Things I don’t love: E.L.F. all over cover/colour stick

I purchased these ‘all over cover/colour sticks’ from E.L.F. because I was really interested in trying a cream highlight and I figured… why not try a foundation stick while I’m at it?  The answer to that question, unfortunately, is that these just aren’t very good, that’s why not.

I love E.L.F. so this is in no way a brand bashing.  E.L.F. makes some of my holy grail products, but these just aren’t my thing.

E.L.F. All Over Cover Sticks - Ivory, Persimmon, and Spotlight.

E.L.F. All Over Cover/Colour Sticks – Ivory, Persimmon, and Spotlight.

For those of you who want the quick lowdown on these products there are a few issues:

  • they are very thick and slick in texture
  • the formula is greasy
  • they are extremely difficulty to blend
  • they feel tacky when applied and they stay tacky
  • if you put them on before applying your powder they will CAKE UP on the skin big time!

One pro is the smell – these smell like oranges to me.  I don’t own any cosmetics with a similar scent and it is lovely.

So lets talk about these three in a bit more detail.

Swatches: Ivory, Persimmon, Spotlight

Swatches: Ivory, Persimmon, Spotlight

I own Ivory from the ‘all over cover stick’ range.  You can see from the swatch of Ivory that this is extremely thick and greasy and the colour is also way too yellow for my skin.  I was expecting it to be a foundation stick but it is more like concealer.  I can’t imagine using this all over the face!  To be honest, I just could not make this work at all.  When I try to blend this stick out it catches on every little textured part of the skin and as my skin is a very annoying combination of very dry spots surrounded by quite oily areas I single handedly made this product look horrendous.

swatches blended out slightly: Ivory, Persimmon, Spotlight

Swatches blended out slightly: Ivory, Persimmon, Spotlight.

I have two colours from the ‘all over colour sticks’ – Persimmon and Spotlight.  I consider these to be highlighter sticks and I think these colours are really beautiful, so much so that when I swatch these I always feel like there must be a way to make them work but I just can’t get these to blend out on my cheeks in a way that would be wearable.  When I try to work with these highlighters on the face they just stay so metallic and so pigmented and because the formula is so thick and greasy… they just don’t blend.  The times where I have really persisted with attempting to blend them out I have ended up lifting all the foundation underneath and then if you powder over them – eek!  So cakey.

These sticks weren’t expensive so they have not been a real loss and I have so many E.L.F. products that I just love that I think it has to be expected that there will be some products in their vast range that just won’t work for me personally.

If you have found a way to make these work I would love to hear you advice.

I hope you have a fantastic day.

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