ColourPop: Forever Freshman – 2015 Autumn Collection of Super Shock Shadows

We are in a awkward situation in Australia if we are buying seasonal collections from international companies from the other side of the world – everything looks so tempting BUT our seasons don’t match up!  Consequently I’m going to be doing all kinds of reviews of new products from America and the UK and they are going to be autumnal and wintery shades… and it is like 1000 degrees here! But hey, everyone loves some ColourPop deliciousness, regardless of the seasonal appropriateness 🙂

ColourPop Autumn Collections 2015

ColourPop Autumn Collections 2015

Lets start with the packaging.  I purchased the Back to Cool (lippie stix) and Forever Freshman (super shock shadow) autumn collections and the boxes are glossy and beautiful.  I wish I could pull out the interior of these boxes so that I could reuse them for storage.  It is such a shame to bin them but everything inside is super-glued down tight!

But lets be real, you aren’t here for the packaging!  Lets look at the beautiful shades.

ColourPop 'Forever Freshman' 2015 Autumn shadow collection

ColourPop ‘Forever Freshman’ 2015 Autumn shadow collection

This set comes with six shadows in a range of finishes.  This collection is inspired by 90’s makeup trends – and as a child of the 90’s I’m all about that era.  The shade names are also very 90’s culture inspired.  Love it! These colours aren’t available individually and this set is limited edition.  Although we are coming to the end of the season, this is still available on ColourPop’s website for US$30.

Crimper - pearlized

Crimper – pearlized

‘Crimper’ is the first shadow in the set and is a soft, gold colour in a pearlized finish.  ‘Crimper’ is beautiful but the pearlized finish is more sheer other finishes in the range so you may need to build it on the lid if you want a dramatic, metallic look.

As If - matte

As If – matte

Next up is ‘As If’ which is a cool taupe and is in a matte finish.  I love this one for the crease.  It is such a nice, soft colour.

Melrose - matte

Melrose – matte

Third in the set is ‘Melrose’ which is a terracotta coloured matte.  I love this shade.  It is very pigmented and such a warm, rich colour.  It is divine and my favourite shadow from the Forever Freshman collection.

Koosh - ultra-metallic

Koosh – ultra-metallic

The fourth shadow is another favourite and it is called ‘koosh.’  I totally played kooshball as a kid and think this name is super cute.  ‘Koosh’ is an ultra-metalic finish and is creamy, smooth and super pigmented shadow in a silvery taupe colour.

90210 - satin luxe

90210 – satin luxe

‘90210’ is a very interesting shadow.  My photo hasn’t really captured the tone accurately, but it actually has quite a grey/taupe base with gold glitters.  The base is cool toned, the glitter is warm toned and together it is really unusual.  This is a satin luxe finish which is actually my least preferred finish from ColourPop but only because I feel like this finish has a matte base with glitters rather than just being metallic and shimmery which I prefer.

(Saying that, giving a preference for ColourPop shadow finishes is kind of like giving your preferred type of chocolate.  Obviously all chocolate is good but you still have favourites, right?)

Baby T - matte (although it doesn't look matte to me??)

Baby T – matte (although it doesn’t look matte to me??)

Lastly we have ‘Baby T’ which is described as a matte.  If this is a matte, then I have no idea what the term ‘matte’ means!  I would describe this as a pearlized shade.  This is a blackened-blue colour and is dramatic and regal.  I have worn this on the bottom lash line for work and it is beautiful!

I have really enjoyed this Forever Freshman set.  The quality of the shadows is excellent.  I enjoy ColourPop’s unique bouncy, creamy texture and am so impressed with how these wear.  They do not crease, they do not fade… and in the heat and humidity of a North Queensland Spring, that is a miracle at work!

Have a fantastic day!!

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