can happen for me if I use cream products.


Malibu: full swatch on the left; blended product (from the stipple brush) on the right

So lets talk about the colour.  You can see from my arm that I have a very fair complexion (and lots of freckles!) so I felt like this would be way too warm for me, but, I am surprised and please with how this looks on my skin.  Obviously if you apply Malibu heavily it will be dark but I find that it is easy to apply lightly for a golden glow that actually looks summery and natural.

So the final verdict is that if you are looking for a golden bronzer and would prefer a cream product then I can recommend this One Blush Stick in Malibu.  While it works for my fair complexion as a bronzer, it could probably also be a nice highlighter for those with darker, richer skin tones.

Have  a fantastic day!



ColourPop Super Shock Sunday: Coconut and Etiquette

Welcome to instalment four of Super Shock Sunday.  If you missed the previous posts, you can find all the blogs from this ColourPop series under the category tab labelled Super Shock Sunday on the right side of this page.

Today the shadows in focus are Coconut and Etiquette.


ColourPop Super Shock Shadows: Coconut and Etiquette

I know that blue eyeshadows are a bit 70’s really but I am loving these eyeshadows at the moment.  I am rocking blue eyeshadow with everything at the moment and loving it.  I have been particularly sneaking it in on the lower lash line with more neutral eye looks for a pop of colour.


Swatch: Coconut (pearlized)

I love Coconut.  This colour is just so beautiful.  It is the most stunning peacock teal and I love the pearled finish for this colour.  If you are going to buy a blue from ColourPop I can’t recommend this one enough.


Swatch: Etiquette (pearlized)

Next up is Etiquette which is another pearlized finish shadow.  This is a true royal blue and is very pretty.  I feel like this colour is more of a ‘going out’ shade when compared to Coconut which just feels really summery and fun and casual.  I enjoy Etiquette with dark browns in the crease for a dramatic look.


If you own Baby T from the Forever Freshman collection that was released in the ColourPop Autumn collection you may have thought (like I did) that it is very similar to Etiquette.  Baby is supposedly a matte shadow but I think it looks more like a satin and the colours of these two is actually very close when on the eye (more than the photo above suggests).  If you own one, you probably don’t need the other although both are stunning.

So, that is it for this blog 🙂

If you are interested in having a look at the ColourPop website for yourself you can find it here

Have a fantastic day!

Things I don’t Love: Australis, Mix it – Colour Correcting Foundation

Welcome to another instalment of the ‘Things I don’t Love’ series 🙂  It is time for a chat about foundation.

I purchased this Mix it: Colour Correcting Foundation during a site wide 50% off sale that Australis held towards the end of last year.  I was drawn to this product as it claimed to colour correct the complexion as well as nourish and hydrate the skin with Argan oil, pomegranate, vitamin E and pink grapefruit essential oil as well as helping to clear acne with Licorice Root.  Plus, it has SPF 25 sunscreen!

Great, right?

wish this product worked for me.  Really, I do, because it sounds like a dream.  It smells really nice (faintly of sweet citrus) and is quite a good colour match but this is one of the worst foundations I have ever used.


Mix it – Colour Correcting Foundation in the colour Nude.

I find that this foundation is SUPER greasy on my skin.  It sits on my skin and immediately looks cakey because it falls into all the pores and creases – any of the texture of my skin is amplified.  I would describe the coverage of this foundation as light to medium at best.  It can be layered but when I have attempted that it turns into an oil slick.  I think the part about this foundation that I really don’t love is that it stays very tacky.  It doesn’t set.  Even when I try to set it with a powder it stays kind of wet and if you touch your face it comes away on your hand.


One layer of the foundation blended out with a beauty blender – the coverage is light.

So.  When all those powers combine this foundation breaks down really quickly on me.  Like, really quickly.  When I applied this, this morning, by the time I finished leisurely applying my makeup it had already started to break down around my nose and around my chin! (N.B. it is summer here and it was warm this morning).

I always use a face primer and I have tried to apply this with various brushes, a beauty blender and my fingers and it really doesn’t make any difference to the look and wear of this foundation.  My personal experience is that this sits on the face unnaturally and then melts off 😦

I would not purchase this foundation again, but, I can say that Australis also makes one of my favourite foundations (the Stayput 16hr foundation), so the fact that this foundation hasn’t worked for me is not a reflection on the brand as a whole.  And just because the Mix it – Colour Correcting Foundation didn’t work for me, doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work for you.

