Things I Don’t Love: E.L.F. Brightening Eye Colour Quad

Welcome back to another instalment of my ‘Things I Don’t Love’ series where I discuss products that didn’t work for me and that I’m just not in love with.

I enjoy many things from the brand E.L.F. but today we are going to discuss one product from their range that I just don’t love and it is their Brightening Eye Colour Quads.

I find these quads to be very hit and miss.  Some of the shadows are lovely, buttery and pigmented but most of the shadows aren’t.  I find that the shadows seem too tightly pressed into the pans so you really need to scrub to pick up any product and when you apply them to the eye they are quite patchy.  The mattes, in particular, are very dry, hard and lack pigmentation.  Shades that contain glitter are quite crumbly, and I don’t find the glitter transfers well to the skin.

I purchased one of these quads in Day 2 Night and I thought the quality was quite good for the price so when I was back to the site I picked up a number of others and I was really disappointed with the inconsistent quality.  To demonstrate this I have swatched the quads all in the same way: I swirled my finger three times around the pan and then applied it to my bare skin (no primer).



Brownstone is the worst quad in my collection in terms of pigmentation.  You can see that the black shade has almost no pigmentation when swatched using the method described.


Ocean Dreams

Here you can see the issues with pigmentation and patchiness of colour.



Ethereal is one of the quads that I think is quite nice.  The shades perform much better and more consistently across the palette.


Silver Lining

The lightest shade (swatch 1) of the Silver Lining quad is really quite nice but the other shades lack pigmentation.  The blue is probably also workable if you are happy to build up the colour but it will be work.  Meanwhile that dark grey (swatch 3)- where is the pigmentation?


Pretty n’ Pink

Again, the colours of the Pretty n’ Pink quad look really pretty in the pan but the pigmentation is such a bummer.


Day 2 Night

Day 2 Night was the first quad from this range that I purchased and I think these colours are pretty.  I particularly like the copper shade (swatch 4).  Unfortunately the quality of this quad is not indicative of the whole range 😦



Lastly, we have drama.  You can see that the glitter black shade is super patchy here and I did run over this with my finger in an attempt to smooth out the pigment, to no avail.  The matte white shade (swatch 1) is almost non-existent when swatched!

So, overall, even though these little quads are really budget-freindly, and cruelty-free, they aren’t products I would recommend.  I think that the quality is very inconsistent and generally the pigmentation is wanting.  Plus, the triangular shape of the pans makes dipping your brush in a bit awkward.  If you are desperate to give these a go I would say that the quads Ethereal and Day 2 Night are the best ones I have tried from the range, but, I have to be honest, I just don’t reach for these at all because I have much better examples of similar colours from other brands.

If you want to try some really stunning eyeshadows from E.L.F. I can’t recommend their Prism palettes enough.  You can read my review and see swatches of the Prism palettes here if you are interested.

Have a fabulous day!

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