Makeup Revolution: New-trals vs Neutrals

Makeup Revolution: New-trals vs Neutrals

New-trals vs Neutrals: the top row is warm corals and burn reds, the bottom row is soft mauves and taupes.

New-trals vs Neutrals: the top row is warm corals and burnt reds, the bottom row is soft mauves and taupes.

I fell in love with this palette when it was released for the UK’s autumn.  I love warm colours on my skin and have recently become obsessed with coral shadows, so this was right up my alley.  I couldn’t justify the cost of postage to immediately impulse buy it immediately when it was released but as I was buying some cosmetics as christmas gifts I found an excuse to put it in my basket 🙂  I am in love.

The case has a matte cover, good quality mirror and a very useful duel-ended brush.

The case has a matte cover, good quality mirror and a very useful duel-ended brush.

This palette is presented in the same way as the Iconic Pro 1 & 2 with a matte lid and duel-ended brush.  The shadows are presented in square pans (which I really like for some reason) and there is a mix of mattes, satins, glitter and shimmery shade formulas.  I love the variety here and the shadow quality is excellent overall.

New-Trals vs Neutral palette

New-Trals vs Neutral palette

I have seen some of the shades of this palette compared as duplicates to the Lime Crime Venus Eyeshadow Palette.  I don’t own that palette to do a comparison for you here, but I can certainly see similarities from the pictures online.

I actually love the way that the two rows of this palette are so different.  The two rows have a very different feel and if I was going to categorise them seasonally I would say the top row is quite autumnal and the bottom is more wintery with its berry type tones.  Living in North Queensland where the seasons are basically ‘hot, hotter and hottest’ I find myself dreaming about the idea of having proper seasons but as that doesn’t exit for me here, I will be rocking these colours regardless of the time of year!

So lets talk about the shadows.  In the top row neutral, trend and tone are matte shades.  Custom is a matte base with micro-glitters but I find that these glitters are extremely small and very finely milled.  Bias, personal, vogue and new-tral are satin shades.  The formula of the satin shades is just stunning and probably my favourite formula in this palette.  Bias is a very pretty highlight shade, but I was disappointed by the pigmentation.  I find you really have to built this one to use it on the lid, but it is lovely for the inner corner.

swatches: top row, left to right

swatches: top row, left to right – bias, neutral, personal, vogue, trend, new-tral, tone, custom.


New-Trals vs Neutrals shade names


swatches: bottom row, left to right – cool, style, partial, mode, adapt, buff, suit, strong.

In the second row cool and adapt are matte.  I am glad to have a cream matte to highlight the brow area and adopt is great to darken up the crease.  Buff and suit are satins in mauve/taupe tones.  Strong has a blackened base and is packed with dark purple/maroon micro-glitters.  This is very glam and I can imagine this would be beautiful for holiday parties.  This brings us to style, partial and mode which are the three shimmer shades which are quite metallic.  These aren’t the most finely milled shimmers.  Styles in particular is a little bit flakey so you might need to kind of layer it on, but these look beautiful on the lid, particularly if you use a little bit of fixing spray during application.

I really don’t have a bad thing to say about New-trals vs Neutrals.  I love the colour palette, I love the quality of the shadows: it is just overall a really great buy and so unique compared to other palettes in my collection.

If you are interested in this one, you can find it here on the Makeup Revolution website for about AU$14.

Have a glorious day!!

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