Have a fantastic day!



ColourPop Super Shock Sunday: Cheeky, Flipper and Animal!

Welcome to instalment three of Super Shock Sunday.  If you missed the previous posts, you can find all the blogs from this ColourPop series under the category tab labelled Super Shock Sunday on the right side of this page.

Today the shadows in focus are Cheeky, Flipper and Animal!


ColourPop Super Shock Shadows: Cheeky, Flipper and Animal.

If you read my blogs you know that I am on a bit of a coral kick at the moment and these three shades were ordered with that passion in mind.  I have a bit of a theme going 🙂


Swatch: Cheeky (Satin)

Cheeky is a very beautiful and wearable shadow.  I really enjoy the satin formula, it has some shine without heavy shimmer or glitter, but, it is certainly not as pigmented as the other formulations in the ColourPop range.  This colour is a mid-toned coral with a pink duo-chrome flash and I think it is really pretty on the lid.


Swatch: Flipper (metallic)

Now if you like glitter and shimmer then Flipper is your perfect shade.  ColourPop describes this one as being a soft tangerine sprinkled with silver and pink glitter.  I use Flipper over other shades to add some sparkle – it looks very pretty tapped on the centre of the lid.  I think this is such a unique shadow!


Swatch: Animal (pressed pigment)

In continuation of the coral love affair here we have Animal which is a BRIGHT coral colour with flashes of golden glitter.  Honestly, if you love coral colours, then you will adore this.  ColourPop says that Animal is ‘coralicious eye candy’ and I have to agree.

It is coralicious 🙂

I really like Animal all over the lids with a bright blue ColourPop shadow called ‘coconut’ on the lower lash line for a super summery look.

If you are interested in having a look at ColourPop for yourself you can find their website here.  They are a great cruelty-free and budget-friendly brand.

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Have a wonderful day!

ColourPop Super Shock Sunday: Hanky Panky, Shop and Drift

Welcome to instalment two of Super Shock Sunday.  In instalment 1 I discussed the ColourPop shadows in general and gave some tips for their use.  If you missed the first post, you can find all the blogs from this series under the category tab labelled Super Shock Sunday on the right side of this page.  Now, onto the exciting stuff.  Today the ColourPop shadows in focus are Hanky Panky, Shop and Drift.


ColourPop Super Shock Shadows: Hanky Panky, Shop and Drift.

In these three shades we have a real workhorse matte, a festive jewel tone and (my current favourite) a pop of coral!


Swatch: Hanky Panky (matte)

Hanky Panky is a much used matte shade in my collection.  I enjoy this soft, cool brown as a transition shade in and above the crease.  This is the shade I often apply while I’m think about what I’m actually going to do on my eyes for the day – it is just so versatile.  I often overlook these kinds of shades because they aren’t very exciting, but boy do they get some use day-to-day in my collection!


Swatch: Shop (matte)

Shop is another matte shade in a gorgeous rusty coral colour.  This is a lovely shadow to warm up the crease on its own but I also like to add it lightly to blend out a darker crease colour.  I am having a love affair with all things coral at the moment 🙂


Swatch: Drift (pearlized)

Finally, we have the colour Drift which is a pearlized finished.  If you read my Festive Holiday Makeup blog you will have seen this shade in action already, but Drift is a stunning cranberry colour that is just beautiful.  This shade has had a lot of use from me this holiday season.

So, that brings this Super Shock Sunday to an end.  If you would like to check out the ColourPop website for yourself you can find it here.

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Have a fantastic day!

Wet N Wild: Comfort Zone Colour Eyeshadow Collection

The Comfort Zone eyeshadow palette is one of those products that I heard a lot about from American beauty bloggers but as Wet N Wild is difficult to access in Australia I had never tried it.   When I happened across Wet N Wild products on Crush Cosmetics I purchased the Comfort Zone for AU$12 out of curiosity and I am glad that I did.


Comfort Zone: Neutral Tones.


Swatches: Neutral Tones.

