Makeup Revolution – I Heart Makeup: Go Bronzer Chocolate Heaven

Welcome back to Chocolate Week – instalment 3!

Today we are going to be exploring the I Heart Makeup Go Bronzer: Chocolate Heaven.

Chocolate Heaven bronzer - look at that cute imprint!

Chocolate Heaven bronzer – look at that cute imprint!

Straight up, let me be clear.  This bronzer is huge.  HUGE!  On the Makeup Revolution website they describe this bronzer as being ‘super-sized’ and no joke – this is easily the size of my outstretched palm.  Lucky I really like this product as it is going to last a long time 🙂

I read that this bronzer is a dupe for the Two Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer.  I have no idea if that is true as I don’t have the Two Faced bronzer to compare it with but from the comparisons I have seen they are extremely close (if anything Chocolate Heaven is ever so slightly cooler in tone from online swatch comparisons).  While this bronzer does look like chocolate, it doesn’t smell like chocolate 😦

Chocolate Heaven swatches

Chocolate Heaven swatches: heavy swatch on left, blended swatch on right.

Regardless of its dupe status, this is a really nice matte bronzer.  It is very finely milled and extremely soft to the touch.  The pigmentation is really good, but the depth of colour still works well for my pale skin.  This of course means that if you have a darker, richer skin tone, this bronzer may not be dark enough for you.  For the heavy swatch above I did a single swipe with my finger, but, for the blended swatch I lightly re-dipped my brush three times to get that depth of colour.  This bronzer is so easy to build and blend which makes it foolproof for an amateur like me 🙂

This bronzer will set you back GBP3.99  which is about AU$8.50 and is great value – plus it is cruelty-free!  I actually got this as part of one of Makeup Revolution’s special ‘spend $$$ get a free gift’ deals, so all the better!

Love makeup, eat chocolate and have a fantastic day!

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