E.L.F pressed mineral blush & bronzer

E.L.F. Pressed Mineral Blush & Bronzer

E.L.F pressed mineral blush & bronzer

E.L.F pressed mineral blush & bronzer

I really do LOVE the E.L.F pressed mineral blushes and bronzer (highlighter) that I own.  These are quite expensive for E.L.F. (I paid about AU$5 each) but they are very much worth the money.  While the powders feel quite high-end, the packaging is super light plastic.  These powders are extremely soft, to the point where you need to be very gentle when you tap your brush into these otherwise they will kick up a lot of powder and you will end up with so much product on your brush.  These are also very pigmented so you really do only need a small amount of powder to get a great flush of colour on your cheek.

There are four blushes in this range and I own three.  There are also four bronzers in this range, but I only have the lightest shade which is almost more of a highlighter, but regardless of how you use it, it is beautiful.

From left to right: Wanderlust, Jet Setter, Sweet Retreat and Baked Peach.

From left to right: Wanderlust, Jet Setter, Sweet Retreat and Baked Peach.

While I would describe these blushes as matte, I feel like they have a glow about them on the skin (perhaps it is in my imagination?)  Wanderlust is a plum shade and it is the darkest blush in the range.  I wore this a lot in the winter months (ha – winter does NOT exist in North Queensland, but lets all just pretend that it gets cold enough to warrant winter seasonal colours).  Next is Jet Setter and this is a really beautiful rose-toned blush.  This is perfect for everyday wear and is just so pretty on fair skin.  Finally we have Sweet Retreat and this is a very soft, neutral pink.  Again, this is lovely for everyday wear and this is the one I have been reaching for as the weather is starting to warm up and I’m wanting lighter colours on my face.  The last colour in the range which I don’t own is called Cabo Cabana and it is a warm, coral shade.  It is beautiful but it is not a shade that I can access easily from Australia which is a bummer.

Baked Peach, Sweet Retreat, Jet Setter, Wanderlust

Baked Peach, Sweet Retreat, Jet Setter, Wanderlust

Swatches: Wanderlust, Jet Setter, Sweet Retreat, Baked Peach

Swatches: Wanderlust, Jet Setter, Sweet Retreat, Baked Peach

The other pressed mineral product that I have here is Baked Peach.  I think the name of this product is so lush… baked peach.  It just sounds delicious.  This is marketed as a bronzer and if you are super pale perhaps this would work to gently warm up your completion but it is too light for that purpose on my skin.  I didn’t buy it to bronze though as I had read it makes a lovely highlighter.  Baked Peach is a champagne colour and you can see from the swatch above it does have some gorgeous shimmer to it without being metallic.  I think it is really natural on the skin.  I love this colour for summer when I am just a little more tanned and lean towards bronzier makeup in general.  It is probably a bit too dark for me to wear as a highlighter…  But I wear it anyway…


This is the most powdery of the four pressed minerals that I own and I suspect that this is due to it containing some shimmer.  I would say as long as you work gently, gently with your brush in the pan, this won’t be a problem.  I haven’t tried the other bronzers in this range but I am interested to try them.  They are all matte and are called Tan Toffee, Beach Bronze and Caramel Cabana.  If you own these bronzers I’d love to hear what you think of them in the comments.

Overall, I think these mineral pressed powders blend really beautifully.  I love how they wear and I think these colours are so stunning.  If I had my time again I think I would choose either Wanderlust or Jet Setter as they are very similar colours but I wear them all so I don’t regret my purchase.  You can’t find these on elf Australia’s website so I purchased mine from iHerb.  Plus, iHerb is typically a cheaper place to buy E.L.F. products so it is worth checking their regardless 🙂

Have a fantastic day beautiful people!

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