A word of warning, the cheap packaging of this palette  is a little bit off-putting but it is not indicative of the quality of the eyeshadow.  I knew from other reviews that the shadows were supposedly lovely but truly, these are really nice.  They are soft and pigmented and finely milled and they blend so well.  I do need an eyeshadow primer with these but with it they wear well and don’t crease.


Comfort Zone: Green Tones.


Swatches: Green Tones.

While I find these colours very appropriate for everyday wear, one point to note is that there are no matte colours in this palette.  There are three distinct eyeshadow formulas here including a shimmer, glitter and duo chrome.  The shimmer and duo chrome formulas are beautiful and these are the shadows that I reach for when I use this palette.  The duo chrome shade (which is marked as the ‘definer’ shade in the Green tones), is really beautiful and the main reason why I purchased this palette.  This duo chrome has a red/brown base with a blue/green flash.  So cool!

The Neutral tone ‘definer’ and Green tone ‘crease’ shades are the two glitter shades.  I don’t enjoy these as much.  They look gorgeous in the pan but when worn both look very similar.  They are both dark on the eye and the glitter doesn’t transfer that well and/or I get glitter fallout – nothing major but enough to be a bit annoying.  If these two shades could be replaced with a couple of nice matte crease shades this would be a perfect palette for me.

My last thought – I can’t imagine using these colours according to the labels provided by Wet N Wild… I’m not about a glitter eyeshadow in my crease but maybe that is just me 😉

If you haven’t tried the Comfort Zone palette from Wet N Wild I think it is definitely worth a go.  Wet N Wild are a cruelty-free brand and at AU$12 this is a budget-friendly purchase.

Have a great day!

ColourPop Super Shock Sunday: So Quiche, 3 and Mittens

As I am currently having a love affair with ColourPop I have decided to start a Sunday series where I swatch and briefly review ColourPop Super Shock shadows that you can currently purchase individually from their website.  If you are unfamiliar with ColourPop their eyeshadows are a unique formula that feels like a satin, dense but bouncy mousse.  I very much enjoy the texture.  ColourPop are also cruelty-free and each shadow costs US$5.

ColourPop ships directly to Australia and New Zealand from the USA and I have recently heard that Lustre Cosmetics is going to be a ColourPop distributor in the UK as of January 2016, which is exciting for my UK friends!

So welcome to the first instalment of the Super Shock Sunday series!

Today we are going to have an up-close look at the super shock shadows in So Quiche, 3 and Mittens.


ColourPop shadows: So Quiche, 3 and Mittens

I find that these three colours do work quite well together, but what I particularly like about these particular shadows is that they all function extremely well for a single shadow eye look.  Generally I find the ColourPop shadows to be quite dimensional.


Swatch: So Quiche

So Quiche is a soft brown/olive shadow with gold glitters with a pink violet glittery duo chrome.  It is extremely pretty on the eye and works well with other brown shadows as well as softer pink-toned shadows.  So Quiche is in a metallic finish.


Swatch: 3

3 is also a metallic finish and is one of my most reached-for shades.  It is a chocolatey brown colour with multi-coloured glitters.  This one is excellent for a single shadow look when you pack it on the lid and blend it out into the crease.


Swatch: Mittens

Mittens is another shade that I use often.  It is a lush deep, warm brown but it is so dimensional.  ColourPop describe it as having a red violet undertone and I can see where they are coming from.  This one also works really well when packed on the lid and then blended out into the crease for a single shadow look, but mostly I used Mittens to darken up the crease of eye looks.

To finish here are some general points reviewing the super shock shadows:

  • I use a dense, fluffy, synthetic brush when blending out ColourPop shades and that works well for me.  Otherwise I use my fingers to pack on the colour.
  • Sometimes when you are blending out shades that are really glittery you may get some glitter fallout so be aware of that, but if I am packing on the glitter colours with my finger I never get fallout which is great.
  • One last point that has become an issue for me as we move into summer is that these ColourPop shadows set really quickly in the heat so if you are wanting to blend them out I suggest working on one eye at a time to avoid the colour setting before you have finished.
  • The good news is that once they are set, these shadows don’t budge on me AT ALL, even when it is super humid and hot.  (N.B. I don’t have oily lids though).

I don’t foresee future Super Shock Sunday blogs being so wordy but there were a few general points I wanted to review here – I promise upcoming blogs in this series will be much more succinct 🙂

Have a glorious day!!