Makeup Revolution: Ultra Professional Blush & Highlight Expert 2015 Holiday Kit

Ultra Professional Blush and Highlight Expert holiday kit.

Ultra Professional Blush and Highlight Expert holiday kit.

I put an order in to Makeup Revolution when they were having their Black Friday deals.  As part of the offer their holiday kits were 1/3 off the marked price, and I had a 20% code so I figured it was a nice time to give one of these kits a go.  I selected the Ultra Professional Blush & Highlight Expert holiday kit which comes with a blush palette, highlight palette and then blush and highlight brushes.  This kit retails for GBP14 but with the deal and my discount code I paid GBP7.47 which is about AU$15.  Bargain!

The Brushes

These brushes are super soft.  I love the rose gold ferrule and overall they feel well made.  The brush itself is synthetic (a necessity in my cruelty-free book) and they seem to pick up product well and blend nicely.  These are definitely for powder products though as the brush is super soft and has a lot of movement to it.  I am really enjoying these.

The Blush Palette

This palette is certainly pink in tone and as I don’t own the ‘All about pink – blush palette’ from Makeup Revolution’s permanent range, I thought this would be a nice addition to my collection.  My first impression is that these blushers have the same pigmentation and soft texture that you will find in all the Makeup Revolution blush palettes.

If you are familiar with the permanent blush palettes from MUR you will notice that this holiday addition has two major differences from the standard version:

1) the palette does not contain a mirror and, in my opinion, the packaging looks ‘cheaper’ with the clear lid.  The pro of this packaging is that you can see the colours it contains which I do quite like.

2)  This palette contains powder blushes but NO baked products.  The permanent blush palettes all contain at least two baked blushers.  This is not a pro or con for me, I am merely pointing out the difference.


Blush palette

The blushes on the top row appear matte but I feel like they have a nice glow about them (which may be my imagination).  I have given heavy swatches below but these aren’t actually that scary to apply.

Swatches of the top row.

Swatches of the top row.


Swatches of second row.

The first blush in the second row is the only one that appears to contain some finely milled glitter in the pan, but as you can see from my swatch it hasn’t really transferred to the skin.

My criticism of this palette would be that I feel the colours in the top row are VERY similar to the bottom row.  Admittedly the nuanced differences were more apparent to me in person, but from these photos you can see that they aren’t going to look significantly different on the skin.  Saying that, these are all pink toned blushers, so I suppose – how different can they be?

The Highlighter Palette

This palettes is the reason why I purchased this holiday kit.  I love highlighters and Makeup Revolution do not currently have a highlighter palette with this configuration in their permanent range so when I saw this in their Christmas collection it called my name.

Highlighter Palette

Highlighter Palette: six satin powder highlights and two baked highlighters.

This palette does not disappoint.  The six satin powder highlighters are very soft and pigmented without being too metallic looking on the face.  The colours range from white through soft mauve, champagne tones and into pinks.  The colour differences are subtle on the skin, but these are beautiful and I feel like this palette offers something for everyone.

Swatches of top row

Swatches of top row (from left to right – bottom to top). You can see that the baked highlighter (top swatch) is super metallic!

The two baked products are drier to the touch than their straight powder counterparts, but they are so beautiful with their swirled, baked colouring.  I used the same method to swatch all of the powders and you can see that the white baked powder really shines in comparison.


Swatches of bottom row (left to right from bottom to top).

Overall, I think this is a great kit.  If you love blusher and highlighter this is a budget-friendly and cruelty-free way to feed your addiction.  Or, if you know someone who loves makeup, or is building their collection, this holiday kit offers all the blusher and highlighter you would every realistically need – plus some lovely brushes for application!

As this is a holiday kit I am presuming that these products are limited addition so don’t wait around if you are keen to try these.  If you would like to check them out for yourselves you can find them here.

Have a wonderful day!


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